Calling all Creative TK'ers


Something Wicked
I've been thinking about the TK e-zine and I'd like to revamp it and hopefully revitalize it. I was talking with one member about contributions and I thought I'd just make an announcement to the membership.

I'd like to return the e-zine to more of a BBS news type thing. I can keep one major news section, but I'd like to have another that was current BBS news items.

You guys all get out and about a lot more than I do. [Yes, I can lead a boring life sometimes.] I thought that if maybe some of you could report back or PM me links of possible BBS drama, thread on other boards etc.. that I might be able to give a fresher POV to the zine.

Anyone that would like to be a "roving TK spy", let me know, or just write up something and send it to me via PM. Or, just a lead on where a story might be found so I can track it down.

Also, I'm looking for some fiction pieces. Sardy has been great about giving me a lot of material, but I wanted to put out the word that anyone can submit a short story to the zine.

Smut!!! We can always use smut. Written, not pictures [porn]. Nothing illegal, no kids, animals etc., please.

If you find a funny story, or a Darwin award story, send me the link. The more the better.

Also, I'm looking to update the look of the zine and the pages stories appear on. Banners, colors, etc. Any graphics anyone might want to work on, I'd be forever grateful.

I'd like to stick with the TK red's and blacks but we could lose the gray, or accent it with another color.. I'm open to some variation on the TK colors.

So, there you have it. I'm in need of some help both in content and layout. If you're interested, let me know.
i like the layout, including the gray

however whether i contribute to this project will depend on whether things can reverse course. i dont like where some people wanna take tk recently
Caitriona said:
Your contribution are up to you. ;)

^^ tru dat!! my contributions are up to me which is predicated on how i feel about the future of the site and where it's headed. if the two are consistent with one another then i will contribute. if not then i will not.


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Cait did you ever post my second story? Just wondering........I'm working on a new one now that you can have too.


Something Wicked
Will do.

Which gives me an idea, I should have *light bulb goes off* seen before. I *should* announce the banning as they occur. Damn, my apologies for not making your most recent ban a headline story.


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No prob.

I was actually kind of joking. I don't actually do this shit for self promotion most of the time. I"m not Shal, after all.


Something Wicked
I know you don't like the spotlight too much. Still, it is a good idea in a way. Sort of our own RRS feed announcing the fate of trolls out there among the English. ;)