HEY CASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Quit reading all my posts and come down here so we can troll each other. I am very dedicated to Gagh..............I had to spank his ass, now I will be the good sister and bail him out. I think he has learned his lesson. Now I need to teach him how to chose his women more carefully.

btw...............how's the weather down in Florida?? broadband must suck.......surely you have hi-speed at home?? I mean, a lot of workplaces have dial-up.

btw.............I have become such a freakin' troll it is second nature. Someone axed me how I knew one Gagh's "girls" wasn't going to work out and I told her..............I have a gift, I have great instincts about people in real life.........I can size up a person within a least one hour of being around them depending on the circumstances and tell you how it is going to be.........it is really hard to explain, I think you either have it or you don't. I have it. Just ask Jack, Dawn, Mike and all the other people I have trolled in real life.

Now!!! Come on down baby!!! Don't be scared..........I already know a bunch of stuff I am sitting on waiting for the right time to troll you guys. It is a form of entertainment for me.

^^Yeah..........I have heard about all the fires!! That really sucks. What does I<3 Gagh mean??

just a little fyi..............Gagh isn't really with the British IRS. Nope......he is with the Mayeret Matkal and has been working over in Britian. So is BlackFeathers.
The real reason The Queen came over for a visit is to bring the Medicare reward back to the President cause it caused a problem with the real British IRS when they tried to tax him at 50%

Anyway..............I like Gagh. He felt bad after I put the pressure on him but he screwed up when he couldn't come over here from Britian so he recruited Dawn and paid her to help me with my big move after he found out the mafia was after me. He really should have interviewed her first to see what kind of crackhead, idiot mother she is before hiring her but what do you do??? I can tell you this much.................if he had it to do over again he would have interviewed a lot more people before picking who would try to run a real life troll on me.

I meant Sayeret. The Mayeret is the girl team. He's not a girl.

To his credit though...............he helped get me a job when I was having a problem finding employment here because of the criminal records and everything. He sent HAVOK up from Florida to help but when I bucked the system after his manager started fucking with me HAVOK tried to use his commando tactics to get me to tow the line but I just looked at HAVOK and told him...............YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE NO STINKIN' CAMMANDO TO ME!!! YOU LOOK LIKE A BIKER DUDE WHO BELONGS IN A REDNECK BIKE BAR. I circled around him a few times trying to sneak up behind him but he was on high alert because he thought I was going to try to have sex with him or something.

Cassie said:
If you turn your head sideways <3 looks like a heart.

Oh yeah!! I love him too. He got a little sidetracked what with all the mindless bimbo's he USED to surround himself with but I think we are getting him straightened out. Whenever he has the urge to do something crazy again I would suggest he take a fist full of dollars down to the Joy of Austin and hire himself a good stripper/hooker for the night and be done with it. Hell...............he can do it 5 nights a week if he wants...........it will save him a lot of headache and grief in a long run.

I have to help him git honest, trustworthy women to handle his bidness affairs cause he doesn't seem to be so good at that. I can spot a greedy, spineless, no-talent woman a mile away. They don't want to fuck with me either............I think Kate and Amber have "warned" the others about me not that it matters cause they are HISTORY. No telling how much money I saved him by trolling one of them and bitchslapping the other one who tried to fire me.

I'm find Cassie.........it is always good to see you since I like you so much. I think you are one of the best members here.

Grammour Boy said:
Gagh is devious. I think he has something sinister under his sleeves. If I were you I would be very careful with your safety. Gagh has connections with the murder syndicate. Be safe, Jillian. Gagh may seem like a good-natured chap but deep down he poses a real danger to your safety. Get a bodyguard!
Gagh is a Rodlicker who has let a bunch of no-talent women almost take him down. He should be thankful I am bailing him out.

I have a bodyguard............more than one. The brother across the way at work is the best.............then there is the Israeli down the "street"...so to speak. He doesn't miss a beat either. Then there is HAVOK or whoever the guy is that I recognized one day.........he was standing there being all badass and acting pissed off about something and everything but in the end he will learn to respect me. He hasn't been back since..............he knows I know.

Grammour Boy is a damn good member too.



OPERATION JillianBacardiFeFeRoissyAmyScotchConniLingusJaneBondFederalAgent007SashaLaFemmeNikita

All rolled in to one you dirty piece of crap.

You ready for the good??? Cause I'm coming after you now. You ain't seen NOTHING yet.







This is for you Shannon and Thelma................Jillian is going to GIT the bastards for you. I know you are watching over me.............my guardian angels.






I have always said that GREED and SEXUAL PERVERSION is the root of all evil..........it will also be the downfall of all the people involved. You know what it is going to take??? It will take sacrificing the children and grandchildren of these wealthly, powerful individuals to stop them. When the children or grandchildren of George Bush, Alberto Gonzales and the corrupt Senators, Congressman and Feds who are helping this along.......are kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery, when they are sent degrading videos of their children/grandchildren having unspeakable sexual acts forced on them, when they watch their grandchildren being "snuffed" out after having sexual acts committed against them...............then you are going to see things happen.

It will be up to an organized underground militia to organise and carry this out, we will have to reach the highest levels of our government, the wealthiest....................MOTHERS WILL BE FORCED TO WATCH THEIR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN DIE IN AGONY. THEN YOU ARE GOING TO SEE A WRATH THE LIKES OF WHICH THIS WORLD HAS NEVER WITNESSED.


My bet is these women will kill their husbands, Congressmen, Senators, bankers, financiers themselves.............you will see them snap and they will go on a killing ramage to rid the world of this insidious filth. Oh woe to the FBI, Secret Service who have been a part of it.


This is the reason people HATE Jews. If the Israeli's allow this to continue, Israel and their people will perish. Their leaders are part of the ring, the American people will turn against their own government and then they will turn against Israel.

Heed my Warning Jews................it will be the next Halocaust. Deal with your own.

The "little" people are easily squashed.........I think they have made that quite clear and proven their point. Who does that leave??? the "big" people?? The FBI, Secret Service, CIA, high-ranking military officials, U.S. Attorneys?? because you are next, they are showing you right now.......you will be controlled and squashed too.........you will do what they say, you are nothing but a pawn in their game, you will dance like the mindless, corrupt puppets you are.

The "little" people have more will, they may not have money, power or influence........but they can generate loyalty more easily than any of you ever thought about generating.

None of the "elite" have loyalty, they don't even trust each other. That is the bottom line. So when your children/grandchildren go missing.........killed, tortured, sold into sex slavery.............BLAME YOURSELVES.

In the end.............your money won't save you~~Quite the contrary, it will be taken away from you and used against you. Your perversions will be your downfall.

Sodom and Gomorrah

It seems a lot of emails that were meant to go to the White House, Republican Party, DOJ...........axe-identelly went to a parody website with similar email address. This goes back to 2004.

Sorry Alberto..........your web of lies are getting ready to catch up with you.


We........as in YOU........need to git your head out yo' ass and listen up. The store is in major crisis meltdown, your DM has been suspiciously silent. I am givning this one last shot simply because I helped open your store, I feel some kind of weird, misguided loyalty or something fucked up like that. It used to happen everytime I opened up a new practice or start-up..........you want to watch the baby grow up to become a success, you hope your guidance pays off but this whole thing is out of control because you haven't had leadership since DAY 1. The worst was having some BUYER who didn't know shit about shit when it comes to MANAGING. Then you had the crackhead co-manager who drug in like an alleycat in heat all the time. THIS IS A BIDNESS!! YOu have a great, hardworking, honest other co-manager but unfortunately she doesn't know how to delegate which could ultimately be a major flaw............I love her though. She got mad at me today because I keep trying to tell her we need to kick Cash and a few kids asses to git them in gear. The new girl I adopted is a team player, she doesn't mind doing the grunt work. The woman my age doesn't have the physical stamina or experience to lead because she led a fairly sheltered/pampered life until her divorce.

Here is the dealio...............I pretty much have all the 77 boxes of overstock dumped on our store unpacked, waterfalled, PIPed and moved to the front. We still have another 20+ boxes, we need to get everything sized now, priced. We have a lady who has called several times about scarfs we have that we aren't going to sell, she wants to negotiate a price, Cash and everyone tell's her "no negotiation" on price. The scarves.......as I understand it.....are going to the homeless to help keep them warm. She wants all we have in stock, they are sitting on the selves taking up wasted space, we need to price them fity cent above cost........GIT RID OF THEM. It's for a good cause.................Be the damn change you want to see in the world.


I would be kicking some kids asses right now.............they wouldn't be back on the sales floor until all the stock was PIPed, move up front, overstock put in boxes, labeled. Mar is afraid they will quit if they have to EXERT themselves..........they are dropping like flies as it is.

I thought this would be a nice change from the stressful, hectic pace of the medical field. It has been 10x's worse and makes healthcare look like a walk in the park.

Who the hell knows...........I bet someone is getting my message.

Hey Gag..................Screw the role-playing crap that is part of the "training".........save that for the front line stores. This is the REAL world.......the first thing I would do when I trained someone is put them back in the stock room, have them move stock to the floor, then I would train them on the floor. Role-playing would be the last part of it and even at that.............it is all play pretend. Some people know how to sell, the majority only know how to take clothes to a dressing room, grab a few sizes (FROM THE FLOOR), ring up. Thats it.

Deal with it.

FBI parte due said:
Who's Gag?
I think a better question is one I axed Ivan............what's up with all the Israeli's??
He said they make a shit load of money on those kiosks.

I love that guy!!! He is such a flirt and bullshitter...........but he always smells so good!! They have great security people who let their presence be known to all. You don't git much better than that bunch.

Back to this "charitable" thing with the scarves. What disturbs me the most is the way this woman is being blown off, she has called several times that I know of in the last several days. She is a BUYER..........all we need to do is tell her "how much", legitimize her organization, do something good for mankind. It could pay off in dividends in the long haul. Now GIT whoever is in charge of your store or organization to send a memo out to our store. This needs to be dealt with..............it shows poor taste for your company name to be blowing off a legitimate organization. It gives love a bad name.

"KeyHolder"............I think the title describes it all. A keyholder is a person who holds the key to your bidness, they can lock and unlock your doors.......ie; open/close. To imply more than the word would tell me the "title" would not be appropriate. For example, I did not realize a "keyholder" automatically became a manager who has access to all of your financial information such as how much your store brings in, how much you pay your employees...ect.

Most bidnesses who allow personnel access to their financial data hire people who have an accounting or bookkeeping background. After watching, looking, seeing some of the stuff I have seen and being someone who has a strong background in accounting, financial matters..............I bet I could take all the "books" that are lying around everywhere and figure out how much your gross profits are. I am not inclined to do so because I don't give a rats ass anymore.

Oh yeah...........your new "keyholder"........the 10 year old gay guy who still lives at home with his parents! When he called me in on my day off only to tell me to go home.............AGAIN............as soon as the new people (whose schedules are accommodated) came in for relief................I told him he was the stinkin' boss of me and I wasn't going to do anything else he told me because he is a stinkin' 19 year old fag who doesn't have a clue what is going on. In addition to doing the job I was hired to do, I also do the stockperson job. I am also not going to be dicked around on my schedule anymore like I have been from DAY 1. For example, coming in after my day off only to find the schedule has been re-worked AGAIN.......for all the part-timers, new hires who need to have all these days off.

Another interesting thing about him..................he seems to know a lot about my case............so much, I have let him hang himself by going on with him like I don't know what he is talking about. Over a month ago he made a comment about.........."I have seen your file"...........he also seems to know "church guy who has smooth-as-silk-voice"

Run that game.

Not that I trust any of those people at Gateway anymore.............they have proven themselves to be liars and deceivers. It is not for me to judge them.........God will do that since he is swift to punish the church who uses his name in order to run some kind of game on innocent people. There is nothing PURE about those people.

DARK doesn't describe them. There does seem to be a very big tie to Baylor University, pharmaceutical, rock n roll bands, Prudential Ins, American Title Company and possibly Coldwell-Banker. To think their preacher stood up there and said we can't trust the guberment to do the right thing anymore. I think that is quite obvious to most people who have a brain...........what is worse is most people place complete faith and trust in the church and we now are witnessing how we can't trust them to do the right thing either.

