Mine Field Celebrity Birthday Thread


I want to smell dark matter
Maya Hawke (21) - timely since she's the new ONE TO WATCH after Starnger Things

And also a lot of #MeToo guys today I'm not touching that.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
Also Robin Williams, Don Knotts, Ernest Hemingway, Cat Stevens, Rory Culkin, Garry Trudeau, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Isaac Stern, Janet Reno, Ike Eisenmann, Jon Lovitz, Lance Guest, Norman Jewison, Alex Reid, Edward Herrmann, C. Aubrey Smith, Jamie Waylett, Christopher Shea, Mollie Sugden, Marshall McLuhan, Ali Landry, Alysia Reiner, George Wallace (the comedian not the racist gov), Ross Kemp, Rebecca Ferguson, Brandi Chastain, Bill Pertwee, and Bob "Big O" Orton, Sr.


I want to smell dark matter
Mick Jagger (76)
Helen Mirren (74)
Nana Visitor (62)
Sandra Bullock (55)
Danny Woodburn (55)
Jason Statham (52) - isn't he getting too old for this shit?
Kate Beckinsale (46)
Elizabeth Gillies (26)
Taylor Momsen (26)