What game are you playing on a Nintendo console at the moment?


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I've been playing The Messenger. It's very good, but I'm worried I'm at the part where the difficulty's so high I'll stop enjoying it soon (The Underworld.)

Quick SNES reviews: Star Fox 2 is unplayable garbage. I couldn't even figure out the level select screen. No wonder it was never released. Super Punch Out was okay for the 120 seconds I played it, will never play again.


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Best Switch games I played in 2019

1) Splatoon 2 - Yeah I only played it for the first time this year deal with it.
2) Three Houses
3) Goose Game
4) Mario Maker 2
5) Smash I guess I'm terrible at it

I might have given up the Messenger because of the boss in the Underworld. I'm playing King of Cards now and yeah it's really good and actually has challenging boss battles that are possible for me to win!


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(I played King of Cards all the way through, which I didn't even do for the original Shovel Knight. Pretty much definitely never going to beat the Underworld boss in Messenger so that's over.)


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I bought Sayonara Wild Hearts a few months ago when it was on sale and finally played it, I enjoyed it a lot. Gameplay got a bit frustrating on those later levels where the track keeps switching layouts every few seconds, but the visuals and music were truly outstanding. I'd recommend it to all my friends!


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Final Fantasy X-2
It's such a weird game and the writing is painful at times but it does have one of the best ATB systems and I love the job system/outfits as well. Also, Rikku is waifu material.

I'm playing Breath of the Wild again. It's so good.

Was on Youtube watching various videos for it and came across the World Record 100% speed run. This maniac cleared the game in 21 hours. And it's just one of MANY speed runs he's done for it. It's pretty crazy really. Imagine memorizing where all 900 Korok seeds are alone. If anyone thinks they are good at this game just watch how he travels around the map at 11 minutes in.



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I love that X-2 is a weird game. It's not a game about saving the world, it's about what the world is like after it's been saved and you've upended the entire social order.

and also pop stars?

Man I wish I'd never played botw so i could play again


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SNES reviews update: played Pop'n Twinbee for 10-15 minutes, was good but I nearly had a seizure or something after so that was weird.