Can you imagine?


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Someone claims he was the recipient of part of a 90 million dollar windfall. "Paid in full" he says. When you do a little reserach, you find he's full of shit.

Has three expensive junk cars, yet posted pics of cars he doesn't own?

Supposedly lives in an all black gated community in his hometown. When you do a little research you find he's full of shit.

Spends the majority of his time posting lies and nonsense on a dead board. Lives in the past, still trying to prove he's relevant somehow.

Everyone has him on ignore, because his posts are obnoxious and repetitive, except for a few who troll him to dust.

The only posters to agree with him (and they don't even do that) are himself.

Plus he has a mad crush on his major tormentor/owner. Someone he loves who hates his guts. Owns him every day.

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His brother won the lotto supposedly for 90 million. Checked back all the lotto winners from 2000 on in NC and nobody with his last name ever won anything like that. What I remember is he was a janitor for his brothers seafood business, which went bankrupt and closed for good a few years back. His inference is he's "paid in full" and lives now in an all black only gated community. Why just monday, a white trash beggar was begging him for a bath, so he let him shine his shoes, and then gave him a garden hose to bathe himself with. Of course he didn't mention it was 34 degrees at the time :D Meanwhile he posts bullshit here 24/7 with three accounts. I know if I was a millionaire that's what I'd be doing.

I just love bustin' on his lies. Relieves Covid boredom.

FBI parte due

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Betrays deep-seated feelings of inadequacy, imo, that in his wildest fantasies he's a lottery winner rather than a successful business owner or even ravisher of unwed heiresses.


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That's pretty obvious with nearly all of his posts.

Most of them are pretty wild fantasies. I do enjoy picking apart each and every one of his tall stories :D


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Yeah, I see him frantically viewing his "wow" thread over and over, trying to prove he's relevant. You don't even have to mention him by name (which you haven't) in this thread to know he's getting the full message.

Wait til the next time we bump into each other.



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He sure is going to a lot of trouble for nothing.

Poor t'ing probably is crying all over his keyboard.

Probably his phone. :bigass:


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*sigh* sometimes I miss this place. Ravishing unwed heiresses. Noticed not requiring virginity. Or, is that just for sacrifices to volcanoes?


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So they say :bigass:

How you doing? Registering Monday for my first shot. I think it's Moderna around these parts.