You wouldn't like me when I'm ennui...


Zombie Hunter
Man, I'm in a funk today. I'm pretty sure I got a decent amount of sleep last night but I'm just exhausted. Almost dinner time but feeling fat and bloated and not really hungry for anything. And I've got things to do and time to do them but instead, here I sit.

To be fair, it's cold and grey today. My state has apparently defeated an effective incumbent governor to elect a turd. I've finished watching all the episodes of "The A-Team." (After I finished Season 5, I went back and watched from the midpoint of Season 2 back to the pilot to get the bad taste of Seasons 4 & 5 (and a lot of 3) out of my head. But it's going to feel strange, after about 4 months, to not travel back to the early 1980s to hear the nightly tale of "...a crack commando unit that was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit..."

I bought a house to rent out and I'm fixing it up right now. Really wanted to have it by September but the deal dragged on and on (and an earlier deal fell through when the details didn't work out) and now I've got an empty house that I need to pay utilities and insurance on over the winter. Meanwhile, literally the same week I got the keys to the house, a college friend got approval from his company to bring me on to help him with a big IT project. So I've got two front-end heavy things spinning up at the same time. Oh, and the project is in Wisconsin while I'm in Kentucky, so there is remote work and a different time zone to deal with.

Well, I should get going. Time to put calories in my face-hole and watch the news and "Jeopardy!" Then tomorrow morning I get to head over to the other house so the HVAC people can put in a new system and I can see if I can get the water heater fired up.


Zombie Hunter
In a funk again. Hunter S. Thompson and Ernest Hemingway both croaked themselves. I don't see myself ever going there, but man, I can sure understand it. You get to a point where you're as good as you're ever going to be and you've accomplished pretty much everything you'll ever accomplish and now it is just looking forward to running out the clock, getting a bit weaker, more confused, and less capable than you were the day before. "Time to make the donuts." Again.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Well, I just bought a new gaming computer, and I have the internetz on complete reset as a result. I like this do over, suddenly I can do stuff I could never do online before.

Plus with todays workout I will have clocked 150 cardio minutes and its just Thursday. I may be getting older, but it feels better and stronger than ever.
Know what the secret to growing old with class is?

No, I'm askin'. I dunno myself.

Just keep doing what you've been doing all your life: adapt.