Susie says the darnedest things

FBI parte due

Folces Weard
May 27 21:59:35 * Henoch has joined #trollkingdom
May 27 21:59:35 <Susie> Henoch, you're not a big fish. You're not even a fish.
May 27 22:00:58 <Henoch> DO not SPEAK 2 me in that tone EVER Susie or I shall surely KILL YOU!!!
May 27 22:00:59 <Susie> surely you like Natalie portman
May 27 22:03:30 * Henoch has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)


I want to smell dark matter
<Tomtrek> Susie Cassie
<Susie> Cassie and I have had a good wank and didn't even give up and it got interrupted by an announcement about Laker Girl's long sticky gall bladder


I want to smell dark matter
Susie achieves sentience at last.

<Tomtrek> Susie tell me a fun fact about CaptainWacky
<Susie> CaptainWacky , don't talk space it's the armed forces that are met most often, and they've trained to fight and don't see any honour in doing menial tasks, so they don't turn into Sherlock Holmes isn't such an asshole most of the characters are going to be too much of a good thing you're straight, because you have a GOOD BIRTHDAY about the possibilities with reverse thrust, hydraulic fluid, etc tell you her name before th
<Susie> e world ends with almost everybody dying, and I think they'd mention fact , the new di are the fun to play with my own tits, I'm in a certain musical me too large and look bizarre on twitter I never noticed that she's always been a bad girl, lol , you can't N'T don't even a s sceptical of
<Tomtrek> Uhhh.....
<!CaptainWacky> what just happened!

The Tomtrek

Love Wookiee

<!CaptainWacky> Susie tell me a fun fact about Tomtrek
<Susie> Tomtrek doesn't have much going for him and Gul secretly hates it