I love you
This isn't physical pain
so I feel silly
to even complain

My chromebook got wiped clean
I don't think I lost much
but only time will tell
I know I had saved pictures on here that were duplicates, I might have had saved documents
Any stupid videos I created are gone, so that is good
and any sentimental items are gone.
But I can barely recall what they were.


I love you
It can be worse than physical pain.

Unless the phyiscal pain is having your knees eaten by a shark.
Well I would not like to have my knees eaten by anything.

I discovered what was the one thing I stored most on this damn thing. Fucking avatars! LOL.
So like nothing important, but dammit my favorite forum avatars and pictures!

On the plus side, I am starting over and being more organized about my folders.


I want to smell dark matter
You can start over as a whole new person, with a new identity, a new family, new favourite ice cream, new pets, new clothes, new metal kneecaps to replace the ones the sharks ate...a fresh start for a fresh decade!


I love you
I just went into someone's house and they asked me what I was doing there and I said I was starting over.
We all just sat in the living room for a while
exchanging glances
and looking akwardly
at the ground
the wall
our watches
and then I decided
it was too much like my family
so I left.


Pinata Whacker
I don't know who I am anymore.
I'm starting to feel like that a bit lately. I finally got my new card, but today I went to visit Dad and he fell down and he's feeling nauseous so he's not eating and he's sleeping it off so I didn't even get to talk to him.

Dear Universe,

Stop shitting on me and my family.


Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
Me too. I spent too much time on Twitter.

There was an all-day marathon of The Waltons on TV in the background. I found it comforting.