I am going to the Labor Board


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After that I am going to OSHA. I will be damned if a bunch of lying, pig Mexicans are going to fuck with me anymore. I have had enough.

All of you............you have ruined me already. What the fuck else do you want?

I have had enough of these bastards.........

Fraud / Misrepresentation
A person commits fraud when he or she knowingly makes a material misrepresentation with the intent of inducing another person to act or refrain from acting to his or her detriment. It is also necessary to show that the material misrepresentation was justifiably relied upon when the “victim” acted or failed to act.
“Negligent misrepresentation" occurs when, in the course of a transaction in which a person has a pecuniary interest, a person supplies another with false information to guide their business transaction. That person who so misrepresents can be liable for any pecuniary loss caused by the justifiable reliance upon that false information.

This is the fucking sleaziest company I have EVER been associated with and it keeps getting sleazier.

Tyrant said:
Here is something for you Tyrant.
Sand colored Hummer.........Don Hewlett dealership

TX 379 HNR

Take it and run with it cause this is the sleaziest yet.

He is the person who was stalking me.

I found out recently that this is also the person who manipulated circumstances with the job I had. I been tortured and dicked around even more in this job to the point it has become a hostile work environment.

I was fired once, now they have some hardnose spic bitch who lies through her teeth and is going to do the same thing Kate did.

I would guess this person is also instrumental in "squashing" my efforts to get out of there and get into a legitimate job.

She also said that she isn't going anywhere, but the rest of us are if we don't do what we are told. I also asked her what she meant when she said she had already heard about me.

I made sure I had a witness.

One of the managers they sent in has to shoot up several times a day because she says she is diabetic..........but she acts so out of it I am beginning to wonder about a lot of stuff. Especially since I take out the garbage and don't want to get stuck by a fucking used needle. They are supposed to dispose of them in sharpe containers.

This place is totally creeping me out to the point I think they are dangerous. That is why I tried to get out several times only to be squashed and it is really weird because the only way anyone would have known about two of them................

Tyrant said:
I'm telling you Tyrant.........I thought these women were like the Stepford Wives at one point but now I'm not so sure they aren't on drugs.......especially the Mexican women. You can see it in their eyes, they cannot answer a simple question, they keep trying to turn things around when you nail them, none of their stories add up.

For example..........this new hardcore bitch who is going to run the store.......everyone is out looking for a job right now so it is a good thing she is recruiting but every question I asked her she got very defensive, she lied, her story didn't add up. She said she had 15 years of management experience so I asked her what all she had done and when she started telling me the places she worked and how long............the math was off by three years. So I was like............WOW!! you don't look that old!! how old are you and she said 33. That means she has held management positions since age 18 yet she said she started working at HEB as a manager when she was 17 cause she moved out on her own. I find it hard to believe anyone would put a 17 year old kid who probably didn't even graduate from high school in a management position. This chick is rough........I saw it in her eyes. She also said she has a 45 minute drive to work yet when I asked her where she lives it isn't that far from me. I do know the area since I shop at the Target over there. It only takes me 10 minutes to get to work, from my house it takes 10 minutes MAX to get to the target which means her drive should only be 20.....30 minutes max and I know what the traffic is on 35.
I can see the handwriting on the wall............I have been fucked with enough by these people............the good thing about my age, experience and formal education is I am not so easily bullshitted and I am also in a protected group in the labor force.
I will put my resume up to hers any day and she will look like the fucking joke Kate and she are. I wouldn't be surprized to find out they are all into something illegal at this point.

And that ...........my friends............is what I will tell the Labor Board, OSHA and the lawyer I have an appt with.

They have fucked with me, stressed me out, bullied me and tried to ruin me for the last time. I am finished with the whole bunch. I am also certain the person who is behind all of this has been the person who has been squashing all of my efforts to find other employement where I could actually support myself and pay my bills and mortgage.

Hey..........what can I say?? I am an equal opportunity racist........I am a racist against blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Asians..............any race who is dirty. I have met a lot of nice Mexican's but the people in this store, with the exception of two of them are really fucked up. I think a Mexican guy is behind all of it and am beginning to wonder if he is the father of the ONE classy Mexican woman who works there. Her dad who is around 70ish married a 30 year old. He is a musician, yet he has a lot of money. I ask his name and it isn't like he is famous or anything. So my question..........and a lot of other people would probably wonder the same thing .........is this??? How did he get all of his fucking money.

