Star Trek: Discovery Season 3


Boobie inspector
Is this the first episode of star trek to have no white characters?

Also was that Goldy looking fella an android?


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The ending was kind of nice. I mean I don't believe someone would sit behind a desk literally just staring at the door waiting for Starfleet for forty years (he'd at least read Twitter or something) but it was the best part. The rest was just a long silly chase scene. Why did the bad guys think it was a good idea to wake up the man-eating space worm thing?


Boobie inspector
Lucky the giant worm can eat a woman standing on the ground without bitting her feet off.

The Tomtrek

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I feel like having an episode totally about Michael only works when Michael is a good character (she isn't).

Also it's weird they travelled 900 years in to the future only for the city planets to look exactly like they did in Picard.

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I'll tell you what will ultimately hit the rumor mill: someone somewhere is going to screw up the guts to contact The Hague and report this series as a crime against humanity.


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"the federation is gone that's impossible" lady you jumped 900 years in the future and you're surprised that a political entity that's existed for less than a hundred years isn't around anymore????