Slower than a 7 year itch

I Love Cunt

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The man says
"Why thank you for that" I say because I can't think of anything else to say.

I mean who talks like that? Who says that to people? "You are slower than a 7 year itch!" and I had nothing sarcastic to say except for "Thank you"

But later I thought of lots of things I could have said. Especially since his wife was sitting right there.

Such as
"Sorry, I'm not familiar"
"I'm so sorry you have to live with this poor sorry son of a bitch"

I Love Cunt

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The newest one is that a guy was being told about a fee and he said, "Okay I am bending over and grabbing my ankles, I'm ready for you" The service person just glossed right over that and acted like she didn't know what he said. She said, "Would you like to take your service to another location?" And he said no, he doesn't trust anyone and so she re-asked him about processing the transaction with a fee and by then he matured up and at the end of the transaction she actually said, "Well if you decide to choose one think of us"

I would not have been able to handle it like that. I would have slapped the guy.