I feel sorry for this lady in a way.........I knew part of her story except for the Russian mail-order bride part. That is really weird since I have had encounters with a few Russians in the store as of late. They have been very nice to me, wanted to talk to me. Hell...........i'm game for talking to anyone who wants to tell me the truth right now..............

SHOUT OUT TO THE RUSSIANS..................I will talk to you.

Shout out to the dirty Mexicans....................FUCK YOU. I ain't talking to you bastards anymore without a lawyer.

Chico Suave

Shout out to the Asians............. I will talk to you too.

Jews.............the same.
Israeli's.............I have my eye on you guys but hey...........you have your eye on me too. Not for long...........I'm history over there.



I left a few off the list for a reason. I had to "infiltrate"........do some cloak & dagger, covert, JaneBond kind of stuff.

I didn't get to use my skillz cause it was so bizarre I could only stand there looking at all of you in utter disbelief. I have to have more of a challenge in order to be stimulated.

You see................I have Fity years of experience.

I should have axed the hardcore Mexican chick if she had a formal education and when she would git real defensive and say.............I HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA.............

I would say.............formal education usually implies a college degree or higher. You know...............B.S., B.A., MBA, Ph.D., M.D.............something along that line. Git It??

Then I would say.............I gots a formal bidness degree and fity years under my belt.


egads.................blue eyeshadow is like.............two decades ago.

The Mexican grandfather musician who is married to the 30 year old...........she is in the healthcare field. It could explain part of the problems I have had getting back into the field whereby I would have been able to adequately support myself.

No wonder Lisa said she would never marry a Mexican.

They like to keep you "under their thumb" for some macho mexican reason. Do it to the chicks you have all strung out on anti-depressants and drugs cause I ain't your fucking spic maid.

Tyrant said:

Oh..........get this!! Remember me posting about the scarves here?? how a charitable organization called about purchasing all of the scarves we have boxed up wasting space?? The store manager mentioned them today and I was like.........hey!! a charitable organization called about them wanting to buy ALL of them. She just smiled and I was like..........one of the mission statements of this company is to aid charitable foundations and she was like........I don't know about that and I was like.........look at the literature, look on their website, it wouldn't hurt to call someone and axe since this is for a worthy cause and that is what the company is all about and she just smiled again as if to say..............Yeah right.

That is when I really creeped out.

Dawn Brown is/was married to a Mexican guy from Laredo. Coincidence??

She is also another chick who was on drugs..........everytime I was around her and she went to the bathroom, she would spend 10-15 minutes in a restroom whether it was public, at my house or her apt. I really thought that was unusual after a while especially the last day I was around her, we stopped at the little store to get a drink and use the bathroom.......she went in first, Jack was in/out of the boys room and I kept waiting and waiting and was like WTF???? I am about to pee my pants..........so I knocked on the door to axe if she was ok. Same thing happened at the restaurant after the meal and all the military covert SWAT team moves...........I was in/out, washed my hands, then went outside and paced up and down the sidewalk for ten minutes until she was finished doing whatever she used to do in the bathroom????????


then there were all those crazy, insane looks she would get. Pure EVIL. She must have been on some hardcore shit.

Where is the fucking DEA when you need them?? Bastards.

WHY DO YOU GUYS THINK I WAS ON TOP OF ALL THE FREIGHT THAT KEPT COMING INTO THE PLACE???? Just so I could be the first one to know when something new came in??? Hell............I had to go thru 15 boxes to come up with one new thing.

I thought i was going to run into illegal weapons or money laundering in some of the boxes.

I can't believe I haven't been protected by the feds in all of this..........it goes to show you there are a bunch of so-called law enforcement officials in bed with the criminals.

There is NO doubt in mind. It is another reason I am going to get a lawyer because this is pretty fucking serious and the public has a right to know just how dirty these feds are.

jack said:
So, how many people shot Kennedy?
Are you asking how many CIA agents shot Kennedy?? cause I think they were the agents hired by sleazy politicians.

I'm glad I sent my report to Edward Kennedy.........I was hoping the BDSM stuff would get his attention so I made sure I highlighted that part in my report.

