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Jonathan Bennett :sarek:

Tom Green is the most entertaining houseguest, probably because he has the least to prove, while the rest are all clamoring for camera time on the orders of their agents and handlers. Ricky Williams is an exception, but because he's a legendary pot smoker, he's prone to mood swings while he has to go without it. Kato Kaelin is surprisingly inoffensive and can be funny, but he doesn't make you forget who he is and why he's "famous". The athletes are all kind of stupid, especially Ryan Lochte. He knows how to swim in a lane, and not much else. Joey "Blossom" Lawrence is a whining diva who thinks he's above everyone else, and probably regretted doing the show about 2 minutes after entering the house. He claims he agreed to do it because he is in talks with CBS about being in another show. Maybe he'll join one of the CSIs or NCISs, or maybe Donnie Wahlberg is getting restless on Blue Bloods. Anyway, Joey is awful and the fans can't wait for him to go.

And then there's Tamar. Tamar is feeds GOLD. She never shuts up. Either she's laughing or crying or shouting someone down or whining that she's gonna die. She makes Tiffany Pollard look like Dame Julie Andrews. It's a love/hate thing with Tamar. Hate because she's absolutely bonkers, and love for all the drama she creates 24/7.

I usually need a shower after watching all these losers for a while. I hope Tom Green wins it all, he's the closest thing to a real human being in there.

Kato is the current Head of Household after that endurance comp seen above. It was down to him and Natalie Eva, and she gave it to him once Joey fell off since nobody wanted him to be HOH. Not sure who Kato will nominate.
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Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
Oh and Anthony Scaramucci :sarek: BUT NOT REALLY...

The Mooch was a fake houseguest. He only contracted to be in the hosue a week before he had to split for Davos Switzerland to take part in the World Economic Forum this week, so by the time the feeds came up, he was already gone. CBS wouldn't say what happened until last night's episode, but he was spotted in Davos on Tuesday. The show turned it into a twist where he hosted a second veto comp via video, so that the 3 nominated HGs had a second chance to save themselves (he was on the block when he left). It was handled stupidly and none of the fans liked it. But deception is just part of The Mooch's game. And now it's a part of Big Brother's too.