Happy Birthday Dr Dave!


I want to smell dark matter
I explained at the time that the board doesn't show birthdays anymore (and I don't have you on Facebook. Fuck Facebook.)

We need an independant site with the birthdays and dating history of all TK members to consult.
Happy Birthday Cassie!!!!!!!!
No one remembers mine either :rwmad:

(I try not to remember it either)
I go back and forth sometimes hiding it on FB and sometimes announcing it to the world. This year I announced it. EVERYWHERE. Just because.

@blackfoot NAP we can change it but birthdays don't show up on the main page of the forum. Just like me doing @ to anyone doesn't do anything.

Just to be sure I will change LC and ILC's birthdays to see.
and @Love Child @I Love Cunt
my birthday is...oct 1. i know this because my account details tell me so.

damn! what am i missing here?

besides the fact that my avatar will be in the bottom, right corner on this thread letting me know...i posted here recognizing 'dr dave' special day.
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