Celebrity BB (US) - premieres 21 Jan 2019

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We always say bow to mean opening for some reason.

Just like we call one year of a TV show a "season" and you call it a "series" where we call the whole overall show a "series".


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At classical concerts, the conductor and soloists take a bow before the performance begins.

But it's true that at plays, nobody bows until the end, unless it's a big ass star and the crowd stops the show when they first enter. I saw Mickey Rooney live on stage once and when he entered, he broke the fourth wall and bowed to the cheering crowd before saying his first line.


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Cast list announced today -- apparently there was some last minute scrambling and replacements because some people (Caitlyn Jenner) decided to walk over money:

Jonathan Bennett (37) - Actor/host
Tamar Braxton (41) - TV personality
Kandi Burruss (42) - Singer/TV personality
Tom Green (47) - Comedian
Lolo Jones (36) - Olympic track and bobsled star
Kato Kaelin (59) - OJ's houseguest
Joey Lawrence (42) - Actor/producer
Ryan Lochte (34) - Olympic swimmer
Dina Lohan (56) - Momager
Natalie Eva Marie (34) - Former WWE wrestler/actress
Anthony Scaramucci (55) - Former White House director of communications/financier
Ricky Williams (41) - Former NFL superstar


I'm not so thrilled with the list, it's mostly people who already make their living on reality TV. Also, at least three of them have been on Dancing With The Stars.

Scaramucci is an utter slimeball and needs to be humiliated or else the season will be a failure, lol.

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Joey and Jonathan are nice guys, and maybe Tom is nice now too in his older age. I could see the athletes forming an alliance. I could also see all the Dancing vets teaming up too (Joey, Jonathan, Lolo, Ryan, Tamar).

Tamar and Khandi are both Tiffany Pollard types, so there's some built-in drama. Also, this is an older crowd in general so if anyone knew OJ's wife, Kato will be in for a grilling. Maybe Scaramucci will spend all his time trying to get gory details out of him. I truly wish ill on Scaramucci -- not nice of me but he is like pure evil with a bad haircut.

Dina may try to play the role of house mother --- I hope they reject that strategy, lol.

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The houseguests are sequestered, and some (Tamar) are already freaking out because they didn't realize that yes, they are locked up now and won't be talking the outside world again until they are evicted or win the game.


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I hate it when they pretend they don't know the rules of the show (as if the producers wouldn't have explained it to them.)

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Especially after claiming in interviews that they are "superfans" of the show.

Nowadays that just means that they watched the DVD of the previous season that production gave them in sequester.

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The show doesn't premiere on TV till Monday, and live feeds start after the first show ends.

The live feeds test pattern/countdown has begun so that's a good sign: