Ukraine Strikes Back


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NRA Releases Full Trove of Data Critical to Russia’s National Security​


Russian hackers affiliated with the National Republic Army (NRA) have released 1.2 terabytes of sensitive Russian data. This includes information concerning Russia’s key national security infrastructure, blueprints for cyber security strategies and other related data. Kyiv Post was given exclusive access to the trove, which is made public here for the first time.

As reported on Oct. 18, a group of hackers identifying themselves as being connected to the NRA – a loose association of Russians seeking the overthrow of Vladimir Putin’s regime – contacted Kyiv Post. They claim to have hacked Technoserv and nearly a dozen other companies providing national security and defense contracting services for Russia.

As of Oct 18, the hackers had only released a sample of the stolen data but have now made the data open to the public.

As Kyiv Post previously reported, Technoserv is owned by brothers Dmitry and Alexei Ananyev. A 2022 article in the The Belfast Telegraph reported that the brothers also own Promsvyazbank, stating: “According to UK Government sources, [the bank] now services 70 percent of state contracts signed by Russia’s defense ministry and is a ‘pivotal bank’ for the country’s military industrial complex.”

A Russian IT expert familiar with the Russian Government’s IT infrastructure described Technoserv as “the people who are the architects of the Russian Government.” The source had earlier told Kyiv Post that the hack would likely indicate “access to the architecture networks, databases, cloud solutions, and other information that is of key importance to the Russian Government.”


The Legendary Troll Kingdom

Biggest Defeat For Russia In A Generation As Starving Troops Flee Across A Key Ukrainian River​

The Kremlin has ordered its forces to withdraw from the city of Kherson on the Black Sea coast in southern Ukraine.

The order comes eight months after the Russians captured Kherson and its 300,000 residents, six months after Ukrainian troops began bombarding the Kherson garrison’s supply line and two months after Ukrainian brigades launched a counteroffensive in the south aimed at liberating Kherson.

It’s a profound victory for Ukraine, and a major defeat for Russia. Arguably the biggest Russian defeat in a generation.