His Dark Materials


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I've never read the books so I don't have any expectations but it looks like an interesting tv show so I'll probably watch it.


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I read the books a long time ago, and I don't remember the details of them anymore. I do remember liking them.

ALSO, MIrah there is always a way.


I want to smell dark matter
I watched the first episode. As previously mentioned I haven't read the books (I think I probably would have they'd come out when I was slightly younger but I just spent my teenage years wanking) so I can't judge them on that level. I did think it was a bit lame that it started with onscreen text explaining "THIS IS A DIFFERENT WORLD..." and so on. Like, yeah, I think the viewer would have figured that out by themselves, thanks!

On the other hand I did feel slightly longer at times when they kept talking about "gyptians" (who I guess are like gypsies but on canals so I wasn't that confused) and such. Anyway it was a pretty good tv show. The world seemed interesting and the acting was good with some standouts. It didn't really reveal where the story is going yet though the "next time" bit at the end seemed like a recap of the whole series and gave too much away, possibly over-compensating for the first episode not having a big hook ending.

Ruth Wilson is a really magnetic screen presence and I'm sure she'll be delightfully evil. I always like James McAvoy too and hope he comes back from the north pole or wherever he is and does stuff.

I'll keep watching it.

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Lin-Manuel = I will check it out.

But why do 21st century fantasy/drama films all have to be mostly drained of color? Unless it's some rainbow fruit stripe verse like Hunger Games? Can we outlaw blue filters for a few years?


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Dangit, after you said that it will be difficult for me to watch it. Like The Crow. I can't recall any film that it bothered me more than that one.


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Are there real, non-daemon animals in Lyra's universe? How do they interact with daemons? Do they think the daemons are just normal animals like them or are they weirded out by them? These are the questions I want answered.

Also would be nice to know what the plot is because three episodes in I'm still not sure. People keep saying Lyra is "special" but I'm not sure why? There's a guy who keeps travelling to our universe but I'm not sure why? I'm still watching it though! Ruth Wilson is still good!


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Is anyone else watching this? Or could someone who has read the books reply please, thanks.

Is Dafne Keen actually any good as Lyra? I don't want to be harsh since she's just a kid, and I think her acting is decent, but the character doesn't seem as engaging as she should be? Is she accurate to the books?

Have they cut out all the stuff that angered religious people or does that come later? Because so far no one's said "FUCK RELIGION" or anything (that's all I ever heard about the books.)

Why is James McAvoy (who was in the show for about twenty minutes in the first episode) trying to open a door to another world a big deal when the evil black guy can freely travel between our Earth and Lyra's?

I like the bear.


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Okay, the finale was probably the best episode of the season. They actually explained what the fuck "dust" is and even went into some religious detail that I could see pissing off Christians. James McAvoy was a lot of fun (in an evil way) and we got him interacting with Ruth Wilson at last so that was good stuff.

BUT IS IT TOO LITTLE TOO LATE? I've found the whole season a bit inconsistent. The boy in the real world is really boring and I have no idea why we kept cutting to him (as I understand it he doesn't appear until the second book?) I guess he and Lyra team up next season and that doesn't sound as appealing as her interacting with good adult actors and talking bears.

SOMEONE REPLY and tell me if I should watch season two please, thanks.

(Ideally I'd just time travel back to being a teenager and read the books then. And do a lot of other stuff differently too.)