Let's fuck some shit up
Let's learn all about him.

This is a small joke about Jason's drug addiction. Apparently he went a little overboard with his needles (and he accuses me of being susceptible to AIDS!?) and crackpipe and became addicted to drugs. Afterwards, he moved to Chicago to try and clean up and start a new business. The Chi-Town punks laughed him out of the city for being a washed-up has-been.

Here's a post where he talks about his "least favorite" drugs:
C'mon, dude... weed fucks you up? Pussy...

This is Jason eating his paycheck at Krispy Kreme. All that depression must've made you go through a ton of doughnuts, huh?

Now, Jason lives in Minneapolis Minnesota. By my estimation he lives somewhere near Circle Pines, MN. He spends his evenings drunk and trying to relive his past by associating with shitty punk bands.

He's also a scrawny motherfucker, so he likes to surround himself with bulky UFC fighers to make him feel tough.

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