1. CaptainWacky

    Gems from tumblr

    Oh HOW did I never know this tumblr exists until now? THEY HAVEN'T POSTED ANYTHING FOR A YEAR :rwmad:
  2. Conchaga

    Gems from religion.

  3. Fuddlemiff

    Gems from TeeVee

  4. headvoid

    Gems from the ground

  5. Fuddlemiff

    Gems from Science

    I'm just going to dumb this down and say LIFE ON MARS:
  6. Fuddlemiff

    Gems from Twitter

    It does have some redeeming qualities. Like Boohat, for instance. Shitmydadsays is the best thing on Twitter. ("GOD BLESS AMERICA" is trending as "A moment of silence for the victims of sept. 11" is interrupted by the clatter of people typing "A moment of...