Ghostbusters: Afterlife


Will Dan Akryod show up to adverstise his Vodka?? I hope so! Does the Ecto-1 run on ectoplasm? Is that how they got it to fire up after sitting in a barn for 30 years? No mice eating the rubber, no dry-rot? I believe its Magic! (I sure hope they play that song.)

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
This movie is so completely different in tone and style (if the promo is any indicator), they would have been better off not referencing the original.

But of course, the whole point is to demonstrate marketing synergy with the corporation's collective IP assets to please the shareholders, so there's that.


I want to smell dark matter
This movie will sure attempt to remind us of things from Ghostbusters.

I kind of like that they're all killing each other at least.