Groundhog Day thoughts on breaking a time loop...


Zombie Hunter
So. You got your Bill Murray weatherman in "Groundhog Day." He's stuck in a time loop, reliving Groundhog Day, say, 1993, over and over and over for God knows how long. At the end of the day, he retains his memories but is physically reset to the age he was at the beginning of the day. Eventually he breaks out of the loop but I'm wondering about some of the options.

1) Stay awake until past 8am the next morning. The loop only resets while he's asleep. If he goes past it by staying awake, then he's into a new day.
2) Leave the geographical area. Probably not helpful. He just winds up going to bed at a motel in Illinois and waking up back in Pennsylvania.
3) Do everything exactly the same a second time. Also probably not helpful. Who can remember exactly what they said and did the day before?
4) Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.


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I never really understood the movie. Made me crazy to watch it.
Also, going by the "the universe is a total unrelenting cunt" thesis, one way to escape the loop would be to get borderline-blackout-drunk on the assurance you wouldn't have to pay for what you did the next day -- because there wouldn't be a 'next day'.

Then the universe, being the unrelenting cunt that it is, would dump you out of the loop so you would have to pay for it. And then lock you into that 'day after'.
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lol. "Office Space Groundhog Day": "Every day is the worst day of my life." "Huh?" "Yesterday was the worst day of my life. But today is worse than yesterday. And tomorrow will be worse than today. So if you're seeing me, it's on the worst day of my life." "Wow, that's pretty fucked-up."

That could actually be a pretty entertainingly dark movie, if done right.