Unintentional trolling on a church page

I responded on a church social media web page to a person who was denouncing gay pastors. She said, "What is next pedophiles preaching?" And she also said something about it all being a slap in the face etc etc etc....note-she is a former member of this church-since they are too liberal for her views now.
I responded with saying that it was a slap in the face to talk about a gay person preaching and follow it with talking about pedophiles after.
She got very angry at me, posted several times, told me to read the bible and said I was getting defensive. After one post!
And then I "laughed" at her telling me to read the bible and she called me a 12 year old.
Just when I realized it was probably not a good idea to continue this discussion any longer and I thought maybe I should block her and not respond anymore she already did it for me.
I was disapointed that she ended the conversation. She was really upset too and didn't think it was funny at all. She kept on naming things like, "What is next drunk pastors?" and on and on
and the only thing I could think of replying was-YEAH! It is already happening-I mean the catholic church had pedophile pastors and well pastors are sinners too-
I didn't know where she was going-naming every sin that could possibly be.
It sounds like it wasn't her first rodeo.