Get your booty to the polls


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Yep. You should absolutely stay complacent, condescending, and self-righteous. That worked out so well in 2016. Guess nobody learned from that. That's okay. Consider what's about to happen to be "remedial education."
LOL I've been on 7 different phone banks over the last two months helping out. One thing I ain't is complacent. Probably talked to a couple thousand people in many of the states, so there's a general outrage over the way things have been. But complacent? Nuh-uh. Self righteous and condescending? You should fucking talk.
It's less than two hours to Montreal by car. They say being Canadian is like living in the attic apartment over a meth lab, comparing the two countries.
Of course, they also say that being American is like living in a house with cheese eating surrender weasels playing hockey in the attic and semi-retarded drug dealers stripping stolen cars in the basement -- when they're not sneaking upstairs to pillage your fridge and raid your wallet.
The American left's complacency is actually a proud tradition. 2020 will only be an instance in a pattern. Before this year it was 2016. But it's actually a longer-established trend than that.

That was written by someone who's keen to be led. Free people have no such desire; in fact, we're known to rebel -- violently, when necessary -- against being led.

We don't have leaders. What we have, usually only in theory -- but in practice with Trump -- are representatives. People who, rather than dictate to us (*cough*Wretchen Shitmer*cough*) speak for us.


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LOL as in all those illegally placed people in high "acting" positions to dodge the democratic senate confirmation process? Like Wolf? And that BLM asshole that won't step down? Those representatives?

Haw. That 'gotcha' shtick is cute. Wonder where you lifted that from.

Wonder if you'll still be playing the condescension game after Trump landslides Heels Up Harris. (We all know that's who the Dems are actually running, of course. Biden is just her mask. Her senile, KKK-Grand-Wizard-praising, shabby old mask.)


Man, if you were any dumber you'd be voting for Trump.
If I was any dumber, I'd think:

-That the Trump economy was Obama's doing, when Obama said something like the Trump economy would require a "magic wand."
-That Biden, who cozied up to a KKK Grand fuckin' Wizard, was the guy running against a "racist."
-That Biden, who had his crackhead (and as it emerges kiddie-touching) kid running a pay-for-play scheme to give the ChiComs access to the Obama Administration, is the "clean" candidate.
-That Biden is the guy the Democrats are even actually running, despite the fact that both he and his running mate have repeatedly made reference to "the Harris administration" (sometimes "with Biden" tacked on.)
-That the same patronizing, condescending shit that not only didn't get you Hillary in 2016 is going to somehow magically work this time and get you Biden in 2020.
-That people deserve to be taken seriously when they call themselves "anti-fascist" when they use terroristic threats and violence to attempt to silence dissenting political opinion, which is the actual definition of fascism.
-That people deserve to be taken seriously when they call themselves "anti-racists" while engaging in blatant racism themselves.

To sum up: If I was a lot dumber, I'd be on your level, you twisted, pathetically blinkered homunculus.

*drops the mic so fucking hard it drills a hole through the Earth and erupts a volcano in Wuhan*
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No its quite simple.

You either vote for Trump or the alternative.

Spare me the rest of the bullshit.


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Never mind. I already get it. 44 million have already voted.

Wait til Nov 3rd idiot, or don't. Guess who could care less since I(we) already voted?


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Damn. You both suck at this. "gee" dead dog says "there used to be all this fake bullshit about you I could access but it's all gone now":

125k later from the estate of the perp, yep. Want some? I fucking dare you.