Do you think we should let Californian's move to other states?

After the fires?
I mean they may be fleeing their state from dangerous situations, but I am not sure I will believe all of them, some might have bad intentions.


Too soon?
Fuck. No. You know why those fires are so devastating? Because the eco-extremists of California worked their shit long enough that the combination of overgrowth and uncleared dead timber turned those forests into something ripe for any ignition source to turn into an incendiary hellscape.

That's Californians' fault. Their rotten, insolvent government? Their fault.

Their collective batshittery can stay exactly where the fuck it is.


Zombie Hunter
No. They're like Syrians or Hondurans or someone from one of those shitholes. Fleeing where they came from--only to try to remake their new home into what they fled in the first place. Let them die. I really empathize with Lex Luthor. He had a good plan. But Superman fucked it up.
They should have raked their leaves!

(I kind of regret making fun of this now, because it really does suck)

They might try to take our jobs! Or our women, or our men!
That Julia Butterfly Tree Hill gal was my hero. She stayed in that tree for 2 years I think. It was a cool story.
But these fires are not.
And now even though the rain will be good for the fires-it is bad because it can cause mud slides. It really really is a bad time for CA right now.


Zombie Hunter
Has anyone looked into whether a strategically targeted nuclear missile, aimed at the San Andreas Fault could just cause coastal California to fall into the sea, leaving us with the not less crazy parts of the state?