Is there a mobile version?

Love Child

One Love
I want to post in the work work work X10 thread, but it is so huge that I have to scroll through all the pages to get to the end when I am posting von my phone.
Help please!

Love Child

One Love
Okay, thanks.
I can at least just hit the reply button on the first page of the thread. It always feels wierd ding that without responding to the last post in some way.


I love you
Well, something awesome just happened that I had to share.
I was creating a post on my phone and I hit the back button and lost the post. FUCK. I was annoyed because I just had to delete a whole bunch of text in Volpone's post just to quote the part I wanted.
So I open up my chromebook, so I can at least type on a keyboard, log in with Mirah, go to the dream thread-and my post is fucking there! IT WAS SAVED AS A DRAFT!

I mean whatever

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i use my cell phone to post here. go to the right upper corner of your phone, click on those triple dots that are stacked up on each other, then click on desk top site. click on the box and it will look like the computer/lab top version.

that may solve your problem "love child".

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