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I want to smell dark matter
It shows how much trust they have in Asuka that she's in both title matches! But also she'll obvisouly lose to Bayley (who she's beat recently) and then win the RAW title back from Sasha to further the storyline between those two. BRING UP IO TO FEUD WITH ASUKA.


I want to smell dark matter
Asuka and Lana were supposed to be teaming up to challenge for the tag titles on Sunday at TLC (watching live!?) At the last minute they took Lana out the match and said Asuka would have a mysterty partner instead, despite building up this Lana storyline for months. My first hope was "maybe it'll be Kairi!" but, realistically, it's going to be fucking Charlotte isn't it...


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I mean we're beating the dusted archeological remains of an ancient horse at this point but Vince fucking sucks. Highly entertaining figure back in the day in front of the screen but for a long time now he's been woeful with his booking, consistency, and just generally being a shitty person. If the rumors about Keith Lee being sent back to the performance center are true as well then it's just another feather in the cap of Vince being Vince. The only thing you can hedge your bets on is that he will pull some shit in a seemingly schizophrenic way on a regular basis.

I'd forgive all if it was a Kairi return although it feels way too soon for that to happen (I'm sure she will have at least a short return one day but not yet) so yeah, it's probably Charlotte. Her new tits should have healed by now.

Sunday at TLC (watching live!?)