Don't even get me started on the CIA...........there are two of them involved in my case, one being my ex-brother-in-law. They are about as sleazy as you get............not only that, the agency is imploding. Hell.......Tenet has written a book about how sleazy they are and all these ex-CIA agents are doing interviews about how sleazy the agency is.

jack said:
Marilyn was HOT all tied up, wasn't she?
I'm sure that is what they were thinking when they gave her a drug-overdose. Don't you know they were wanting to fuck her so bad but they couldn't leave behind evidence.

The guy from Starcapitalinc who has been the ONLY person to knock on my door, tell me my house is in foreclosure and how "he can help me out" by taking my house off my hands for $40,000 less than I paid for it..............his last name is Corzo. Isn't that a Mexican name?? cause it sounds Mexican. He is also the guy who kept calling me, telling me all kinds of people are going to start knocking on my door and aren't going to be so nice about this foreclosure................Nobody else has contacted me. The only other person I talked to is someone I contacted.

And the lawyers in the foreclosure department at Coldwell Banker.

I pretty much told them they can fucking come after me cause when they do I am filing a countersuit for fraud/negligent misrepresentation/personal injury. I think the below statement would be one of the many perfect examples of Dawn Brown, Coldwell Banker realtor.

Fraud / Misrepresentation
A person commits fraud when he or she knowingly makes a material misrepresentation with the intent of inducing another person to act or refrain from acting to his or her detriment. It is also necessary to show that the material misrepresentation was justifiably relied upon when the “victim” acted or failed to act.
“Negligent misrepresentation" occurs when, in the course of a transaction in which a person has a pecuniary interest, a person supplies another with false information to guide their business transaction. That person who so misrepresents can be liable for any pecuniary loss caused by the justifiable reliance upon that false information.
Personal Injury Law
When someone is physically or emotionally injured, or their personal property is damaged, it is considered in law to be a “Personal Injury”. The laws covering personal injury allow the injured party to receive compensation for damages caused by someone else’s carelessness, negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions. Personal injury law is also called “tort” law. States and the Federal government have enacted tort laws for the protection of your rights. Tort actions have three elements: there must be a legal duty between the defendant (the one doing the wrong) and the plaintiff (the person injured); there must be a breach of that duty; and, damage must occur because of that breach. When all three elements take place, a personal injury, or tort, has occurred.
The laws of our society places demands on all citizens not to harm others. This means that not only should people be safe from harm, but their possessions also. Whenever someone else harms you or something that belongs to you, they become liable to answer to the tort laws governing the situation. Liability can be caused by intentional acts, torts, or by negligence. An intentional act is one designed to cause harm or injury. The person committing the act wants to harm you. A negligent act occurs when someone fails to take appropriate action and you are harmed as a result of that failure. For instance, if an angry person throws a brick through your car window, that is an intentional tort (it may also be a criminal action). On the other hand, if a careless driver runs into your car, that is a negligence tort. In the first case, the defendant wanted to cause an injury; in the second case, the defendant did not want to injure you but failed to take the appropriate action to prevent injury. In both cases, the defendant had a duty not to injure you or your property, because our laws and society create that duty. The duty was breached by the intentional or negligent actions of the defendant, and damage to your person or property resulted.

I think what she did was far more serious than throwing a brick through my car window. She knocked over my garbage can full of glass and stuff in one of her drunken/unannounced stalkings whereby she came all the way across the city looking for me when I changed my phone number. She scolded me for not letting her know I changed it, I had cleared space in my garage so she wouldn't know I was home (intentional on my part), but when she knocked the garbage can over and all the neighbors started looking out the window it created a humiliating situation for me cause I didn't want my new neighbors to think I associated with heathen drunks and boy could this chick drink.

In addition to whatever else she was doing besides smoking pot.

Of course she insisted we go out partying at that point. I was always careful not to leave my drink unattended in her presence because I was on high-alert by that point. You could call it Code Red.

cause they are niggers.


They are vicious drug lords who are involved in a lot of criminal activity and their women are pretty stupid.

I think it would be a nice gesture on the part of someone on this board to make all the mortgage payments I am behind on. Either that or you can add $5,000 to my next paycheck. Consider this a shakedown.

Or consider the alternative.................read this thread.

ok...............bye, bye.

Nope.................just when you think things cannot get more bizarre than they already are..........they do.

On a brighter note, I think I like my new store manager. We got off to a rough first day because Cash is a fag who acts worse than the cattiest of women, he likes to keep things stirred up, he thinks he is a manager now and he has some kind of authority over people.

I just tell him to kiss my ass..................he isn't the boss of me. He said I was fired and I told to go suck a dick or something cause I don't listen to anything he has to say.

