Google Decides What You Can (And Can't) Know

Reclaim The Net said:
YouTube has censored a video of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s March 18 public health roundtable which featured former White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Scott Atlas and the authors of The Great Barrington Declaration – an anti-lockdown statement from Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, and Dr. Martin Kulldorff.

During the roundtable, the panelists advised against lockdowns, contact tracing, and mask mandates and warned that these measures were often harmful. They also called for schools to be reopened.

The video of the roundtable had accumulated more than 500,000 views and lots of positive feedback before it was taken down by YouTube for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”
I strongly advise anyone who wants to know what Google, FB, et al. are hiding from you to follow RTN and other sources that make it their mission to circumvent and expose Big Tech censorship. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are the robber barons of our age, and fighting back against them isn't optional at this point.


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That was not a public health roundtable. I saw it and I was speechless at the propaganda and misinformation. Atlas is a fucking walking asshole, and DeSantis is just sucking off the 2024 prez tit at this point. It's ridiculous actually. I still agree with your post. Even shit like that should be left alone. We can decide what we want to distribute to ourselves. We don't need to have our hands held over it.
There we have a point of agreement. Whether you agree or disagree with what's aired, the ability for us all to decide for ourselves whether we agree with it or not, and to what degree, is of paramount importance. Nobody -- not Google, nor Facebook, nor Twitter, nor Apple, nor any of the rest of them -- has any business gatekeeping information. Information does not belong to them, and nobody consented to them deciding whether or not the rest of us should be allowed access to it.

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Like Jack I suppose, I don't want to get into the politics of that whole thing. But there has been a disturbing tendency to squelch information and speech across the internet for awhile now. I'm not a fan of it. Remember when the internet was a platform for speaking freely about anything you want and then you would be either accepted or shot down with actual debate? I do, but I got tired of fighting the hoards with pitchforks and torches a long time ago. And now here we are.


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Someone posted a link elsewhere on the board showing how to really use google to your advantage. It's pretty brilliant if you have any admin chops at all. It's in "Digital Abyss"

I have a tab for it in Vivaldi.


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Check out that link that Coyote posted elsewhere. That's how you really use google.