I still see Trash In Here


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
I havent't noticed since we put him on ignore. It's quite fun not having to see all the juvenile bullshit, because that's all it is. The ignore function does effectively remove his presence from the board.

Quite nice actually. Think I'm going to keep it this way permanenty.
I absolutely am. The boards much different with him out of view.



The Legendary Troll Kingdom
That's a great brand. I got one of their models for a certain someones birthday recently. Egg shaped and small, quit and powerful.
That REMINDIFIES me, I TOO must TAKE THE TRAAAAAASH out to the KERB so that the LOCAL TRASH MERCENARIES can DEVOUR IT in their FACE MAWS or whatever it is they DO with it! :pissed:


Pinata Whacker
I need to take out my trash also. I think they already picked up the trash from the curb this week, but I take my trash down to the basement trash room so I can take my trash out whenever.