Had a dream about Mrs. Manners last night!


I like hot cooch!
We exchanged info and met up at a hotel, looked like one near my city where I've had some other encounters in the past.

We had a few drinks in the lounge and then went right to our room. I put my hands up her skirt and found NO PANTIES!

But she was so wet. Went down and at that pussy first.

We fucked on the floor and a chair and then she asked for some anal action. When she couldn't take it anymore, she sucked me off and I got to glaze her nice Cs.

Great wet dream that I wish I could make reality.

The Call Of Nature

Saint (what else!)
ahem, just a small detail but mm is a Miss, not a Missus. That means you could - theoretically - make your dream come true any time without having to fear any consequences in the form of a raging hubby or somesuch. Zero risk is propably a bit of a turnoff.
*glances 3 feet below Goblin's avatar and grins*
Yep. It is.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Actually she's an overweight trucker named Bob, but it's all good.