Batshit, Crazy, Insane does not begin to describe the people in Austin, TX whom I have encounterd here since Day 1 starting with the Coldwell-Banker realtor. What is truly amazing is how obvious they are and how easy it has been to see through their lies and deception. It is the reason I took a pass on the invitation from the DOJ/FBI here to contact them. I have read enough about their agency to know they cannot be trusted, they are among the dirtiest of all the FBI offices in the U.S.
If I had been contacted by the Dallas office or even the San Antonio office I might have considered it. Whoever came on this board and warned me to get out of this city had a very good reason for doing it.

Oh yeah................GAGH!!...........I wish you would go ahead and send the person you have hired to manage this store, it would be in your best interest. And don't try to bullshit me because I already know you have offered it to at least one person........I can only hope whoever accepts it has a strong management background because you are going to need it.


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This article comes from
Tom Flocco.com

Texas assistant U.S. attorney deaths raise foul play questions

DOJ news reports, press releases scrubbed from web while autopsies and death certificates raise questions related to national Medicare fraud probe

by Tom Flocco

Thelma Quince Colbert
Lee's Summit, Missouri—April 30, 2007—Tom Flocco.com—Samuel Lipari, president of Missouri's Medical Supply Chain, who is suing Novation LLC for anticompetitive practices in the market for hospital supplies, told TomFlocco.com, "I don't think it's a coincidence that Criminal Chief of the Dallas U.S. Attorney's office Shannon K. Ross who signed the subpoenas for my case was found dead September 11, 2004 in her home the day before Senate hearings on healthcare anti-trust just after her associate Thelma Colbert was also found dead."

The Senate was reacting to reports examining fraudulent overcharging by medical care providers like Novation, centered around what Lipari termed "their $80 billion per year product and service contracts" supplying thousands of U.S. hospitals, nursing homes and clinics, and alleged corruption involving Novation's Irving, Texas operation which includes member Tenet Healthcare where the President's brother Jeb Bush just joined former 9-11 Commission member and Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey on Tenet's board of directors 18 days ago on April 12, 2007.

Samuel Lipari
"The news blackout and lack of a public investigation regarding two dead senior assistant U.S. attorneys leads me to believe that foul play was involved—these two women were working on the same case. Two attorneys just don't turn up dead and three more in the same unit either resign or get fired all at once," Lipari told us, adding, "less than two months before Ms. Ross' death, Head of the Civil Enforcement Unit of the Fort Worth U.S. Attorney's office Thelma Quince Colbert also turned up dead in her swimming pool on July 20, 2004 after investigating Medicare fraud and money laundering cases involving Novation and others for one and a half years, resulting in subpoenas leading to prosecution."

An individual declining to be named at this time had a recent conversation with New York Times reporter Mary Williams Walsh who wrote one of the most comprehensive early stories on August 21, 2004 regarding the Justice Department's (DOJ) inquiry into healthcare industry purchasing, antitrust issues and other Medicare abuses.

Walsh said the newspaper moved her out of judicial reporting and away from Novation and Medicare fraud after she wrote about the company's subpoenas and Assistant U.S. Attorney Shannon Ross, who our research indicated was an intelligent and diligent senior supervisor of prosecutors who had also acquired a lengthy specialization in narcotics enforcement—but who would soon be found dead just 23 days later:

"Based on the federal codes cited in a copy of one of the subpoenas [Novation, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Genentech, G.E. Healthcare and Cardinal Health were all cited] investigators are seeking evidence of health care fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, theft or bribery involving programs receiving federal funds, obstruction of investigations and other possible violations. The subpoena was signed by Shannon Ross, criminal chief of the United States attorney's office in Dallas."

"Novation members like Tenet Healthcare purchase hospital supplies through Novation, meaning that Novation acts as the gatekeeper with the ability to either impede or allow others to enter the hospital supply market. This is an anti-trust issue regarding the ability to control all the costs as the purchasing agent," said Lipari.

CEO constituent still waiting for help from Missouri Senator McCaskill

Claire C. McCaskill
After Lipari told us he contacted Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill via a March 26, 2007 letter sent to her office, we spoke on Friday to Maria Speiser, McCaskill's press spokesperson who told TomFlocco.com, "We never received Mr. Lipari's letter but I know about the case," to which Lipari replied after we called him back, "Senator McCaskill has the letter. I have a copy of the 'privacy waiver' she mailed back to me, seeking my signed permission for her office to commence an investigation of my Medical Supply Chain v. Novation, et al. complaint."

"After more than four weeks I haven't heard a thing from Senator McCaskill despite the suspicious deaths, firings and healthcare fraud-overcharging for hospital supplies contrary to the national interests of Medicare, Medicaid and aging Americans," said the CEO.

Lipari's letter to McCaskill described in detail key elements of his legal complaint-two strange deaths and three simultaneous firings or resignations of assistant U.S. attorneys in the same Dallas / Fort Worth white collar prosecuting unit-all within 90 days, a request for help in obtaining the files the FBI was maintaining on his company, revelations that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was a partner in Vinson & Elkins, LLP which represents defendant Novation, and information regarding Lipari's criminal complaint against Kansas City, MO Magistrate James P. O'Hara who was a managing partner in Shughart, Thomson & Kilroy, the firm "defending a cartel member in my antitrust complaint for obstructing justice in my civil litigation with the Kansas City, Missouri office of the FBI in January, 2006."

All of which raises questions as to why McCaskill, a member of the Senate Special Committee On Aging, failed to contact Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy and other key members of the Democrat majority to help them interrogate Gonzales last week at his Judiciary hearing regarding his conflict of interest and what he knew about the two dead and three fired Texas assistant U.S attorneys and fired U.S. attorneys Carol Lam of San Diego and Todd Graves of Kansas City, all of whom were probing Novation LLC and its members.

DOJ and Senate Judiciary mum on deaths of Ross and Colbert

Extensive online searches including Lexis Nexis by numerous individuals and this writer resulted in finding no press releases or news reports available to the public from the Department of Justice announcing or memorializing Thelma Colbert or Shannon Ross, raising questions as to why Mr. Gonzales would not have ordered a more thorough investigation of the deaths of the two senior Texas DOJ prosecutors found dead within weeks of each other while working on the same case the day before Senate hearings on that case.

This, as three more assistant U.S. attorneys working with the dead women and two U.S. attorneys in California and Missouri were subsequently forced to resign or were fired by Mr. Gonzales while all were involved in prosecuting Novation and its member company Tenet in an $80 billion dollar Medicare fraud case.

Notwithstanding the failure of the United States Senate to seek thorough questioning of Mr. Gonzales regarding the timeline-suspect deaths when they had the opportunity last week, questions can also be raised as to why DOJ officials did not place a temporary order to stop the cremation of Shannon Ross' body to prevent loss of physical evidence, given her sensitive narcotics prosecutions and particularly since colleague Thelma Colbert had died a few weeks earlier after preparing the very subpoenas Shannon Ross signed to commence the prosecution of Novation.

A call to the Dallas county medical examiner's office regarding Shannon Ross revealed that the cause on her death certificate was listed as radiculomeningomyelitis, defined on multiple medical websites as "the inflammation of the spine and inflammation of the nerve roots, the meninges and spinal cord."

Ross' strange death as a seemingly healthy 44 year-old woman who led an active, clean, church-driven and professionally fulfilling life after which she died suddenly apparently never even merited a DOJ press release-same for Thelma Colbert who was head of her unit.

Why didn't the Senate Judiciary Committee ask Mr. Gonzales about this incongruity? Did McCaskill tell them about her letter from Lipari?

Ross' cause of death was also referred to as meningomyeloradiculitis or inflammation of the meninges, spinal cord and roots of the spinal nerves; and interestingly, we also found that radiculomeningomyelitis occurs in adult horses who present lesions with numerous nematode eggs and protozoan larvae that are found in fecal samples, muscles, skin, eyes, blood and tracheal and nasal washes.

Given that her obituary said Ross died suddenly, questions also remain why senators and DOJ officials never treated her death more seriously since as criminal chief, she supervised 70 criminal prosecutors in the 100-county North Texas division, working closing with both the FBI and the Secret Service while specializing in narcotics enforcement prosecutions.

All of which leads one to consider whether the Justice Department or the Senate ever thought to investigate whether money was being stolen from Medicare and then possibly replaced with narcotics proceeds which needed to be laundered into the U.S. banking system.

Shannon K. Ross, 44, graduated first in her Baylor University law school class, while her obituary also noted her enthusiastic and committed Christian witness as an elder and Sunday school teacher at the Rowlett, Texas First Christian Church where she had just received a full scholarship to Texas Christian University Divinity School that fall to commence a planned career change from the law to fulltime Christian ministry.

As for Thelma Colbert, according to a citizen researcher we contacted, the Fort Worth Police Department initially sealed the medical examiner's report.

TomFlocco.com was told that Colbert's adult daughter had gone upstairs to bed after she and her mother had dinner and drinks together which presented a normal amount of alcohol in Colbert's bloodstream according to the autopsy, after which she was found the next morning by her daughter, face down in the family swimming pool.

As this report is being published we have not acquired an actual copy of the medical report, and it is not known if Colbert was clothed, partially clothed or wearing a bathing suit when she was found in her swimming pool.

There is no additional information regarding the direction of the investigation of Colbert's death at the time she died, or who performed her autopsy, since there was a substantial length of time between when she was last seen alive and the discovery of her body.

The only reference to the death of Thelma Quince Colbert, 55, that we could find—no obituary, local news report or DOJ press release—was located at her Southern University Law Center's Alumni Hall of Fame website where she received the 1998 Distinguished Alumnus Award while having served as the first editor-in-chief of the school's law review and where she was first in her class, graduating summa cum laude.

Southern University established a scholarship in her name to honor her achievements while Colbert also received a tribute and memorial article in the Fall 2004 issue of the American Bar Association magazine, otherwise there was no mention of her death anywhere else.

One could interpret the response of the Department of Justice to the Colbert and Ross deaths to be that the two never existed in the first place.

Elderly Americans being defrauded by billions in gross overspending for medical supplies might wonder if the suspicious collapse of the Dallas-Fort Worth white collar prosecution unit working the Novation case—attributable to strange deaths and simultaneous multiple resignations or firings—had anything to do with the firings of U.S. Attorneys in San Diego and Kansas City, Missouri also prosecuting healthcare fraud.

We may never know.

The Senate Judiciary Committee forgot to ask Attorney General Alberto Gonzales last week.


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He is quite the colorful character!!! His Chinese wife is quite beautiful..........though I have never understood why a woman would marry a man 35+ years her senior??? That would be like marrying a man your fathers age.


Ted Turner
On the other side we have Ted Turner!! Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, media mogul who got more publicity from marrying Jane Fonda than his actual world-domination-no-more of the media.

K.........he went to school in Chattanooga, TN and was thrown out for being a Hoe, he owned the Atlanta Braves, he likes cartoons..........BIG TIME.........which means he probably likes Comic Books, he is big in the WWF ...........hmmmm.........Captain Wacky??...........wrestler who worked for Coldwell-Banker and committed suicide...........he owns 14 ranches in places like OK, MONTANA, NE, N.M, South Dakota???? who the hell lives in South Dakota???? my neighbor is from North Dakota............
Ted likes bison...........most notably bison burgers.

Jane didn't like being on a ranch in Montana because it was too dull and too far away from Hollywood. She also didn't like not being able to hold our dirty guberment officials accountable for being warmongers............we haven't heard from her in a while.

He also said men should be banned from public office for 100 years, hand it over to women................
hmmm............where have I heard that before???? I think it is a conspiracy. We don't need to be handing power over to a bunch of PMS Pre-Menopausal Women!!!!! DO YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THE CONSEQUENCES WOULD BE ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE MENSTRUAL CYCLE AND YOU PISS ONE OF US OFF??????? I DON'T THINK YOU DO.

He has a higher GDP than the country of Belize...................hmmm.........I got an email from a property management place in Belize.

Does anyone see where I am going with this???? because if I remember correctly one of your members from the A-team is from Montana. Kurt......something like that?? Kurt Cobain?


It doesn't say anything about his internet holding or anything.............Rupert has internet holdings but mostly in myspace.com and the burgeoning porn industry which is par for the course for these "born again Christians"

ARE ANY OF YOU SEEING THE BIG PICTURE???? WE HAVE ALBERTO GONZALES..........MURDERER, we have media moguls, we have myspace.com, IP numbers, the stench of sweat on K street, Coldwell-Banker, the army, Starbucks, IBM, Burden brothers music, fired/murdered U.S. Attorneys, a president who should be tried for treason, Big Brother UK, wrestlers..............UFO's, the Dulce base, Constitutional Rights violations and now my house in being taken away.