Yep.................I have a feeling Jenn is gonna try to put the smackdown on you guys when she finds out you tried to lay down a troll on her.
She is not as familiar with da Game as I am.

She might be tough, but she doesn't fully understand how we do this whole thing.


The meltdown this morning was pretty bizarre to say the least. I figgered it out after she left.

You guys are PRICELESS.

I'm gonna miss the security guys the most!! I love when they come in on foot patrol all sweaty and smelling manly and everything.

Yep..............I git behind them and start sniffing around. I might do the hoochy coo on Hector next. He is a GREAT sport!

By a drunk manager who still has to blow into a device in her car 10 years after her DUI's!!!!!


She had Lisa (Mexican) write up an "incident" involving another employee (Mexican) about something that happened when she wasn't even present on the premises!!!!!
The manager (Mexican) wanted me to sign off on without telling me who wrote it! I declined.

Then she told me I was argumentative and to clock out because I was being insubordinate when I axed for a copy of the Incident report!!!




DANCE my little Mexican puppets! DANCE!!

The more people...............the better.

The fat guy at Brooks Brothers is part of this.

^You mad about something Love Cunt??

Love Cunt said:
Fuck you! Worthless Pile of Shit!
Oh.........I see, you like the stupid, drunken Mexicans who couldn't run a game if their lives depended on it.

They aren't smart enough. Now look what has happened...........I have put a bunch more of them in my trick bag. I will be able to pull them out one by one and show everyone how they do such good puppet dances. I'm gitting pretty good at yanking the strings.


Poor Cash...........he started crying today. I felt sorry for him so I told him I loved him, hugged him and said everything is going to be OK.

oh a brighter note, I have text messages and voice mails whereby our drunken manager sold herself out for booze, sex, drugs and a grandmother who is dying in ICU.

I axked her what hospital her grandmother is in and she told me Austin Diagnostic.

If I am not mistaken..................Diagnostic Centers are usually reserved for diagnostic testing. They don't have an ICU............unless something really drastic has changed in the last 6 months diagnostic centers perform MRI's, Cat Scans, X-Rays............stuff like that. They don' have hospital beds and keep people overnight unless they are doing Sleep Studies.

The one I am having a meltdown to right now is the one about me getting set-up, conspired against, then fired from my job at WhiteHouse/BlackMarket today.

I was quite distraught about being left alone in the store on 6/14/07 with cash register's open, money bags with cash/checks on the counter, hundred dollar bills laying out, safe open, keys to the doors/safe left on the back counter and the manager running out of the store saying she had an emergency and someone was waiting to drive her to the diagnostic enter whereby her grandmother was in ICU and only had hours to live according to the doctors. I felt like I was being set up and didn't know if she had fled with some of the money and was trying to set me up for theft or something like that since they have been threatening from Day 1.

Are you watching this meltdown FatBoy?? Put the McDonald's cheesburger, fries and a large Milkshake down.

Quit SuperSizing.

I think I will start crying and NEVER stop!!

I kind of hate this for Lisa since she was one of the few I liked but if she is stupid enough to sit and write out something she was not a witness to and it can be proved she wasn't in the store at the time..............too bad for her. She will be called in and GRILLED .............it will be hard on her because she ain't that swift and is kind of drugged out which will another point brought out.

These gals on Effexor really need to git off that shit.

Then there is Maria....................married to the cop. He needs to put her in rehersal for what is getting ready to go down cause she is a nervous type who will meltdown in a hurry.


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^^I thought you were happy about my misfortune Tyrant??? either you are happy or you love me.

Make up your mind. Quit straddling the fence. Here is some advice............choose the winning side, the side who has not been dirty, who tells the truth, who is not greedy, who will not sell their souls to the devil. I find telling the truth is the best thing because then lawyers can't trip you up. It is as simple as that.

1-480-902-7008...............you are pests. Pulls out fly swatter.


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How long do you have to keep those "devices you blow into before you start your car" that the courts mandate to multiple DUIers?? 10 years seems like a long time??? I had never heard of them until she had to go git one installed on her car this week.

I have never had a DUI so I'm not up on it.

Not that I know of anyway...................*looks at you guys suspiciously*...........You haven't created another forged/false record on me have you???

Cause that would cause me to have a MAJOR meltdown.

