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No, deaths are calculated per 100k residents, dummy. Population is irrelevant.
Puerto Rico102
New Hampshire124
District of Columbia169
North Carolina178
North Dakota251
New Mexico253
South Dakota262
West Virginia269
South Carolina275
Rhode Island275
You've made my point for me. Vermont is at .25. Florida is at .20. Florida has a lower death rate, per 100K, than Vermont.

Nicely done. If you'd been on my side on purpose, rather than accidentally, I'd give you a cookie for a job well done. ;)

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Granted it might be easier to control the spread in less populated states but there are plenty of “red” lightly populated states that haven’t fared as well as Vermont. Explain genius….
You want me to explain genius?

That's easy.
Genius is what practically everybody else is, compared to you. :sarek:

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It also remains a particularly inconvenient fact (inconvenient for authoritarians and their supporters, that is) that dying with COVID19 is still counted as dying of COVID19, which is extremely dishonest.



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LOL I'll tale .25 of 622k over .20 of 21.6 million any day. See what I mean about numbers? Pick what you like. We have less than 500 total. Florida has 10s of thousands and counting.

You know co-morbidity is a factor in many deaths so try this: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-covid-19-deaths-are-counted1/

If you die from a stroke and have no previous blood clotting issues but are covid positive, guess what? If you are over 65 and have diabetes and HBP etc, covid "merely" exacerbates those inflammatory issues. You probably don't die from diabetes unless you arent managing it. With covid you CANT manage it. If you're hit by a truck or shot with a gun but have covid, you are listed as being positive to the virus, but no coroner lists covid as the cause of death in trauma.


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Here's a snapshot from yesterday for vermont Using your 100k barometer no less.

How Vermont rates of infection, hospitalization and death compare by vaccination status​

Infection rate (per 100k)
Two weeks ending Oct. 2024410854.4x higher for unvaccinated people
Two weeks ending Nov. 324510164.1x
Delta wave to date (July 1 - Oct. 20)1,246.005,585.124.5x
Hospitalization rate (per 100k)
Two weeks ending Oct. 206.2724.363.9x higher for unvaccinated people
Two weeks ending Nov. 36.2127.284.4x
Delta wave to date (July 1 - Nov. 3)26.38130.675.0x
Death rate (per 100k)
Two weeks ending Oct. 202.596.12.3x higher for unvaccinated people
Two weeks ending Nov. 32.785.122.4x
Delta wave to date (July 1 - Nov. 3)11.4621.591.9x

"Vaccinated" refers to fully vaccinated people. "Unvaccinated" includes people who are partially vaccinated as well as out-of-state residents with unknown vaccination status.

Table: Mike Dougherty/VTDigger Source: Vermont Department of Health Get the data Created with Datawrapper



a thought a prayer there is no veil between the dark one and the light. for in the dark dwellss the truth if all things. the truth is dark. not in the light can you see. you must unsee to know truth

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Aaaand then a thread with actual discussion got hijacked by a fucking crackhead playing fucking crackhead games.

Oh, well. Fun while it lasted.


Part of an article I read in The NY Times about people and websites trolling anti-vaccer’s who have died.

By Dan Levin
Nov. 27, 2021
Before he died of Covid-19 in September, Nick Bledsoe was not shy about publicly sharing his opposition to masks and vaccines on Facebook. In April, Mr. Bledsoe, an auto mechanic from Opelika, Ala., added a frame declaring “I don’t care if you’ve had your vaccine” to his profile photo and urged his father not to get the shot.
During the summer, he posted a petition against school mask requirements, cursed President “Biden and his vaccine,” and in his final post, shared a video casting doubt on the safety of vaccination against the coronavirus.
Then, with his last words before being placed on a ventilator, Mr. Bledsoe agreed to get vaccinated once he recuperated, according to his father. But he never left the hospital, dying at the age of 41 and leaving behind a wife and four children. The day after Mr. Bledsoe died, his father started urging those who were unvaccinated to get the shots.
The details of Mr. Bledsoe’s death and desperation-fueled change of heart stayed largely confined to his Facebook page. That is, until they appeared in screen-shotted detail the following week on a website that compiles the coronavirus deaths of vocal vaccine opponents.
Continue reading the main story

Almost immediately, strangers began barraging the dead man’s Facebook page with insults and mockery.
“They were making comments that he should have died, that he deserved to die,” said his father, Hal Bledsoe. “It hurt.”
These and many other losses fill a host of websites that claim to be educational, but are fueled by schadenfreude at the deaths of the unvaccinated whose social media posts included Trump memes and conservative conspiracy theories. An exhortation on one such site reads: “Everyone listed on this site helped spread Covid-19 misinformation and then paid the price for their views. Share to stop others from making the same mistake.”

Schadenfreude or Public Service?​

Just as cellphones have changed American policing, social media has transformed the way Americans chronicle their lives and, increasingly, their demise.

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A South African man in his 30s who flew from Johannesburg to the northern Australian city of Darwin last Thursday tested positive for the new variant at Australia’s most secure quarantine facility at Howard Springs, Northern Territory Health Minister Natasha Fyles said.

New South Wales state authorities reported on Sunday that two travelers from South Africa to Sydney had become Australia’s first omicron cases. Both were fully vaccinated, showed no symptoms and were in quarantine in Sydney.

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet said Monday there could be a third omicron case in Australia’s most populous state.

In the 24 hours since Sunday, 141 passengers on five flights arrived from the nine countries affected by the omicron variant, officials said. All the travelers were in quarantine.


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He's a fucking dipshit, but it's still better than the alternative. What did you want, little Rittenhouse bitches patrolling? When you talk about the civil unrest that was going down, I have to say it was under his (Mt T) watch. Things have calmed down a bit. (my opinion) '20 was a fucking carnival horror show ride.

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He's a fucking dipshit, but it's still better than the alternative.
It's so entirely not better. On any metric at all. 45 had this country energy independent; not only that, we were a net exporter of oil. Tapioca Joe starts shutting down pipelines immediately, and fuel prices are up. Yeah, that sure is, "better"! Hyuk hyuk! :gagh:

The guy's Obama 2.0 -- except now, in addition to a Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure, we get new "features" like falling up stairs and public pants shitting. Ohhhh, yeah, real fuckin' upgrade.
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When you talk about the civil unrest that was going down, I have to say it was under his (Mt T) watch.
It was riled up by a leftist media that just Could Not behave like adults, collectively, let alone professionals. Blaming Trump for the left having a multi-colored chimpout is like blaming a virus for lockdowns. You put the blame on the people who are acting like shits, not on their excuse for acting like shits.