Connect the dots................Israel is next.........they plan on pushing them into the sea.

Everything is not black and white!!!! much as you would like for it to be........it isn't.

OH YEAH.................don't GIT me started on Cho and the mass murders at Virginia Tech..........I tried to warn BozoGonzoGate about him running amok on the internet posting crazy stories...........only I though it was Captain Wacky. Then there are the "Elite-Genetically-Altered-Canadian-Sniper" team headed up by Red WhackEm. Not to mention the mind-altering program Cho's sister from the State Department enrolled her brother in so he would become a sociopathic killer.


I never could figure out the imdb.com link when I was investigating all the IP numbers I still can't figure out though I am getting a general idea thanks to a few courageous people.

and whats up with Starbucks???? are all these people all hyped up on some kind of BUZZ coffee the rest of us don't know about?


I will have you know all 14 of the collapsed internet court cases were legitimate. That wasn't what ruined our relationship............it was all of you ruining my life than ruined the relationship.

Just remember that.

FBI parte due said:

The guy in your avatar is kind of dangerously handsome. Something like that.

Here is the other dealio too Gagh............I don't blame you for what Dawn Brown at Coldwell-Banker did, I think it was a "nice" gesture but you should have handled it yourself because this chick screwed everything up. She did so with malice and greed, she profited from the front/back end of my real-estate deal, she did it using deception, she doesn't know anything about real estate because she was also NEGLIGENT in handling my transaction, she violated her fiduciary duty to me.

I have requested the lawyers of Barrett, Burke & Wilson bring me into a court of law with this foreclosure. I want to go before a judge, I will represent myself. At that time I will give the judge EVERYTHING I have in regard to my case including but not limited to the DIRECT involvement of Coldwell-Banker and their realtor. I will also attempt to get a jury trial in this case or ask the judge to help provide some kind of help for me in this case since I am indigent.

MAKE NO MISTAKE..................I WILL SEE THAT DAWN BROWN LOSES HER LICENSE TO SELL REAL ESTATE. She should be shown to be the greedy, whore, lying bitch she is.

Especially since my property is valued $10,000 less than I paid for it. She couldn't even get the property values straight. I could tell you all kinds of fuck-ups on her part but at the time I thought she was "new" in real estate and I was being nice about the whole thing even though she put me on a tight schedule when I told her the minute I had a deal on my house in TN I would be flying down to TX. She was BUSY that week-end so I had to waste one solid week before I could come down here. I almost changed realtors at that point................I wish I had of gone with my instincts at the time.

And if you weren't such a greedy bastard, you could have given me a fourth of the Medicare reward and I wouldn't be in the position I am in right now. But people like you hold onto their money with tight fists............you don't care who you ruin in the meantime.

Yes.............I know who you are. 8/5/05. I know a hell of a lot more than any of you even remotely think. That was the whole point for me..........the TRUTH. For all the rest of you................MONEY.

Money doesn't do anyone a whole lot of good when their health is ruined. You can't take it with you. The DIRTY money means nothing to me. The silence from everyone is what ultimately destroyed me. Even from my own sister.

Enjoy it..........just as you have enjoyed your Roles as God.

And don't kid yourselves..............I haven't told all of you everything for a reason, that reason being I knew it would come to this. You tried to starve me out first, then you tried pre-meditated murder, when you let Coldwell-Banker come after my house as I knew would happen............that was it. I knew I would pull out my last remaining weapon and you won't find it on my compooter.

I will say this...............I am shocked the feds would let it come to this. They have a very good, valid reason not to see me get a JURY trial. Too bad............when a jury gets a little taste of what I have, they will want ALL of it.

I have made sure one person has it. Someone NONE of you know about, someone whose identity is protected for now.

Oh this is fucking great! Now I have foreclosure people knocking on my door telling me my house is in legal proceedings and how they can help me sell it fast or help me in this way or that way.

This guy was pretty nice................he did warn me a bunch of people will start knocking on my door telling me the same thing now.

Did I mention I recently met a guy who works with the USDA?? He is a super nice guy, but then so is his son whom I didn't know smoked.

I should go tell on you Gag.

I won't since most people I have ever met with the USDA are really nice people. They make sure our cows aren't fed pesticide foods and crap that lead to Mad Cow Disease. We should all be thankful to them for that.

Now they should investigate Bison because I think that is going to be the next big thing. Can you Imagine getting Mad Bison Disease??? It would have to be ten times worse.

I have always been suspicious about Kate, it is the reason I started doing some digging on her after she fired me.

Interesting..................very interesting.

It would explain why someone of her "calibre" or lack thereof would be placed in a management position in your company.

^I have always known he wasn't going to protect me, I knew that back in 2005. Greed, which goes hand-in-hand with cheap whores, cheap sex.........ultimately will be his downfall. We see it time after time, I know women better than anyone...........I have been raised with a bunch of them, I have worked with them all my life..............Greedy women are far worse than Greedy men. Trust me on this one.
They will also be the first to sell him out.


New Member
^^There you are you spineless coward. I swear to my time you have got to have some of the biggest BIMBO's working for you............they are like mindless drones who have been brainwashed like the Stepford Wives or something. Try asking a SIMPLE question and see what you get.............NOTHING, NADA. They can't answer. For example today.........first we have sale, then we don't, then this is on sale, then all of a sudden it isn't, then you have your customer standing there whom you have been working with for an hour encouraging to buy all this stuff because it is on sale only to have ANOTHER manager who tells you it isn't right in front of your customer as you are ringing it up therefore killing all goodwill and credibility you have built with the person.
Afterwards.............this MANAGER..............and trust me, this is the most TOP heavy organization I have ever worked with.........tells me, "You aren't supposed to tell the customer about the coupons that are one of the benefits of being a member of da club" and I am like........"Then why the hell do you have it in the compooter???" to which she replies........"We are doing away with it"..........to which I reply......"Then why is this not COMMUNICATED to the TWO Indians you have in your employ???"

Chiefs=Five Thousand Three Hundred Seventy-Two
Indians.........who actually do the work and can think "out of the box"= TWO.

Every day I go in there it is a new rule by another person, none of them can get their stories straight.


btw...........the woman who is my age who just started is one of the best I have seen yet. She, like me, doesn't need to be told what to do.........we see what needs to be done and we do it.

Don't get me started on all the VISIBLE tattoo's and body piercings I see on ALL of them.

*Shudders*...................it is the tackiest yet.

Taking the Coupons out of the compooter=BIG mistake. It is one of the biggest selling points in getting women to join da club. Most women have enough to remember without keeping track of a piece of paper coupon.......when you tell them....."when you forget your coupon at home, we can pull it up in the system and apply it to your large purchase"........they go......."GREAT!!! I always forget them!"

Then there was the lady today who made a sizable purchase who told me she bought 2 dresses for a three hundred dollar purchase and you know what the front line store told her when she axed them if they could pull it up????
You can put the TWO dresses on hold, run back home (45 minutes away which would be 1 1/2 round-trip drive), bring your coupon back and we can do it then.

She said FUCK IT.............left and went to another store to spend her three hundred. I don't blame her.

You would not believe how much I have increased my sales by pulling up coupons in the system then saying.............HEY!!!! LOOKIE!!!! I FOUND A COUPON IN YOUR ACCOUNT AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SPEND $50 MORE DOLLARS AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE THIS $25 COUPON!!!!! THAT IS LIKE GETTING 1/2 PRICE ON SOMETHING!!! And they are like......WOW!! do you mind if I look around some more?? and I will say......NO!! Take your time, I have two other registers I can ring others on.
Then they come back with a $60 item and I say..........HEY!!!!! LOOKIE HERE........THERE IS ANOTHER COUPON AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SPEND $40 MORE AND YOU GET $50 OFF THE ENTIRE PURCHASE!!!!
You see where I am going with this??? are you connecting the dots yet?

It works almost every time. I have noticed all the other "salespeople" have started doing the same.

^Hi Cassie........thanks for axing but I'm not doing so well. I am packing up the few things I am going to keep, then I'm getting ready for a garage sale if I can get someone to help me get it open since the cable is severed. All kinds of people are pounding on my door since I am on the foreclosure list. It really sucks.

It was nice of Gagh to give me a job but the pay in retail is not that great...........it is probably why they get people with tattoo's and stuff.

Oh yeah...........you may be able to fool everyone here by saying you are a Queen Royal Accountant from the UK but I know better. Yeah........you may be a Brit but you don't live in the UK...........your sister does though. YEP........missmanners. I tried to sign her up for da club but she was like......."I live in the UK and we don't have this store there, but thank you anyway"..........and I was like........."maybe we could send the coupons and catalogs to your "friends" house" (I like to overcome objections) and he was like..........."uh, I don't think so" and I was thinking to myself................*suuure..........I bet he is just your brothers friend!! You leave your husband over in the UK for a couple of months while you come over here to visit your bro and his friend"...............I know what swingers you people are.

I tried to explain to one of the guys I was involved in a conspiracy and he just looked at me and said............."so what does that have to do with you being behind on your mortgage" and I said..........."THEY RUINED ME!!! I COULDN'T EVEN FIND A JOB FOR MONTHS!!!!"........and he said......"It sounds complicated, you need to get a lawyer because you only have 27 days, here is my card if you need to know your other options".........

and I said..........."ok, thanks"

[edit] Scanlon, Abramoff and SunCruz Casinos
Main article: SunCruz Casinos
In February of 2000, Abramoff became involved in the purchase of SunCruz Casinos, a Florida-based cruise line which ran "cruises to nowhere" into international waters, where gambling was allowed onboard. Scanlon was not a partner in the deal but assisted in the purchase, by contacting Neil G. Volz, an old friend from his time on Capitol Hill and Chief of Staff to Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH).[1] Volz aided Scanlon in getting Ney to place comments in the Congressional Record to aid Abramoff in purchasing the business. Abramoff was accused and later pleaded guilty in 2005 to charges of wire fraud, stemming from a forged wire transfer showing a non-existent down payment used to obtain financing for the purchase.

hmmmm..................I wonder if this has anything to do with K Street and the following IP numbers:


Ok..............this whole IP thing has always bugged me because there is something really sinister to all of this if you ask me. Take the Jack Abramhoff scandal of the Republican Party, the IP numbers that belong to the Republican National Party, Jean Schmidt is a Republican U.S. Congresswoman, there is a link in the above article to the corrupt politicians in Ohio, gambling, Jack Abramhoff, WIRE FRAUD, Scanlon?????hmmm.........., cats, casino's, ed gauthier, dawn yang, NionInteractive Solutions..................*shock*, GoDaddy!!! Bob Parsons, Wrestling, Natalie Portman.........Captain Wacky's obsession, torrent sites and grabassgirls!

Do you suppose all these guys are a bunch of thugs??? Cause it looks like some of them are going to prison.

What in the world would Sanjaya be doing "hooking up" with people of their calibre?? He would have to know about all the websites since he is a Ph.D. Engineering guy into NASA and space stuff including Satellites and how you can use them to Zoom info thru cable wires and stuff like that.

Do you think it will ever be brought to the General Public's attention?? or will the DOJ let Alberto Gonzales handle it.

Oh. My. God.

These guys never cease to amaze me!! It goes to show you how smart all of them are.............CRIME REALLY DOESN'T PAY AND GREED REALLY ISN'T GOOD.

I would rather fail by honor than succeed by fraud.

Shout out to my home-boys at Wire Dawgs!!

I got that fail by honor succeed by fraud thing over on their site.

These people may have had a hand in my carbon monoxide gassing?? You think?? Some of the corruption I stumbled upon when everybody pissed me off to the point of no return happened around this time.


I wonder if they ever caught the guy who tried to kill me?


First they try to make me a criminal

Then they set up some big elaborate hairbrained conspiracy stunt

Then they get a bunch of even stupider people involved

Then they try to take me to remote areas of the lake so they can chop me up in little pieces and feed me to the fish

Then they try to gas me

Then they try to starve me

Now they are taking my house so I have to go on the lam............AGAIN.

According to Mike Davis and others I should just cut my losses and move on???? WHERE EXACTLY SHOULD I MOVE YOU STUPID, FUCKING ASSHOLE???

and don't tell me in a van down by the river because they shit ain't happening. Just because you guys are stupid doesn't mean I am. You can train monkeys, getting them to work is a whole other story.