TYRANT!!!! Is it legal to plant listening devices in the back room of a store where employees use the bathroom and take lunch breaks, use the telephone??

I'm not up on it.

Ramirez, Rodriguez, Garcia, Sanchez.................I don't know, they all sound alike to me.

It's hard to imagine the Jews would associate with people that dumb???? I don't GIT it??? Maybe they are losing it.

They have created a hostile work environment in additon to breaking several FEDERAL laws in additon to reverse discrimination.

If it is possible to be discriminated against by Mexicans?? I never figured them to be that smart.

They should stick to yard work and housecleaning.

Love Cunt said:
Fuck you! Worthless Pile of Shit!

FAT BOY...................lay off the fries.
You waddle when you walk. I know your name, I checked you out a long time ago.

Brooks Bro's

Did your friend Jennifer ever graduate from high school?? If not, it could explain why she has a substance abuse problem. She is weak, all she could do was rant, fumble, couldn't answer any legitimate questions. She deflects away from her incompetence by engaging in hostile behaviour starting with the first day when she said she wasn't going anywhere. We all might go...........but she wasn't going anywhere.

Yes you are Jennifer...................you are going to be brought up before the Labor Board along with your employer. YOU ARE THE BULLY.


Love Cunt said:
Fuck you! Worthless Pile of Shit!

I would also like to add I consider what Lisa wrote up.............a rambling diatribe that made NO sense and I was denied the right to have a copy of it...............to be defamation of character. Especially in light of the FACT she was not present in the store nor a witness to the said incident.

Take that Lisa................perhaps the reason your ex-husband left you for a mail-order bride is because he didn't want to be dumbed down any further. You need to smarten up..............I liked you at one time. Now it is war........Dirty is as Dirty does.

She will crack in a heartbeat. So will Marie cause she is easily flustered. So will Jennifer because she tells lie after lie.

She said she had been working her ass off the last three weeks in that store doing freight and the stock room. Her first day in the store was 6/5/05.

I don't think she is very good at math. She labor board thread.

When you factor in the 3-4 days lost due to her dying grandmother in ICU...........I would put it at more like ONE week.

You do the math.

Yes..............dying grandmother who was admitted to the ICU at Austin Diagnostic.

Did you guys git all that on your listening device??? Cause I know I did...... I axed her if I had permission to record our conversation. I prefer dictaphones like physicians use..............the good ones can pick up conversations from a distance such as where I had laid my purse and positioned it.


bye, bye.

FBI parte due said:
Jillian, you should gather your own band of co-conspirators. You have a convincing case, so you should be able to gather a nice coterie and fight them on their own terms.‮
I should!! Only I don't know who to trust because nobody will come forward to me and now it is too late since I don't have a place of employment for them to approach me.

Perhaps I will call Ms.Brazil next week. I liked her...........she was not a threat to me, quite the contrary.

Really...............I liked her. I think she sincerely wanted to help me, I have a pretty good feel .......call it instincts..........for people and I felt good karma from her.

I predicted on 6/6/07 that the new manager would fire me......it was her first or second day on the job. Since then I have two days off, she has had four days off or five if you include the drunken meltdown on Thursday when she left me in the store alone with all the cash, illegal weapons and money laundering detergent.

Do the math folks...............five days.

Damn..................I'm good!!

READ ALL MY POSTS BOYS............you aint that smart, I try to warn you guys and your stupidity NEVER ends.

Maria..............the fat Mexican woman who is married to a white cop 15 years her junior...............was suspect from Day 2.

The whole bunch of them were suspect with the exception of Mar. She has been the only decent one of the bunch. Cash has been a victim.........I feel sorry for him at this point but will do what I can to help him. I hate to see a grown man cry after this BullDyke chick gets pissed because we all found out what a fucking liar and loser she is.

I am going to give you some serious advertising now.

I am a troll....................it is as simple as that. When people try to troll me, I troll them harder.

I'm glad I borrowed one of the extra Sony Dictaphones my brother-in-law had in several places at his office!!! I wanted to journal my trip down to Texas to see how it worked but forgot about it. I use to take it with me to City Hall when I was fishing for my criminal records at the D.A. and Court Clerk's office........Town Hall meetings. It has clear voice enhance sound...........meaning you can set it at a fairly good distance and still hear what is being said one you playback.
I had some kind of "instinct" to bring it with me at work today and BOY o BOY did it pay off!!! When I walked into to the back to clock in and BullDyke was screaming at Cash, I saw he was almost in tears I had the good sense to pull it out of my purse (I was behind a clothes rack not that they would have noticed anyway) set it on the table behind a stack of jeans and turn it on. I wanted to hear what she was saying to him but was told it was none of my bidness so I left.

