NHL sells naming rights to four new divisions

The National Hockey League has sold naming rights to its four divisions for the first time in its history. The league announced Tuesday that its teams will play in the Scotia NHL North Division, Honda NHL West Division, Discover NHL Central Division and the MassMutual NHL East Division during the 2020-21 season, which runs 56 games and begins on Jan. 13. These divisions are new for this season, as the NHL realigned its teams because of COVID-19 travel concerns and restrictions, particularly at the U.S.-Canadian border. All of the league's Canadian teams are grouped into the North Division for this season. It's expected the NHL will return to traditional divisional setups in the 2021-22 season.This is the second major sponsorship move for the NHL this season. The league previously announced that, for the first time, it would allow advertisements on player helmets. As of Tuesday, 13 teams have announced their helmet sponsors. The majority of those sponsors also hold the teams' arena naming rights.

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NHL Power Rankings: 1-31 poll, plus stocks to buy or sell for each team in 2021
We're one month into the 2021 NHL season, and there's already been plenty of market fluctuation. In this week's edition of ESPN's Power Rankings, we identify what NHL team-related stocks are worth buying or selling.

No.1: Vegas (10 - 3 - 1, 21)
No.2: Boston (10 - 2 - 2, 22)
No.3: Tampa Bay (10 - 3 - 1, 21)
No.4: Toronto (11 - 3 - 2, 24
No.5: Carolina (10 - 3 - 0, 20)

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King Of Bling
NHL Power Rankings: 1-31 poll, plus one underrated story line for every team
We're now eight weeks into the 2021 NHL season,Teams are nearing (or have passed) the halfway points in their schedule, although we don't have an All Star break as a symbolic marker. For this week's ESPN Power Rankings, we identified an underrated story line on every team.

No.1: Tampa Bay (18 - 4 - 2) 38
No.2: Vegas (16 - 6 - 1) 33
No.3: Toronto (18 - 7 - 2) 38
No.4: Carolina (18 - 6 - 1)
No.5: Florida (16 - 5 - 4) 36