Blog or Book Brainstorm


I love you
I want to write a blog
or a book
about some stories

It most likely will be very boring to anyone who reads it


Here is my question for writers:

If you were brainstorming ideas for a book and wanted to write down stories, would you do it in the privacy of your own computer, typewriter or would you share it in a blog? If a person shares it in a blog then of course they are giving away their work for free.......which is usually the best way if it isn't worth being in a book.

Is a blog a good way to see if there is any interest in the material?

I have to determine whether these stories are good enough for a book, or just for fun to share somewhere.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
TKHMA! All the way! Every day!

(I always say)


I love you
If you've never had any material, it might be a good way to generate feelers. Actually, you should go back over some of all YOUR old posts. You had some real gems mixed in with a lot of the junk.

I think there is more junk than good! But thank you Neon, I do remember some fun times and fun threads. I think about writing every now and then.


RIP 1970~2018
You got the fermented junk part right.

I've read some of the so-called 'art'.

It's shit.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Nothing like the TKHMA to start your day. (I always say)