Then............when she came on the floor I ran back to turn it off and put it in my pocket. When she summons'd me to the back I hit the button to record what she was going to say to me.
It was why I axed her if it was ok if I recorded our converstion. She never did say no.

I took her non-answer as a Yes.

Of course, you guys have your own recording to review.

Another intersting thing about the Spic Lisa..............her brother is a computer programmer who lives in Nashville.

Its a small world.

He works for Dell.

The lawyer I bought this house from works for Dell.

My neighbor behind me was fired from Dell.

Chico Suave

They should close our borders, then round up every fucking Mexican in this country and deport them. They are nothing but trouble, a bunch of fucking liars, cheaters, thieves. They are a MAJOR drain on our society in every possible way.

They do more damage than they contribute.

The Mexicans that have ties to Americans through family or marriage...............fucking leave with them. To the cop who is married to one of them................move the fuck to Mexico and take the spic with you.

Employment Law is the fastest growing tort law in the United States. I just read a case whereby an employee was falsely accused of something they didn't do, there was contributory negligence on the part of another employee and in fact they found the other employee (Maria the dirty spic) was lying.

They awarded the plaintiff $84K in actual damages and 3 MILLION in punitive damages.

This case was part of a Defamation of Character (Lisa the dirty, dumb Spic), they didn't even have a written report. I was denied a copy of the report Lisa wrote (Dirty Spic) which an employer is required to provide the employee under Service Letters statutes.

I am now going to research laws concerning Retaliation, Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, Cutting Hours, Threats, False Reporting, Blacklisting, Working 7 consecutive days w/o a 24 hours break (this has happened to me twice).

Lisa, Jennifer.................you are "managers"...........brush up on employment laws.

Being a Dumb Mexican is no recourse under the umbrella of the law.

I have witnesses...............past and present. Why do you think so many people are cutting and running right now?? They don't want to be dragged into this. It is too late.

Did I mention Violation of Privacy??? Cause a lot of people seem to know a lot of stuff about me which is why I was put on even higher alert than I already was. When people say things that make me suspicious, I usually try to go along with it for a while so I can further bait them.

When Jennifer..............the store manager told other employee's........"She already knew about me"............then I confronted her and asked what she meant by it after posting on this board about the comment, she said............"It doesn't matter who told me about you, I know you weren't scanning Inventory sheets into the system after unpacking freight". I put them on the inventory desk because Lisa is the person who has been doing that.
I just do the manuel labor because Lisa is afraid she will get lint on her clothes. She also told me to put all those CRAPPY sweaters back in a box. Forget moving clothes to the floor.....................hangers are more important.

AAAAhhhh yes.................Hangers are a whole other issue. I have been called out about not neatly stacking hangers in the boxes, separating grip from non-grip.

It is one of the more important issues in the store.







You should hear this rant I recorded yesterday............FUCK!!! There was some hissing on the tape so I had to play it 3 times to hear the entire tirade but the manager of the WhiteHouse/BlackMarket store I used to work was threatening Cash, calling him out.....more like SCREAMING.........then blaming him for all the high DRAMA at the place because he told someone she had to go have a court-mandated breathing device installed in her car the other day. SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE TOLD HIM IF SHE DIDN'T WANT ANYONE TO FIND OUT. Pissed off doesn't describe her getting "busted out" for the DWI she had 10 years ago that she still has to have a device on her car before she can start it. I walked in on the tail end of the screamfest which is why I quickly grabbed the recorder and started it...............THEN, when I was standing there behind a clothes rack she said..........."If you don't believe my grandmother was dying in ICU and I had a family emergency then you can call and find out".

I asked what her grandmothers name is and she told us. Then I asked what hospital she is in and that is when she said Austin Diagnostic, then went on a rant to me that is was none of my bidness to which I replied............It freaked me out when you left me alone in the store with cash all over the place, the safe open and keys on the counter. She told me to GIT OUT she would talk to me later. I placed the recorder strategically where they wouldn't notice it cause it was such high drama.