You people act like a bunch of apes. FUCK................where is all the talent??? cause it sure ain't in Austin.

I hope the Indians scalp all you bastards...............you keep screwing them over too. If anyone has a reason to raise hell, they do.

I should contact the Indian tribes to see if they will help me. Maybe I will move to an Indian Reservation.

I wonder how big their tee-pee's are?? I bet they would let me and my dogs stay with them.

This gives me a bright idea. I knew I would think of a place to go if I prayed enough.

I had another dream last night.........that is how I come up with all this stuff. I was on an Indian Reservation and was smoking a peace pipe with some Indian guys and we got really stoned and then we decided to break out a bottle of tequila but it is illegal on Indian Reservations to drink so we had to be really careful, so instead of drinking and driving...........we got on horses and since I don't know how to ride a horse this really wild looking Indian guy with a long ponytail let me ride with him. It was really fun!! I remember we were all laughing and there was a full moon and it was the first time I have had fun in years!!!

It was a good dream.


MENTY!! DID YOU KNOW GUS???? because it is horrible what happened to him.

Guess what Kate's last name is?

I think she changed it a little so as not to reflect on what an idiot she is.

Boy...........have you noticed all the links in the Abramhoff case to Texas??? That Tom Delay guys looks really gay.........I saw him on TV recently and he is a real nutcase.

Remember when I posted here about a Suburban that kept driving by my house one day last Fall?? I still remember it and can retrieve the details from my memory because I took a photograph of it. The license plate had a round state seal on it. I recently found someone who has a connection to a state office that can do a run on a license plate.

OH WAIT!!! I forgot to tell you the best part of this Geronimo dream!! So anyway.............we were riding on these horses, laughing and yelling and stuff and then the guy I was riding with started making his horse go really fast and i was like.............STTTOOOOP!! I'M GOING TO FALL OFF!! and he didn't listen so I started falling and I was holding on to him real tight and we both fell off and I landed on top of him and we were laughing and everything but we didn't get hurt so everyone else stopped and made fun of us and we said..............HEY!! DID ANYONE BRING THE PEACE PIPE??? so one of the Indian girls said............I DID!!! and we smoked some more and then we decided to go partying at a disco and somehow we ended up in an underground parking garage in Scottsdale, AZ on horses! and everyone was passing by in their cars honking at us and we were like.........do we park the horses in one of these parking places??? so we tied them up to a park bench outside a club we found so they would have some nice grass to munch on and we went inside to dance and the music was blaring and we were hopping around acting crazy and all of a sudden the music stopped but we kept dancing because we didn't even notice they weren't playing music anymore.

Yep...........I'm thinking it wasn't such a good idea for Karl Rove and Alberto GonzoBozoGate to fuck over Bud Cummins. He is too popular, was one of the good guys and I think they made a colossal mistake when they screwed of this highly intelligent, highly experienced U.S. Attorney.

You guys up there in the DOJ are showing yourselves to be the laughingstock you really are.


Even Congress can't ignore this one. It is too big of a fuck up.

Bud Cummins for President.............lets clean up the trained monkey crap up there on Capital Hill and the White house and put them in cages where they belong.

The stench is getting to strong to put up with anymore. Plus, it is making the biggest mess everywhere, people are stepping on it and getting crap all over their shiny $500 shoes, everyone is bailing pointing the finger pleading...........all that other good stuff that happens when the walls come crumbling down all around them. There they are all.............standing in the middle of what used to be a room with their pants down and their dicks in their hands. The whole world is watching this thinking.................WOW.......you guys have little pee-pee's.

Ok..............this is the best part of the dream!! When we finally realized they weren't playing music anymore we were like............HEY!!!! Lets go back to the reservation to play BINGO!! and everyone was like......YEAH!!! so we go outside and the horses are gone and I am like..........DUDE!! Where's my Ride???? so we start looking for them, find them just in the nick of time because the police had found them wandering around, called Animal Control and were getting ready to put them on the Endangered Species list..........we told them there was no need to do that. So there we are jumping on our horses to ride back to the reservation. We stopped at a liquour store on the way back so we could make some nice smoothy drinks once we got back.

A good time was had by all. I like happy endings in my dreams.

Go Away Gag................YOU AREN'T THE BOSS OF ME ANYMORE.


I'm going to work for the Indians and by Indians I don't mean the guys from India. I'm talking Native Americans. We are going to come up with our own pharmaceuticals.

Yep...........I have been reading about all the fired U.S. Attorneys for a few months now and the one person who stands out to me is Bud.
1. I like the name Bud.
2. He probably has a higher IQ than the total combined people at the DOJ in Washington D.C.
3. He probably has a network of loyal supporters who are going to be the demise of a lot of people. Bud isn't going to do it because he is a classy guy....I have seen a couple of his interviews, he has been quite diplomatic about the whole thing.

Call it instinct..............all of you should know by now I have a higher-than-average instinct level..............I think Bud is the man every corrupt, shady, GREEDY politician, lobbyist, corporateer, banker, ect........should fear.

The greedy ones are too stupid to fear anyone which is why they always crash in a freefall.

The next one they should fear is the fired U.S. Attorney from New Mexico. This guy is a fighter and isn't afraid to stand up to all the sleazebags. I have been watching him too...........he is STRONG.

He is also another one they shouldn't have fucked over.

Seriously!!! Eloisel *Jillian yells*................are you sure you left Austin??? cause I think you are still here!!

I shit you not............I think I met eloisel today!! I waited on her...........does anyone know what she looks like?? does she have brown hair, shoulder length, big boobs, she is close to my age maybe a few years younger, very pretty. A classy lady!! If it was her............I like her!

This is the reason I think eloisel is still here in Austin, Ms. Wallace is in town visiting her friend, she is a Major Playah shopper and big fan of our stores, she is going to San Antonio to do some kind of Riverwalk nature tour tomorrow like eloisel was talking about, she is leaving to go back home Sunday and eloisel has to go back to work Monday. She gave you idiots (Jack) a fake name when she registered in our exclusive club.........her friend started laughing when I took the name off her card to hold some clothes and I knew then it was eloisel cause only a troll would do something like that. When she came back later..........I threw out a couple of things to see if my instinct was right. She probably didn't catch it cause I can be really subtle in real life..................or not.

eloisel................I'm glad you traded that big print skirt in for something else cause Jack ripped you off when he high-grossed you............no wonder he gives excellent customer service............he tripled Blinged you!! You want good service???? I will tell if something looks like crap on you before I will sell it to you because I don't want you wearing something out and people axing..........."Where did you get that??" and then you tell them I sold it to you.

Anyway...........eloisel knew the drill...........go back and find something else to buy so we can apply your coupon to your purchases. She bought her friend a nice blouse that looked really good on her.

For the love of Christ Gagh..........this whole thing at works gets more and more bizarre by the day.

Gagh said:
I can hardly wait for the new manager to arrive since she was hand-selected by Kate and had "attitude" the minute she set foot in the store the day Kate interviewed her. I knew she was a Kate mini-me..................but then we all know what Kate was hand-selected don't we Gagh?

This whole think is beyond bizarre..............i can honestly say I have never seen anything like it before in my life. Just when you think it can't get any weirder...............it does.

lol...............I think having my house foreclosed on on being given a deadline is actually a blessing in disguise.

But seriously...............whoever got the job for me, thanks. It has been a real experience, the good part about it is I enjoyed working with all the customers........that is the part I will miss. Everything else.............*Jillian shakes her head*..............cannot be described in words.

^^YES!!! I like you eloisel!! I love the troll you did on the guys with the blackbook thing.........especially when your friend busted you out and you both started laughing and I was like.....................OMG!!! is she eloisel???? cause this is great!! You remind me of an old friend of mine from TN.........I would tell you to come back in to see me so we can gossip about everyone but I know you have a full schedule and then you are flying back.

It was a true pleasure waiting on you yesterday!! You are a nice person.

I also would tell you to look me up when you come in the next time but I am going to be leaving in a few weeks so I guess that was our only meeting. When I was putting your clothes in the bag I thought to myself...........should I call her Ms. Wallace??? or should I call her a troll?

LOL!! ROFLMAO..............That was the greatest one yet.

If you guys haven't seen Ms. Wallace.............she is very pretty.

Ok...............thanks Bobby. I like that name cause my brothers name is Bobby. He is my idol.

The Medicare Prescription Act of 2005..................they now control what/how much/where you can buy your medicine.

Pfizer..........they have some of the "leading" drugs on the market.......Viagra, Zithromax, Lipitor, Diflucan

Interesting...............very Interesting.

I am totally on the side of the Native Americans............I have made posts on this board in the past about how the are the most abused people in the United States. They are abused by the government more than any other single group. I hope they take down the fucking assholes.

HEY!!!!!!!!! Native Americans...........you guys need to get some better leaders cause the ones you have ain't doing you no favors.............Why the hell would you sell out or be extorted by anyone???? You have the power in your hands..................Use it well.

The guberment controls them by making them a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts. They must rise and become a stronger people...........do not succumb to the psychological warfare they are using on you and have been using on you since they took all your land away more than 100 years ago.

Since they have ruined me.....................I am coming to your tribal leaders. I will help you.

Operation JillianBacardi

Damn!! Those people are going to LOVE me.


New Member
You guys need to stay on the highest alert right now...........I knew they were going to come after you years ago when ALL our patients started asking the doctors to write prescriptions so they could use the mail-order system to get their drugs from Canada. I also knew it was taking a HUGE chunk of money out of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry and pouring it into Canada. By all our patients..................I mean 90% of Medicare patients are using Canada for their prescription needs.

PhRMA lobbying activities have extended outside of the United States. "America's big drug companies are intensifying their lobbying efforts to 'change the Canadian health-care system' and eliminate subsidized prescription drug prices enjoyed by Canadians," CanWest News Service reported on June 9, 2003. "A prescription drug industry spokesman in Washington confirmed to CanWest News Service that information contained in confidential industry documents is accurate and that $1 million US is being added to the already heavily funded drug lobby against the Canadian system." PhRMA was the leading drug industry trade group behind the increased lobbying and PR campaign. PhRMA was also independently spending $450,000 to target the booming Canadian Internet pharmacy industry, which has been providing Americans with prescription drugs at lower prices than in the United States.

Where is Red Whacker when you need him???? Saint Lucifer??? You guys need to round up some of your special elite sniper teams and cross over the border to take care of this problem.

You want to know what is interesting about all of this???? My next door neighbor in TN...........her son has a close tie to the pharmaceutical industry, they wanted me to contact him when I moved here, her son is the person who did a complete back-up of my computer system (without my consent) while I was mowing the lawn one day. The week before I moved to Texas.

Interesting....................they also have ties to the Mason's/Eastern Star.

Don't git me started on her niece...................she is very nice, but I was suspect of her after I moved here. Why?? you axe?? When I was doing all the research, paying for investigative reports, ect.............I accidentally included her phone number in one of the searches.

Interesting........................to say the least.

It is sad to think your "friends" or the people who are closest to me have been the very people who have run the biggest game on me.

For example...................the carbon monoxide poisoning...............Dawn, the realtor. My next door neighbor was very concerned about happened with all of that except she used deception when talking to me about it. It is the reason I have never called her again.

If the people you think you know and trust cannot be honest with you...........who do you turn to??

I turned to God. He gave me the answers a long time ago. Most of them came to me in dreams. I saw their faces in my dreams, it was quite disturbing, I didn't know what to make of it, it broke my heart.

How do I know my system was backed up...........you axe?? I had given someone (a major cracker/hacker) access to my compooter system.........he is the one person whom I have given access to all my data.........I ask for his help, he called me and told me someone had just done a complete back up of my system.

How do I know he is good?? I sat in front of my puter and watch him move stuff around on the screen without me doing anything!!! It was like magic! He took control of it and I was sitting there on the phone with him saying................HEY!!! YOU BETTER NOT FUCK UP MY COMPOOTER ANY MORE THAN IT ALREADY IS FUCKED UP!!!" AND he like put this big EVIL grin emoticon on the screen.

We had a good laugh over all of it.

^^You should know Gagh.....................MOO! he enjoys farm living, I think he is on Green Acres. I also think he is a covert, cloak & dagger spy for the underworld.

And this.............my friends..............is the reason I have decided to let all of this go. If everyone can sit by, watch me be totally ruined, watch me take the rap for crimes I didn't commit, watch people try to murder me...............and remain silent, I can live with it. They obviously can live with it.

