Troll Kingdom's Final Day -- February 14th, 2023.


I believe this board will endure for a little while longer.

But beyond this date, Troll Kingdom falls beyond my sight.

TK has persisted for a decade longer than it should've. Had it died a natural death, it would have been remembered in infamy. Instead, sentiment has allowed this board to persist far beyond it's use by date. For those of us who were first generation, it is a sad sight to behold. For those who prop up this corpse - you have sullied the once-proud and staunch establishment this once was.

Don't be the last one left holding the bath water. Do as I now do and depart this embarrassment.


The Question

Don't let the door hit 'ya where the good lord split 'ya.
Indeed; the door won't enjoy hitting you as much as we would.

The Question

Except for the ones you normies wish would leave. We stick around.
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