The "Middle East Problem"

Let's be real, they're all fucking semitic vermin. Here's the solution:

The U.S. withdraws all financial, military, and diplomatic support for Israel.

After, what, 80 years? It's well past time they stand or fall on their own. No more sucking tax dollars out of us to prop them up.

If they then stand on their own? Best of luck to 'em.

If they fall? Glass the entire fucking region. Or MOAB it, at least. Whether Jew or Muslim, doesn't matter, it's time to scrape that Abrahamic fucking slime off the face of the planet.

Side benefit, it would shut Muslims outside the sandbox the fuck up, too. It'd send a message: "You're primitive fucking insects, and we do not in the least mind exterminating you if you continue to make a nuisance of yourselves."

I'm all for sending that message.