One thing is for sure..............I couldn't stand that fucking bitch cunt Kate. If she wasn't so fat, ugly and out of shape she would make a good assassin.

That would be about all that power hungry bitch is good for.

Gagh said:
Why don't you move out to the country like your brother? Unclutter your mind with all this political bullshit from your work?
Because I would never move back to TN.

WoW...........I waited on the wildest guy today........he was in with his girlfriend and I started working with them somewhat, got her "fitted" properly into a nice dress and it had a flaw of some sort so I got another dress of the same size and her boyfriend said............."Try it on" .......and she was like........"Its a size 0, the same that I just tried on I just need one without the flaw, I don't need to try it on" .......and he was like.........."you need to try it on cause you never know, it may have come from another batch of seamstresses that were drunk that day or something".............

then he wanted to find a wrap of some kind and I was like.........unfortunately we don't got no stinkin' wraps for the dresses and he was like..........I thought I saw one ................so we walked all over the store and he realized he had been hallucinating and maybe he should head to the bar. Then she tried on another dress from another store she had just bought after realizing she had not been fitted properly so we had her try it on so I could see and sure enough, it was too big for her so it didn't hang properly. I told them they should take it back. That is what happens when they don't let the salespeople actually help them with their purchases and they think they can do it themselves.

Gagh said:
Why don't you move out to the country like your brother? Unclutter your mind with all this political bullshit from your work?
I think it would be easier just to find another job. One far away from this city because Austin is not a good "fit" for me.
I'm thinking that will solve the rest of my problems.

Gagh said:
Why don't you move out to the country like your brother? Unclutter your mind with all this political bullshit from your work?
Hey Gagh................why don't you shut the fuck up cause I think you have done quite enough damage to everyone here. You and your fuck-up government employee buddies who always think your self-worth is far more valuable than it is. You people are total fuck ups. In case you haven't noticed, it is government employees who have drug the private sector into yet another one of your HUGE messes, you keep recruiting them for whatever LAME reason, you don't know when to stop, you are a bunch of miserable, greedy No Talent Bums.

I cannot believe the private sector has allowed you idiots to suck them in. You are .............Public Servants..............and you fucking assholes cannot even get that part right. If you had to survive.........HONESTLY........in the private sector, you couldn't. You wouldn't make it because you wouldn't have the power, influence and money to back you so you guys keep digging your holes deeper until finally the whole thing comes crashing down around you.

MOO..............do you honestly think I am one of the BIMBO's you are used to who is easily sucked into all of this?? Refer to the Medicare fraud case. You want me to go into this more Gagh?? Because I can show you to be the total fuck up you are if you want me to.


I am coming this close_____ to smacking Gagh and his stupid network of idiots down to ZERO.


New Member
Bobby Zamora didn't get me this stinkin job.............My Bobby got it for me........DarthSikle. He is in the mafia so you guys better be careful. He has had my back since Day 1 though I seem to have lost him somewhere along the way.

I think he gave up on me.

Gagh said:
Why don't you move out to the country like your brother? Unclutter your mind with all this political bullshit from your work?
Why don't you kiss my ass you sorry bastard. What I am getting ready to do is disappear...........nobody will find me not even my family. I am not giving notice to my job, my last day will be when I don't show up (sorry Bobby), I am arranging to have my last check picked up, I'm packing, I have prepaid a storage unit.....................I am formulating a plan right now and if you assholes don't think I can do it watch me. I have proven all of you to be the schmucks you are time and again.



If I am killed in a car wreck...............it is your bad karma. It will be my legacy to ALL OF YOU...........everyone who has been involved in this, everyone who has knowledge of it, everyone who has remained silent.


That includes all you sorry bastards in the church who will collapse under your own deception. Go ahead, keep patting yourselves on the backs about all the good things you are doing. Then remember all the deception that went along with it.

Here is another joke............The Rolling Stoners Secret Service.


Yeah..........we are committed to stopping illegal online activity.....blahblahblahblah...............how many times have I contacted you bastards and what have you done in my case??? It may not be worth millions to YOUR agency............but it was worth millions to a couple of other federal agencies.

I don't trust any of you bastards anymore for a very good reason. You can't be trusted to do the right thing. I am not an outspoken advocate for NEVER helping law enforcement with anything because they are worse than the fucking criminals they say they are busting out.

correction...................I am an advocate for never helping law enforcement. I would tell anyone who is thinking about to think long and hard because all the feds will do is feed you to the wolves in an effort to make themselves look like some kind of hero.

Its also the reason I hope you get it right the next time you try to kill me. You have already sucked what little life I had out of me. I haven't a a bit of joy, peace or happiness in my life for the last 3+ years since you people decided you were going to ruin me.

When I am dead.................declare yourselves the victors...........then prepare yourselves to live with. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes for all the money in the world.

That goes for you Cherry....................live it up. Thats what you are all about anyway.

just a little fyi..............a lot of Sekret Service agents who work cybercrime are morbidly obese women whose asses have gotten so fat they can barely drag themselves out of their chairs. They are also some of the most unethical I have encountered online.

I hope their lives are ruined one day. Thats all I have to say for them. btw..........has anyone ever researched Kate?? the fat-ass, power-hungry, fucked-up former manager who traveled all over the world as a buyer for costume jewelry??

Yeah right............I hear she is a bar stool manager now which would be more up her alley. Sit on a bar stool all day and BARK orders at everyone like she is competent to do anything remotely related to managing anyone. I can see her being the kind of person who straps on a dildo and screws her fag-looking boyfriend up the ass.

This is the same person who started laughing when I axed her if she thought the guy at work was gay (trolling) and when she started dissing Mar for not thinking he is.............I was on the verge of axing her if she thought her boyfriend was a fag. I wonder how hard she would have laughed then??

Mike Dabis knows someone in the Sekret Service...............dont' you Mikie?? Yeah............I did my homework on you a LONG time ago. You knew it too........that is why I had such a hard time dragging you out of your wheelchair to a confrontation. You are about as "easy" and "smart" and the rest of them................it is why your life is so fucked up and you are confined to the chair.

All your pathetic lives are so miserable, corrupt and incompetent you have to ruin people when they "out" you for the dawgs you are.


New Member
Who drives the Hummer I did a license plate run on?? Yep...........just another example of the fucking genius in your amateurish, bungling up of yet another cloak & dagger effort. I have all kinds of license plate numbers.........hell, they were sitting right in front of my face in the parking lot. I'm sure all of you are so highly intelligent you couldn't fanthom anyone................especially a batshit crazy woman..........would run it back on you.

Yeah sir buddy..............this is stuff James Bond movies are made of.

White Toyota Corolla. Then there is Calliope.............Kate's protege sidekick confidant. All these people who are "in the know" because of something Kate told them.............are dropping like flies right now. I hated it for the DM but I'm sure she will be better off.

Cash?? how does he know so much?? I expect this behaviour out of a 19 year old girl who still lives at home with his parents.............but grown ups?? are you people for real??? do you really think you are that much smarter than the "little" people?? cause I got news for you..............YOU AREN"T. I know it is a bitter pill to swallow but the sooner you realize how incompetent and not-so-intelligent you are.............the sooner you can try to smarten yourselves up.

I tell you all this stuff just to show you how easy it has been for ONE woman to "out" so many powerful agencies and people.

Give me the mafia anyday................at least they are ORGANIZED.

and they only kill or ruin people who are disloyal, fuck them over or steal from them. They are no worse or better than the federal guberment and law enforcement. If anything...............I would go to them for protection over law enforcement because they don't just fuck with you for the hell of it or because they can. They usually have a GOOD reason. The rest of you couldn't explain the reason if you were asked. Take Alberto Gonzales as a perfect example.

I mean...........you guys remind me of the retail people who are in their teens and 20's..........they like to weild their "power" over you and tell you what to do but when you axe them legitimate questions.............they can't give you a straight, logical answer. I just shrug it off cause I know they don't have much experience with life, this is probably the best job they can get and they have no formal education and very little training.

You guys....................on the other hand.................are supposed to be well-trained with higher levels of education??????? maybe not............paper is paper. Anyone can get a college degree, even a trained monkey.

Jack............I got it the first time.


Which one of you guys LIED and said she looked good??? Cause she looks like a Vampiress or something. Christ!!


This is a list of my demands, if I don't see an easing up on this foreclosure and subsequent bankruptcy...........I am going to start naming names. I am going to post federal agents names all over the fucking internet and I am going to tell them everything you HAVEN'T done to protect me as a U.S. citizen. As a matter of fact.............I am going to post on every website I can about how all of you set me up, how you have ruined me personally, professionally and financially. I AM DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT THIS.

1. I want you to contact the Coldwell Banker mortgage foreclosure department in Mt. Laurel, N.J. They have been calling me on a daily basis.
2. I want you to contact the law firm of Barrett, Burke, Wilson.......the law firm who is representing Coldwell-Banker. They have been sending me registered mail, calling me on a daily basis.
3. I want the thugs called off..........by thugs, I mean the guys who are knocking on my door telling me I have 21 days to get out of MY house, who are telling me what is going to happen to me now that I am on some kind of foreclosure list in Austin.

I have been humiliated, harassed, abused and tortured for the last time. I have no qualms whatsoever about doing what I am going to do if you guys don't step up to the fucking plate and quit being the incompetent fucking losers you have shown me you are.

Here is something else for all of you to chew on............Kate targeted me and Mar from Day1. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out all the other Managers who came from the various states to "help" set up the store.........Portland, MA, Washington D.C...........yep, her hubby is a fed, GA, OH, AZ. The whole damn bunch of them are dropping like flies right now and it isn't because I have told them anything. I told Kate I was involved in a federal investigation..............the word got out after that. It got out to the sales associates on the floor, to the "Ambers" drag-in-your-sorry-ass-like-a-drunk-alleycat-in-heat. Now the DM. The only person who had NO knowledge was Mar. I gave her a copy of my report last week..........just so she could protect herself because they are now trying to set her up and I ain't gonna let it happen..........she has been the ONE decent person, friend.

Why don't you retire Kate?? Take your dildo collection and your fag boyfriend and move on...........cut your losses.

I actually liked the DM, she was one of the few classy ladies I met in the whole bunch. She was set up by Kate. I watched it.

My only comments to Mar along the way were this..........I cannot believe A is letting this happen. Of course Mar didn't know what I was talking about so I would go along with the other stuff but I saw weeks ago that Kate had more "influence" than I orginally thought. It was also when I got her license plate number and went to the library to do a more thorough investigation of her.

She ain't nothing but a two-bit con artist. I can spot them a mile away. She was one of the "hardest" people I have been in the presence of. She is a liar.

I hate it for the DM, but she is probably better off not having to deal with that kind of crap. Maybe I will look her up one day if I am in her neck of the woods.

I met a Russian man at the store yesterday. He was really nice.

He didn't speak very good English but I could understand him. Then I met another guy who is going to Russia last week, he was really hot.......I would probably have sex with him if he axed but I think that was his wife with him.

Most people tuck their sunglasses in front of their shirt but his were in back of his shirt. wierd.

I saw Jim Gamma sitting outside of starbucks in his wheelchair one day. I sat over at the food court and watched him as he played on his compooter. He is short, wears glasses and was dressed in casual bidness attire.

Hey Gagh..........how you can even show your face on this board anymore is beyond me, you of all people have ZERO reason to point the finger at anyone. Has DarthSikle ever told you how I found out about you getting the TAX-FREE Medicare reward more than 18 months ago?? I thought he got it and I started ripping his head off for letting me go through all this without the decency to offer and pay my considerable legal expenses. It would have been a TINY fraction of what you received.


Now my house is being put up for auction and if you think I am going to let you, Jack Burden, Mike Davis and Dawn Brown get away with all of this ..........think again.

Its probably the reason Ft. Hood was anxious about tracking everything I was doing. No matter what the reason...........it put them in the trick bag. I am a private citizen...........they had absolutely NO reason to send a tech out to set up my cable, bug my wall, hack my puter.

This is highly unorthodox and highly illegal behaviour on the part of all of you.

I'm sure you will have a very good reason for doing it.............it was for our "National Security"..................*rolls my fucking eyes*

For the Love of God...................this is going to be so good. I cannot wait to hear all of the explanations.

One thing is for sure, I'm going to send those lawyers at Coldwell Banker a copy of my report and tell them they can shove their damn lawsuit up their asses. Back at cha.


New Member
My eyes are big.

Here is the worst thing...........as if the Army doesnt' have enough bad press already, they are going to have some damage control on their hands now. I have the parking pass I got when I made the trip to Ft. Hood to talk to them about this, I sent another copy to the Judge Advocate and I have been met with total silence from the dirty bastards. I would think they would have the common decency to send a representative to talk to me but they didn't. Instead they hired some crackhead, hoe, unfit mother who worked for Coldwell-Banker to "handle" me...................as if she ever had a chance in HELL. I'm going for Coldwell Banker and Dawn first............the rest will come out on its own.

Sin...........my Native American friend..........get out. You know how dirty they are, you dealt with it when you were married to the dirty paratrooper. I like you..........another one of the decent ones.

Kate............I trolled the crap out of you and you didn't have a clue.

kudos to the Ret.Lt.General and his highly dysfunctional family all drugged out of their minds, lazy, fat, stupid.

You will regret ever fucking with me you dirty bastard. Same goes to you CIA.

Yaw nigga's gonna make me.........Unleash the Dragon

Gagh said:
What does he do for a living?
If you have ever been around the militaryor the feds.............you know they have a different mindset, they are different breed of bird. I can spot them a mile away.........I also know how they work, they try to use psychological warfare but what is really odd about all of it is they have been brainwashed more than they would ever be capable of doing to the private sector.

People like me play with them. RUN THAT GAME!!! Just make sure you are good enough you don't get it run back on you. So far..............I have run it back on just about all of you.

Tell me I am wrong. :) It hasn't been that hard. You have to be able to spot it first.......then it is easy. A lot of people aren't able to spot it right away.

The light haired woman is evil. I am a lethal blonde.

I don't have to be evil to be lethal. NOPE.

What do these boys have in common??? If you don't know the whole story.........I do.

HC Trouble and HAVOK.............they are NO friends of mine. They tried to fuck me over big time. Now they are trying to keep me under their thumb in retail...........another way to starve me. I was offered a way out of it but I threw it out on this board to see if they would squash it.
They did.

Fuck them..............I'm history. My last day will be when I don't show up. Leave it to a Jew and Mexican.

An unlikely pairing.........but when it comes to GREED........I guess nothing is unlikely.

My sister warned me to get out of there.

HC Trouble drives the Hummer.................oh WAIT! maybe it is HAVENOT...........never mind.

Mexican and Jewish names are so similar I get them mixed up.

Or is it Native American and Mexican names are similar??? I can't remember. The stress of it all has affected my memory.


My memory has actually improved with age. I attribute it to survival and the carbon monoxide poisoning. Isn't of killing me and causing Neurological Damage..............it gave me an enhanced Neurological Powers.

The only thing I have now is Chest Pain, I'm hoping that goes away.


New Member
FBI parte due said:
Wonder how long she'll keep on going for the last reply?

And herein lies the problem you people have always had with me. I am a troll........I see what you people throw out, I just play with you, I act like I don't SEE it and I keep trolling you with your own stuff. I would think some of you have been around me long enough to know my trolling techniques by now..............some of you have, its the reason very few people dare come down here to engage me anymore.

The only person who ever appreciated and understood my trolling techniques was DarthSikle.

Oh yeah..........I made sure I got the names of six people at the church, I got it from their nametags........Robert Layman was probably using an alias, the other two at the WELCOME luncheon?? who knows?? that includes the guy I thought was a fag at first, he is a dog lover so I can't dis' him.

He was in the prayer group too.

That is why I don't see much good coming out of this whole thing for the church, people go their as a place of refuge...........not a place to be fucked with by members.

I gave them so many opportunities to come clean and they insisted on the deception, it matters not if their intentions were good..........they are going to be seen as bad in the end. They will collapse under their deception or at the very least I foresee and considerable decline in membership.

This is the reason people turn away from the church. I have not turned away from my faith in God, it has made me reconsider the true intentions of the church.

You guys want to know how I do all of this?? I have an Indian Boy who guides me..........he has been with me for decades, a free-spirit, good spirit who has always watched over. After he guides me to you................

I git one of Red Whackers genetically-altered snipers to pick you off.

Yeah!! Take that!!

Go ahead and let the new store manager cut my hours..........I axed someone what she looked like and two of them said she was a half-breed which is about par for the course. She said she needed to hire more managers...........wtf?? as if...........all you have are managers now. Doesn't it make sense to hire people so they can all pretend to manage someone??

She is Kate's mini-me. She also told Cash she has already "heard about me".


I wonder if she has a gay boyfriend to..........I guess you would call guys like that.........Bi-sexual??? Perhaps they are on the DownLow!! Anyway, I bet she doesn't have an extensive dildo collection from Hong Kong just so she can screw her boyfriend in the butt! She prolly has to go to the local porn shop to get hers.

These gals are a little to .............kinky?? I'm not sure that is the word...........anyway, they are too weird for even me.

HEY!!! what do you people think of "straight" men who like real big dildo's stuck up their butt??? I hear some of them "take it" quite easily too............with NO lube.

I don't know?? I think if a guy would like for me to stick a big dildo in his butt..............I would probably have to go.

Gagh said:
Why don't you move out to the country like your brother? Unclutter your mind with all this political bullshit from your work?
Who the fuck are you to make any recommendations to me?? You are the person who set me up, you are the person who got the Medicare reward and helped cover everything up, you are the person who set me up here in Austin, you are the person who HIRED Dawn Brown to run a game on me, now this guy in TN has been busted out by the IRS. Do you honestly think I am going to walk back into another vipers nest you have set up? There is a reason I moved away.................



All that dumb arrogant spic did was piss me off so now I am going to take you down.

Now I am going to smack all of you down to ZERO which is all you are.

You need to provide them a Sharp container for all their needles. It is a health hazard and major federal violation of the law.


Fucking druggie assholes...........no wonder you people can't answer a straight question. It NEVER pays to lie to me............I am like a human lie detector test............it only took 30 minutes to bust her lame ass out. I didn't want to hear anymore and trust me..................I could troll the shit out of this lame chick.

The body count rises.


One thing is for sure, I am staying..........the rest of you may end up leaving, but I will be here.

ORLY?? One thing is for sure, you need to GIT an edukashun.

I would stick around to edukate her.............but I can do it in another venue, I saw that coming when she and Kate were conspiring and she made the stupid comments she made.

I have always loved playing with those TopDawg, alpha bitches..........it brings out the Machiavellian in me cause there ain't no sense in it.

Yeahh..................YEEEEEE HAW!!!

Jillian steps up to the plate...................she ain't never played with a batshit crazy bitch like me. Count on it. She is an amateur. All talk and attitude with little to back it up.

Let the GAMES begin..............

<insert evil grin>

They never know I am trolling them either..............axe Dawn, Jack, Jon, Ron, Mike, Kate............the list goes on. And I warned all them I was going to troll them...........kept telling them. I ain't gonna warn her.


I miss that girl, everytime I pop pizza bites in the microwave I think about her.

I'm gonna give Alpha Dawg a JillianBacardi ass-whoopin'.............it will be better than any college education she could ever hope to get.


this will be good................

I thrive on this kind of shit.

Hell............I can tell you about all kinds of suspicious behaviour in the HOOD!!! Take my neighbor two doors down............his satellite dish is sitting in the middle of his back yard pointed at my house!! Then there was Bling........I liked him. Then there were the girls looking at Blings house that had the FULL inspection, then there is the USDA, the Mexican chick across the street that is a real cow, fat doesn't describe her and what a fashion nightmare...........MOO........I can go on and on and on................

I like the guys across the street, they are cool. I like the people behind me, they are my favorites. I think he is from Little Rock and she is from NYC or somewhere.


New Member
Captain Wacky is breaking up and I like CheekyMonkey. Don't get me started on naming all the aliases here like some idiot did a few years ago.............I saw what you posted VKD!!!! <I love you anyway, always have, always will>..................

so while you are saying all these things about Sarek, eloisel, missmanners, Gagh, Fuddlemiff, Cassie, CaptainWacky, MentalCase...........we could add another element to da game..........

For example: who do they work for?? which one is a high-ranking military guy?? CIA?? Secret Service?? IRS??? USDA?? the FBI probably doesn't post here cause he just does drive-by's.........unless he is Os@m@???? he might be a famous FBI guy??

I always knew CIA was here cause when all this shit went down and I threw out the Medicare fraud as bait and Gagh took it like the idiot he is I started feeding all the info to Sardy who started throwing stuff out on the board so I really am not too mad at him because no matter what he did some of you are ten times worse than he could ever think about being. That would include you Gagh. Pot calls kettle black.

Don't get me started on Imperium and the Mexicans. Damn..........they live up to everything you read about them.

Don't forget the 8/5/05 hackers hack that got the DA thrown out of office in Cumberland County and his office is still under investigation which would include my file, then there are the private citizens I trolled into hacking it in the first place when I threw out bait to get him to hack it and then he was like.............WTF???? cause he didn't believe me and his Uncle was like............Damn JillianBacardi!! you better stay off those boards cause there are some dirty thugs on it and I was like........ARE YOU CALLING THE CIA A BUNCH OF DIRTY THUGS??????

That is my question?

I'm just a Troll. A lonely, sad troll who has been ruined because I was trying to have fun with the feds.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? I think they should warn the general internet public or the very least ban them before they do all that crazy shit they did to me cause I kept trolling them.

Its just a fucking message board!! Whats the big deal??? You guys take this shit way to seriously and then start hating on people when they troll you back.

What up with that?

Then the FBI banned me from their website.

Bastards. I think it was because I kept spamming them sending them the same report over and over but I would keep adding stuff and telling them.................HERE!! HERE IS SOME NEW ILLEGAL STUFF I FOUND!! HOW MUCH MORE WORK DO I HAVE TO DO BEFORE YOU GUYS HELP ME?????

Then they banned me.

Can you imagine the troll I am going to pull on the dumb Mexican chick at work?? Of course whoever told her about the scarves is going to warn her so she will be on high alert but it won't do any good.

I am going to make her fire me. Yep.........I will be very subtle in the way I set her up too. I'm good like that. I know how to bait people............ain't that right Gagh???? dont' tell her. mkay?

I got management bidness experience under my belt but I didn't want to brag about it the way she was.............Nope, I want her to think I am some flunky retail salesperson.

I used to run with the BIG dogs.............bigger than she can imagine.

Smarter too...............some of highest levels of education you can git. I used to troll them all the time. They loved it............would come back beggin for more.

Are you guys for real?

*holds mic out to Tig*


Shouldn't you leave domestic disputes for the courts??

How about the international stuff? shouldn't you leave that for the FBI??

perhaps Conway Twitty??

oh wait....................he is dead.

Are you in Homeland Security now?? cause I know I feel a LOT safer.

Why did it take so long to bury Techman? missmanners said he died last week but they didn't bury him until Wed, usually when someone dies they bury the person within 2-3 days under ordinary circumstances. Why did they wait so long to lay him to rest. Was he oversea's and they had to bring him back home.

Here is a picture I have of him:

Oh yeah.............the only thing I remember about him is he came after me down in DayCare with a baseball bat and grabbed it away from him and started swinging it wilding while I was on a rant and he ran away screaming.............YOU CRAZY BATSHIT CRAZY WOMAN!!!!!

He never did come back down here.

Here is his baseball bat missmanners......................*hands mm Techman's baseball bat*............I would keep it but it would bring better memories for you.

According to my 8/5/05 "hacking"...........missmanners and techman posted under the same IP range.

I wasn't the person who did the actual hacking so you can't charge me with a crime............I can't help it if stupid private citizens and the D.A.s office fell for my set-up, everyone was playing so dirty at the time I had no choice.

missmanners.............I don't want no stinkin' cookies

I want blueberry pie. Did anyone bring you a blueberry pie when they were bringing all the food over to your house??? like people do when someone dies?? they would be bringing you food, mowing your lawn and cleaning your house.

*looks suspiciously at all of you*

ok............everyone take a newspaper in Indiana, scan all the obituaries for the last week.

Maybe it was Jack and Techman who had the same IP?? no.........I think it was mm and Techman. I always suspected mm is really a man!!! no stinkin' woman is cool, calm and collected like missmanners..........no fucking way. I know how women act, I know how to troll them............missmanners NEVER fell for any of my trolls.

It is the reason the chick at work backed off............someone told her I was getting ready to troll her and it was like night and day. Trust me on this one folks.............I knew military people and the feds were involved from the GIT go of this whole sordid mess just because my ex-husband pulled the dirty stunt he did and his father is a retired three-star general in the army and his brother is in the CIA. Once Tim put me on the defence and I started busting him out for his misdeeds he and to recruit the Army and CIA to try to stop me.

Fuck those NO TALENT bums.

When that didn't work..............they had to call in the FBI, Secret Service, USDA, DEA, NASA, ATF, NSA, Navy, National Guard, Marines, Air Force, Medicare, Congressmen/Senators, ColdwellBanker, corporations, Jack Abramoff and his thug cronies.
Then they hired a hit man to kill me and when that didn't work they tried to starve me out. When that didn't work they knew the last resort was to make me homeless and penniless and destitute.

I still have my compooter. That is what makes me the most dangerous.

Trust me on this one folks............the body count is growing on a daily basis and it is all YOUR fault. I was hoping this situation would resolve itself before it came to this......................THIS being I am going to be out on the street with two dogs and nowhere to go.........no money...........NOTHING. You bastards just don't get it..........I have known a LOT of stuff for a long time, all I have been doing since I have been in Texas is running the game right back at cha and the body count has grown to 50x's what it was when I left TN. I have so much ammunition right now, so many bodies I am going to be able to call in that it is going to end up catastrophic.

You don't believe me?? WATCH. I have two weeks.

My dogs are on high alert too..........they are watching me pack and this time they know what it means. They are getting very stressed out and insecure which makes me even more stressed out.......that is when I started having chest pain.

and major depression.

The only person who has even remotely demonstrated "good faith" towards me in real life is the person who has employed me. It is the reason I could never be mad at them............but I do have him (her?) by the balls if they try to fuck with me anymore. Other than that.........they are safe whoever "they" are because I have no idea.........

I love DarthSikle so I could never be mad at him in a million years.

Even though DS has never "told" me anything, I have always felt he is working behind the scenes on my behalf. I don't know why I have felt it, but I have.

Of all the "networks" I have ever observed, retail has one of the oddest. The guy who has shown himself in our store twice............yesterday. hmmmm.......interesting.

Anyone find the obituary yet?

Why don't you guys leave the real work for the FBI.



Compooters..................IT...................snooping around where you shouldn't be.

Please learn to distinguish the REAL terrorists from ordinary citizens.

It would be helpful for everyone involved.

Use someone else because all you have been Pawned.....................

Operation AmyScotch

I do whatever it takes when dealing with a bunch of dirty thugs in HIGH military positions.


CIA Cornholed Idiot Assholes

Whose your Daddy????

How much money does he have "tucked" away in Puerto Rican accounts???


Accounts in Sweden are a little harder to track...........aren't they?? Spent much time in their country??

I think...........................YES.

You ready for another Jerry Springer 4th of July??? This will be the best one yet only I won't be there for the FALL-OUT.

They steal each others axes???

The Wind of Freedom Blows....................

Joe Hennessey for President.

Be the fucking change you wish to see in the world....................okay?

For the love of God...........how many people are involved in all of this??? Let's see..........we have the federal guberment, military, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Army, Navy, Chair Force, Marines, National Guard, Malls, Chefs, IT people, Jack Abramoff, Medicare, Silicon Valley, CIA, FBI, USDA, Secret Service, DEA, ATF, NASA, Congressmen, Senators, Universities, Engineers, Property Management, Security Guards, Car Dealerships, GoDaddy!, Mexicans, Asians, Blacks, Whites, Chinese, Muslims, Jews...............JFK assassination, Jimmy Hoffa disappearance. WTF??

Damn.............the list NEVER ends.

Then you have ME...........JillianBacardi..............a Not-So-Well-Behaved Woman. Who do you think is going to win?? whatever it is we are trying to win or lose?

Then there are all those damn IP numbers I found that NOBODY is giving me a straight answer about.

Is this what you guys call a conspiracy???

cause I'm not so sure that is what I would call it.

Operation FeFe_Roissy

carry on.....................with the conspiracy..............or whatever it is that seems to be endlessly dragging on for what seems like an enternity for me.

I'm running out of room for all the bodies.

Operation ConniLingus

eloisel sent her friend in from the Citadel to visit tonight. His wife didn't even buy anything.

I want someone from West Pointe.

Israeli.................you saw us looking at you. I made them do it............the girl on the left wants to have sex with you.

just a little fyi..........................I talked her into it. If you see her "hanging out" or running by in her short/short/short shorts............try to engage her in coversation. Then axe her out...............maybe you will score.

You can thank me later.

She didn't know you are from Israel...............I told her she should try it!! I dated an Israeli for a long time...........you know why??? cause he was GREAT in bed!!!

Yes Sir Buddy!!

He could put down the love...................

Guess what my last name used to be? look around, MentalCase posted it a few times............................

http://www.xacta.com/Company/News and Events/Press Releases/default.cfm?contentID=101

This ain't NOTHING babycakes.......................I had 14 years to learn through osmosis!


New Member
Just like I learned Engineering stuff from the geeks at the university I used to go to.

My resume....................I played it down, dumbed it down since I was having such a hard time finding employment in Austin. I really should refine it to let prospective employers know what I am really capable of doing.

I didn't GIT the $5,000 extra on my paycheck.

If someone doesn't help me out with the Coldwell-Banker problem..................we are all going to experience more than a shake-down in a couple of weeks.

Count on It.

Operation JillianBacardi

Well-behaved Women Rarely make History.

neither do stupid women.

yeah.............I don't got nobody to troll with.

eloisel............I was just reading about Mexican gangs and stuff on another board and someone said something about them having teardrop tattoo's..........I saw this guy at the walk-in hair place I go.........he looked like a real thug, he knows one of the hairdressers there and he had a whole bunch of tattoo's, a grill and I remember seeing a teardrop tattoo!!!

I'm serious. The guy on this board said drug gangsta's have them!

eloisel said:
Oh. Ok. I'll come down here on occasion.

Are you all packed up?

I had to go to a funeral this weekend and still have to unpack from that. Ewww ... nothing worse than unpacking worn funeral going clothes. It is like I brought some of the dead home with me.

I am almost packed, I am getting rid of the rest of my stuff cause I can't fit it all in the storage unit I rented. I am giving a lot of it to a girl I work with cause she has three boys and can use some of this stuff plus she is letting me use her truck next week.

I hate funerals...........I try not to go to them after burying both of my parents.

eloisel said:
Are you all packed up?

All I have done the past year is pack/unpack............I keep blowing my knee out from lifting all the boxes and everything plus it doesn't help I am on my feet all day on a concrete floor. One thing nobody can ever say about me is I am NOT lazy. Fuck this moving shit............I am giving it all away so I don't have to go through this again.

Just to show you how my luck is running...........I finally get a decent job offer with livable pay in this city. I thought about going on the interview but it is too late since I don't have a place to live and wouldn't be able to find a rental for what I don't pay now.

I running by the seat of my pants this time..............I will make it though. Wherever I land next. It sure as hell won't be anywhere in Texas cause it is like a third world country down here...........I don't think the people here have noticed cause they are pretty lame. I don't get out much and I see it all around me............especially the Mexican gangs. Blacks too..............maybe its just my neighborhood cause when I told a couple of people where I grocery shop they laughed and told me it is the ghetto HEB.......everyone knows that!!! Well fuck me...........it right down the road from my house.

eloisel said:
I had to go to a funeral this weekend and still have to unpack from that.
You won't have to come to mine.............I have a living will and I have specified I want to be cremated.

eloisel said:
Ewww ... nothing worse than unpacking worn funeral going clothes.
What could be worse would be you as the FOCAL point of a funeral.

I have come up with a solution to my "packing and moving" problem. I am boxing up what I will be taking to storage......ie; the few things I will keep like pictures, records, clothes.

Then I am going down to the local Thug hangout down the street and will hand out flyers telling them I am having an Open House. Bring your trucks, everything they see in my house is fair game. Take it. Perhaps that will pacify the "teardrop" group. They will see me as a charitable person rather than someone they need to follow.


Rov_is_a_Fag said:

Lookie eloisel..........The Secretary of the Army is from Texas!!! what a coincidence!! My ex-father-in-law probably knows him.

eloisel said:
Texas is an awesome state. The people here are cool too. Arizona is awesome too. Fact, most states and most places are. Just have to find where you fit in, or what suits you. Me - if the people eat chili, ice cream, fried chicken and Tex Mex; if there are movie theaters, playhouses, libraries and museums; if there are lakes, parks, some hills and blue skies more often than those filled with storms - then I can deal.

Maybe you'd like Alaska.
Yeah........you obviously have never lived in Texas. Maybe you aren't as aware of your surroundings as I am...........especially in light of the fact I was brought her by a greedy realtor who used fraud and misrepresentation when helping with my "relocation" efforts. I never considered Austin until she talked me into it............I felt it would be too costly to live here and BOY WAS I RIGHT!! I have lost everything I have when I decided to ............Move on, cut my losses.

Don't get me started on the Hummer Stalker and the TearDrop gang. That guy followed me into the hair place. His girlfriend had a teardrop too..........what was really weird is he had like this nylon stocking thing on his head.......like a hat. It reminded me of something a bank robber would wear and pull over his face. *shudders*

Most of the people I have encountered here are a pretty rough crew. I think a lot of them are on drugs.

I like Arizona, I don't think I would like living in Alaska. Hey!! Lookie eloisel.........I bet my ex-father-in-law knows all these guys. He used to talk about all the different Generals and stuff and all the cloak and dagger compooter stuff. I sent him an email one time under my JillianBacardi email address, then I called and axed him if he got it and he said he deleted it because he didn't recognize the address and thought it was from a porn star. I sent him another one after that under my ConniLingusYahoo account and axed him if he got it.


He really thought I was crazy when I sent him a email from my FeFeRoissy hotmail account.

I told him I had learned how to use email and was creating accounts all over the place.

I had to resend the link from my regular email to Howard Stern's site where he was throwing bologna on the strippers asses. He liked that one.

The midget one too.

Maybe I will move to Georgia. Augusta might be a FUN place.

eloisel said:
My aunt was cremated too, but, unlike my sister, her urn was buried in the ground near where her mother and father and her mother's twin sister are buried. You can buy a house for $20k.
Wow.........you have lost a sister?? How terrible. Houses for 20K?? Damn.........I could have paid cash for a house there and lived off the rest of my money for a year or so.

eloisel said:
Those were the days - sitting on the front porch swing and walking downtown to buy an ice cream cone. Oh well .... someday we'll be a bunch of ghosties sitting on a long gone swing on a long gone porch of a long gone house in a worn down neighborhood and the ghosthunters will come and look for us with their infrared gear and evps and we'll sit up there eating ethereal ice cream and paying them no mind at all.
those were the days...........the simplicity. I think we were all much happier when things were so much more simple. Now everything is complicated, it shouldn't be that way.

I am going to be ghost who haunts people and plays tricks on them. A Troll Ghost of sorts!!

I have decided every time I pack another box...........I am going to come over here and bitch, expose and rag on you people.

This kind of stuff would kill all you lazy bitches dead. You would never survive what I have been through the last 3 years............just the moving part alone would kill most of you because you couldn't take the physical movement. You sit on your dead asses and post on message boards all day long. Most of you would have fallen over dead by now and you are probably half my age.

That would include eloisel who has lived all over the world but you can bet your ass she didn't do it herself............she had people do it for her. Trust me on this one.

speck said:
moving implies leaving.
Yep...........I have decided to move to Augusta, Georgia. I have big plans, take the war to them...............

I'm sure I can find a good sleazy personal injury lawyer in Georgia...........don't ya think speck?

If that bastard thinks I am afraid of him he has a big surprize in store for him.

Come down here and say it. Say my name, tell me you love me.

I called a bidness hoping to make an appt for a nice aromatherapy class or massage or something. I was hoping I could trade my janatorial services for their services. I didn't think about it until I hung up the phone but this is the song the answering machine had on it:

Lonely.........................I am so lonely..............I ain't got nobody..........I'm on my own.

Something like that~~~remember the song?? I can relate. I am lonely.

I am also pissed off.

Do you know how many fucking boxes I have packed in the last two days???? GUESS.

You are a good soldier, one of the few I have met in real life that I really like. You have a good heart, I saw that.............you also wanted to help me. I saw that. I would have come in but I am on such a tight deadline I don't have a minute to spare at this point since I am working and packing in my spare time.

From the bottom of my heart..............thank you.

