Insert Media button is offensive

Love Child

One Love
When I want to present a video from youtube in this forum the only choice I have is to use the "insert" button.
What are we really inserting and where?
I find it highly offensive.
Please change it to something else that is not so offensive.
Thank you.


Pinata Whacker
The "cram it up your cramhole!" button. Oh wait....did you say less offensive or more offensive?


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
I have some people on ignore and sometimes I want to see what they say so I click the words "Show ignored content" but now I realized it should say, "Show ignorant content"

The comment above best read in Ruth voice from Ozark.

I already know what that idiot posts, and the fact that he uses three accounts to do it. All he does is repeat the same tired bullshit, so I don't bother at all. Again, the beauty of that is how that content disappears when you refresh.

It's refreshing :D

Wait, weren't we talking about insertions?

Love Child

One Love
I saw you reply to some of his posts! I logged in with Slut and forgot how many people I had on ignore! I mean it is only like 1 person, but 3 accounts or 4.