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All In With The Nuts
I watched Coming Out week -- while I agree that he probably decided beforehand that it could be a card he might play at some point during the season, I don't think that the way it unfolded was in itself "staged". He really went through it. It's ironic that Lewis ended up being the sympathetic listening friend for it after Sian scared him off. I found it touching while I watched it.

Now he just needs to stop being a cold repressed Tory and he'll be HAWT.


I want to smell dark matter
His fans claims he suffers from "mental illness" so we're not allowed to criticise him. But it's fine to attack all the other housemates within knowing their mental health history.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
Cute twink gay boy wins. I like it.

A little too tall for me, but otherwise okey-dokey.

Hopefully he won't become an insufferable dork after all this.
I was hoping it was either the dame from House, M.D. or the girl-Terminator played by Summer Glau.

Damn it. Now I have to go find something to fap to on my own. :rwmad: