BIG3: 3-on-3 pro basketball league founded by Ice Cube


The BIG3 is set to begin its third season this summer, and the 3-on-3 professional basketball league will be bigger than ever after the addition of four expansion teams. The Aliens, Bivouac, Enemies, and Triplets boosted the total number of teams to 12. The new season tips off on June 22.

First Round:
  1. Enemies: Royce White
  2. Triplets: Chris Johnson
  3. 3-Headed Monsters: Larry Sanders
  4. Killer 3s: Josh Powell
  5. Ball Hogs: Will McDonald
  6. Tri-State: Yakouba Diawara
  7. Aliens: Greg Oden
  8. Trilogy: Patrick O'Bryant
  9. Bivouac: Shawne Williams
  10. Ghost Ballers: Jamario Moon

Second Round:
  1. Bivouac: CJ Leslie
  2. Killer 3s: Donte Greene
  3. 3-Headed Monsters: Tre Simmons
  4. Tri-State: Jason Richardson
  5. Triplets: Alan Anderson
  6. Trilogy: Sam Young
  7. Ghost Ballers: Alex Scales
  8. Aliens: Brandon Rush
  9. Ball Hogs: Jermaine Taylor
  10. Enemies: Craig Smith

Third Round:
  1. Triplets: Sergio Gipson
  2. 3-Headed Monsters: Mario Chalmers
  3. Aliens: Robert Vaden
  4. Ball Hogs: Dusan Bulut
  5. Killer 3s: CJ Watson
  6. 3s Company: Dijon Thompson
  7. Trilogy: Carlos Arroyo
  8. Bivouac: Dion Glover
  9. Ghost Ballers: Mike Taylor
  10. Tri-State: Bonzi Wells
  11. Enemies: Frank Robinson
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