Don't freak out (BB Forum OMG)

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts

So what do we do with it now that both seasons are over (and possible UKBB for good?)

I don't know if I'll be following next year as rabidly as I have before. Shall we just release these threads to the general MF population?


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CBB is January, BB11 is next summer. I like the idea of this forum and not bumping all the regular MF threads down with multiple BB threads, but it will be lying dead for a few months...if the forum's ARE recombined will it be easy to just move all these threads back here, or will we have to find and move many of them manually again? I DON'T KNOW.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
I wasn't aware about CBB and one more UKBB. The forum isn't in the way of anything, and it would NOT be easy to pick out the threads again to rebuild the forum if we dismantled it.

No need to do anything. I think it should stay right where it is. :)


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We could temporarily call it the Darren Brown forum, or some other show that will tide us over till BB comes back


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Or a forum for the referencing of minor British celebrities that everyone else is tired of having to google.