Live the Sheen Dream


Forever Empress E
Sheen is coming to Dallas next month. The tickets are going for $50 to $100 each and the venue (American Airlines Center) is adding temporary seating. As tickets for his tour dates around the country are selling out, I'm guessing everyone wants to be there when Charlie strokes out.


moral imperfection
They don't like anybody * **, that's the beauty of the MF. You know you can't say anything wrong*** because, hey, they don't like you, anyway!****

* j/k. I'm pretty sure they kind of, well, tolerate missmanners.
**coincidentally, that also perfectly describes my stance on the whole human race
*** well, actually, you can, but nobody reads your posts, anyway, so type away!
****Of course, I've only wrote that to be an antagonizing Badlands' jerk, so none of it is true. OR IS IT?!?

FBI parte due

Folces Weard
You will be killed or assimilated.

There is no other choice.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
I like the minefield. It's kind of like hollandaise sauce on your eggs instead of ketchup.