I would love to get involved in more conspiracies and stuff but I have had enough. It is moot at this point.............I know what I know, my goal has been and still is to hold the people accountable who started this whole mess. Tim, his dad, Randy Chaffin............the sleazy lawyer who set me up. The statute hasn't run out to sue the pants off that lowlife bastard. He is the ONE person I hold to the highest level of accountability.

The District Attorney is the other sleazy bastard who is getting his bad karma right now. He is finished, his so-called dirty career is OVER. His reign of terror has ended.

I hope you can live with it Geoff.............move on now. I respect your determination and dedication to find justice for the woman you loved. May she rest in peace.

35 year old school teacher. Arson, only they drugged her then doused her with gas in addition to the rest of the house. She survived burns over 90% of her body for two days before dying.

That is who you made a deal with Ret.Lt.General.................the Devil.

Yeaa...........nobody was ever prosecuted in her case even though it was proven to be arson, pre-meditated murder, they have suspects, they know who was behind it. Why was the case dropped Bill?? because she was getting ready to blow the whistle on drug runners, the dirtbags in powerful positions?? wouldn't be prudent for that to happen.......would it???

Operation Tarnished Shield

RetLtGen..............I saw your car parked at the D.A.'s office 8/05.......then I ran into you at Sonic!!! the truth always has a funny way of coming out.

I wonder if the General realizes how far out of control this whole thing has spun?? Cause I know him well enough to know he would have put a stop to it before it got to this point???

I can't help but wonder.......................

Boy!! Isn't it going to be a real HOOT if he doesn't.

He is too far up the food chain to watch this kind of disastor without stepping in. He has too much to lose since it all started with his son who then pulled him into a domestic dispute who then pulled in the CIA.




Cause if you don't quit calling I am putting you on notice that it is harassment. I don't recognize the phone number from Arizona.

I don't answer my phone in case you haven't noticed.


too many bill collectors, foreclosure experts and lawyers on my ass for me to be doing that.

It wouldn't be prudent for me to answer the phone at this point.

more like 50 but they are smaller boxes than I used the first time so they don't hold as much. Plus I am weeding out..........AGAIN........have several boxes and bags I took to Goodwill. I am only keeping the bare minimum.....some clothes, my bed, two chairs, pictures, personal items. The rest goes........TV, tables, everything else.

To the writers on this board. This is the final chapter for you.

Thanks Gagh.

Geez............are they lame or what? I didn't last 4 hours over there before they considered me a spammer and revoked my posting privileges. They have obviously never been around Gagh or Tyrant.

I never knew HAVOK was such a pussy...........I mean, I heard he was a dirtbag, he has been shamed on other boards, but you would think he would have the balls to allow ONE harmless female post over there.

They don't even know what SPAM is.................even the FBI let me spam their site for months before banning me.

Colonel Kira's Left Tit said:
I hate moving. For a brief time, I worked as a mover, so I hate moving even more.
I hate it too.........what is even worse is making a big move like I did 9 months ago only to turn around a be forced into it again. It is much worse this time around but the people around here are freaking me out so bad I feel like I am in some kind of horror movie or something.
It has been this way since Day 1 of me moving here starting with the insane realtor who re-opened this whole nightmare with me. I think she is in with Drug Lords or something ..............especially some of the things she mentioned about Laredo and the Mexican guy she was married to. She lived down there for a long time and it is a known drug haven for terrorists. I wouldn't doubt the Hummer was somehow related to her because it showed up shortly after I told her to fuck off.

I will also bet you BIG money she was on drugs because I could see it in her eyes and it would explain why she spent so much time in bathrooms. It doesn't take that long to pee and wash your hands.

How everyone has watched me being destroyed and ruined..........none of you have had the courage to break the silence. You still play your games. I could NEVER watch what has happened to me happen to another human being and sit in silence the way you people have. Then you have the gall................including you missmanners..........to feel bad about someone actually dying?? You don't give a shit about anyone but yourself.
All of you have contributed to what has happened here, ALL of you have remained silent. This has effected my health, has effected me in a way I never dreamed possible, I have been tortured, ruin, it has taken years off my life. I could NEVER be any of you. I'm sure you would all go on your merry way knowing I was laying dead on the floor after all of this and not give it a second thought.

That is what I think about every person who has watched this. The damage has been done, it is irreparable......even with relationships of people I actually know because there could be NO explanation they could give me that would make it right. NONE.

That goes for all the people who shamed me about being a whistleblower. I didn't do it to help the feds, I did it for survival........because I knew what I was dealing with. I would never help them in any way ever again. They can count on that.


New Member
That includes the FBI. The IRS. Medicare.

Until they change the whistleblower laws to give people protection...........I don't think anyone should ever report illegal activity. EVER.

To any of you I have asked for help in the past..............I don't want it anymore, it is too late. I will do this on my own now, then I will disappear. Nobody will hear from me again once I am finished and I will be finished here soon.

That includes my former next door neighbor and her neice who lives here, the people at church, my family.
You are the worst of all.

Tyrant said:
One of the Wordforge people is trying to speak out. Rumor has it one of the admins was running a child pornography thing on their board. It's what all the drama upstairs is about.

You didn't know??
It has nothing to do with what is going on here in Austin right now. I have fucking gang drug members after me not to mention all the other stuff that has happened to me since Day 1 of moving here.

I dont care...............like I said, people around me have knowledge of EVERYTHING and have felt like they have to keep this a big SECRET for whatever reason. I have lived this hell, I have been used, tortured and ruined. This crap is not funny.

eloisel said:
That is an important thing as I get older and my eyesight is going. I know where I am even when I can't read the street signs. When I was on vacation and at my aunt's funeral I had to wear my glasses so I could see the street names. Yuk. Not that I'm vain or anything, but I don't like wearing glasses.
Yeah.............your eyesight is the first to go, it is why I had Lasik surgery although I sacrificed by near-sighted vision in order to see distance. I would do it all over again because I see better now than I ever have..................in more ways than one.

Downside is I have to wear reading glasses for small print, but even at that I can see fairly small print if I strain my eyes. Upside, I can buy cheap reading glasses for three bucks at Dollar General.

Weird..........that was a couple of days after I posted on this board about the cheap floozy realtor being a hoe.

I started a thread something like this.................I think I bin hanging with a Hoe.
Then I explained how she was "trolling" me running some kind of lame game. It was already too late at that point cause I had been running it back on her for like 4 weeks........something like that. I couldn't take it anymore, it is why I signed back on here to REPORT it. There was no doubt in my mind there was something CRAZY going on. It exacerbated to the point of the SWAT team manuveur on 10/1/06 when they tried to take me to remote parts of the lake to chop me up in pieces so they could feed me to the fish. It was the one and only panic attack I have ever had in my life. I decided to do my own investigation at that point and LOOKIE what I found!!!

IP numbers and plenty of them!!

then I started spamming the FBI with all my other findings until they finally banned me from their website but I snuck back in with another email address I created. YEP.............I can be resourceful when I put my mind to it.

Now I think the FBI was doing warrantless spying and eavesdropping on me but I can't prove it because 1,000-10,000 people don't know about their peeping Tom methods.

Forget trying to get records throught the FOIA..........they will ignore you. If they piss me off in the future, I am going to GIT them anyway. I pretty much like them out of all the agencies even though they haven't protected me from the Drug Lords who are hot on my heels now.

The TearDrop Gang.

Tyrant said:
One of the Wordforge people is trying to speak out. Rumor has it one of the admins was running a child pornography thing on their board. It's what all the drama upstairs is about.

You didn't know??
If you think pedophiles are over there, REPORT THEM. It is as simple as that, I can't believe you guys haven't done it already. That is some pretty vile stuff. That and human traffic falls under the jurisdiction of the ICE so you people need to start making phone calls, writing letters and sending emails.

btw..............this doesn't have anything to do with Techman does it?? cause I never found an obituary for Tom. The closest I came was Gary G. who was originally from Indianapolis but lived in Mesa, AZ. He was a maintanence guy. You have to keep your eyes out for those guys cause they can end up being peeping Toms.

I..............more than anyone.................know about Peeping Tom's, Stalkers and Perverts. They seem to be interested in what I do for some reason. I usually bust those idiots out for what they are......PERVERTS.

Speaking of...............my manager has a stalker!! I just found out. I know how to catch them so as soon as see gets over whatever it is she is having a meltdown over, I am going to help her with the stalker!!! YEP!! I know how to catch them now.

The only other name that caught my eye when I was scrolling through all the obituaries in Indiana for the last two weeks was a retired high-ranking military guy. He was like...........55, but so was the maintanence guy.

I may have been reading something into the retired military guy since there was one involved in my case.

mkay............you guys are skating on THIN ice now. I will play the game with you at work like I have for the last three months, I will watch you run a troll on the others who in turn try to run it on my and I .......in turn, run it back on them......but when Jennifer starts dissing on my girl Mar, the gloves will come off..............Read Labor Board thread. She and I have worked our fucking asses off for the last three months with NO help, dealing with a bunch of lame, dirty kids, doing almost all the work ourselves in addition to selling and we have done it so I don't want to hear one WORD out of this lame Mexican who is trying to run the saddest game of all.
I would expect a better troll out of you..............and you know who you are.............than Dawn Brown but this is bordering on the same lameness only now I am dealing with dumb Mexican chicks who think they are smart.

I overhead an interesting coversation today and part of it was after we received four more boxes of stock which ain't NOTHING out of the ordinary only we are getting better stuff to sell along with the dumps. So Jennifer gets on the horn to bitch about........."What am I going to do with all this stuff??? I don't have anywhere to put it."
Welcome to the REAL fucking world Mexican girl..............it is what we have been dealing with the last three months. My advice is this..............GIT your ass in gear, unpack the boxes, sort through it, move it to the front, SELL it.

It's as simple as that.

Lets see what YOU are made of now...............you say you are going to watch us and evaluate. I think you should be watched. You are being trolled and you don't even realize it. You are trying to run some lame game on me and you don't realize how I am running it back on you.

I overheard another interest conversation when she didn't know I was in the hall, I kept quiet and snuck out when I had heard enough.

If you want to run a sad story like yesterday and since you have been there, make it something other than a medical excuse. You obviously don't realize how long or how much I know about the healthcare field.


1. You do NOT admit a heart patient (80 year old grandmother) into ICU, then she is out of the hospital within 2-4 days. If you are in serious enough (hence, ICU) medical meltdown to land in ICU you can count on at least 2 days minimum. The alternerative is death, or a recovery that brings you to Step-Down, then to a regular room before being discharged.

2. Do not act like your grandmother is on her deathbed in ICU a second time, you have such an emergency that you leave the store with cash all over the place, cash drawers open, hundred dollar bills laying around, cash safe open ............then have a meltdown because you can't get someone in there fast enough and you threaten to LOCK THIS GODDAMN STORE DOWN and leave which you did anyway which freaked me out because I thought I was being set up.
3. Do NOT, I repeat..............Do NOT dis on Mar after she bails your lame ass out a third time.........this being her day off, she has three boys plus two other kids who are visiting, she has to jump in the shower, make arrangements for them, head to work within 30 minutes of your call.

4. Do not act as if nothing happened today after having a total meltdown yesterday that had nothing to do with your sad story.

5. Do not describe a medical condition and how your grandmother is acting, reacting, symptoms.............to someone like me who knows better and who is trolling you even more. What you described sounded more like a stroke than a heart attack.

6. Don't tell me your 80 year old grandmother doesn't have insurance when all senior citizens over the age of 65 have Medicare.

7. Do not tell me how you are calling in specialists from San Antonio to the hospital here when you don't even know if they are credentialed to practice in the hospital. There are certain criteria/credentialing through every hospital that has to be in place for physicians to just walk in and take over ANY patient care.


Her grandmother was in ICU two days the last time and miracously discharged in two days.

The process would be more like a week................minimum.

A lot of people at work, including the store manager, seem to know a lot about me. I haven't told them anything.

The manager even knew I would be leaving. I gave her notice today that I would be leaving and she said she knew?


See Labor Board thread. I would have left regardless...........I was hired full-time and my hours were being cut. It is a tactic used whenever someone is being pushed out the door.


She said her mother is a nurse. I axed if she is a LPN, RN or Nurse Practioner. She hesitated, look confused.

Sardy got busted out in a child porn ring. So did a few other people.

Did anyone get a run down on this license plate?

Chico Suave

^^That is a nic I made up after 3/16/07.