Fox Cancels "Lucifer"

Any other source for this? I like the show, so I want to take that source at face value, but I also want to be completely sure.
Link is doinked. But taking it on face value for the sake of discussion:

What do they do about the last 3 episodes? (Meaning the season 3 Finale where Decker saw Lucy's devil face and then the two following "we were gonna do these for Season 4 but we can't now 'cause we got canceled but here they are anyway" episodes which acted like Decker hadn't seen Lucy's devil face?)


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I still need to finish season 3, but glad it's been picked up. Who knows if it will ever shed its procedural crux, or if Chloe will ever stop being a complete retard but as long as Tom Ellis is there to chew through scenery its good enough light entertainment.


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Second ep was much better than the first one. Can't wait until you see the guest star, DON'T LOOK IT UP! lol