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You know what this thread doesn't remind me of but which thing I'm going to mention anyway so that this thread isn't exclusively about the Kung Flu?

Reminds me of the time I heard supermodels having sex during a camping trip.

It was pretty fucking in tents.

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what i have learned from the coronavirus:

no more hugs.
no more hand shakes.
stay 6 feet away from all peoples.
when its safe, continue wearing a mask.


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I know. I read that Cuomo has NY on Pause until April 29th. Looks like I'll be staying at home awhile longer. My bosses told me though it's not official and they'll let me know when they know.
Looks like June 15th for all of Vermont except for Chittenden County which is currently spiking again. We havent had a new infection in Lamoille for almost a month now. The Village Trustees just passed a resolution requiring masks in public, period. We still have #covidiots going into stores without masks and then getting all angry and upset when they're refused service and asked to leave. The rulle of law is actually behind this. If you won't wear a mask and won't leave the store the police can arrest you for tresspassing. The "no shirt, no shoes, no service" rule. Sits well with me.


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Just checking in.

One of my nephews had Covid-19 but he survived. In my neighborhood, an elderly shut in lady got it from her home health nurse. The nurse recovered, the elderly shut in lady did not.

I've been working from home since mid-March. Every time I've been in to the office since, I received an email by the end of the day letting me know a person who tested positive for the virus came in to the building that day so I need to quarantine for another 14 days.

Same thing here about masks. People are suppose to wear them but fights have erupted when anyone says anything to the people who refuse to comply.

Stay safe. Lets survive into a new year, and may it be far better than this one.