I had to run back later to stop it cause I wanted to make sure I had enough tape left. Now I have her for trying to coerce me into signing a statement she would not let me read or have a copy of. She refused three times. I already knew who wrote it cause I saw Lisa writing it. It was a 2 and a half page diatribe defaming me, didn't make sense, LIES. I have been one of their top salespeople since the store opened and all of a sudden in one week the manager tells me I am getting all kinds of complaints from customers and that was the first I had heard. Keep in mind I have only worked with her 5-6 days.

Even if what Lisa said is true, why was I the only one written up since it involved another employee?? They didn't write her up nor was Cash written up after she threatened to terminate him. Why would Lisa state something she was not a witness to, she wasn't on the premises? It is why I am going to hold her personally liable............that much I have decided. She is just too dumb to realize it............I'm telling you, I worked with some of the dumbest Mexican women going. Not only that............they are dirty. They are entitled, they can't be bothered to do grunt work and if they do they bitch so loud you would think they broke a manicured fingernail.

Then to write 2 and a half pages. She obviously doesn't know it is better to keep anything in writing to a minimum. Especially when you are accusing someone of something. KISS................Keep it Simple Stupid.

I am going to go talk to my Brazilian friend this week, they are a lot more sophisticated and don't seem to be such liars and stuff. I think she will help me or at the very least she will just listen which is what she did over a week ago. I am going to tell her never to shop at that store again and she was a GREAT customer............she even sent some of her patients to me. I am going to tell her everything that has happened in the store.

Now he is the kind of guy I would like to meet if for anything because he is handsome!!!


He isn't one of those creepy BASTARD Jews who is greedy, mean and is the cause of all the horrible things that are happening.

I never have liked Alan Dershowitz............ I think he would sell out Israel in a heartbeat. I read a few of Norman's articles and I agree with him on a lot of stuff.............he should hold dirty Jews just as accountable as we hold dirty Mexicans, dirty Blacks, dirty Whites.

I hold the whole sleazy bunch of them accountable for all the vile things going on around the world. I don't care what race, religion they are Corrupt is Corrupt, it knows no skin color.

They should not have denied him tenure for Free Speech, if anything we should be alarmed by the way our Democracy is hanging by the threads.........I see it all around us from the Executive to the Judicial to the Legislative branches.

I am hating on the Mexicans and Jews right now because they have done some pretty vile, sleazy things to me.

This is actually a good idea for repeat offenders!! It doesn't keep them from still getting drunk, but it helps keep them from behind the wheel. As if gitting a DUI wouldn't be enough. Hell..........I thought you have to go to jail when you get a DUI?? I know people who have had to go to jail the first time they got one.

My sister's old roommate got one 15 years ago and had to go to jail because I remember it being a major ordeal and my sister, her sister and one of their friends took her to the jail for the weekend and she had packed her pillow, blanket, hairdryer, cards, clothes, a radio, games and they made them take all the stuff back home with them which caused P to have a crying binge cause she was in meltdown anyway. We all felt sorry for her. She doesn't drink and drive anymore but I think my sister does sometimes. She used to anyway.



Are you talking about the fat guy from Brooks Brothers??


New Member
I am the only sane person.........everyone else is crazy and they are trying to drive me crazy.

I'm serious.


I told you the Mexicans are linked to the Asians. I know............the teardrop gang followed me into the SuperCuts place one time. I see it over here in the Ghetto which is why it is just as well my house is being foreclosed on. They might do a drive-by or something cause I saw a Black Hummer with floodlights on the top after I got rid of the other Hummer. He never came back around after I reported here on this board.

Take deep breathes, think happy thoughts. *JillianBacardi inhales/exhales deeply*

ok............is anyone up for a little game?? or troll?? I would make me a little happier right now, would git my mind of this tragic life of mine and be a source of entertainment since I haven't had fun in God knows when.

Here goes..............I axe a question or make a statement and you guess who it is. k??

1. Name a former chairman of the board of Abraham & Straus. Hint: He has the same last name as Jack.

any guesses???



just guess.

Ok, here is another clue...........another guy with the same last name is an internet Tycoon.

ok, while you think about it and google and everything we will move on to the second question.

What is the name of the lady who sits on several boards, including an employer I had a brief stint with, has quite an impressive resume and credentials, is CEO/on Boards of hi-tech internet/website companies???

Clue: Her first name starts with a B.

ok......................third question:

Why did Dawn, the former Coldwell-Banker realtor, pull Jack's financial records, cream her pants when she found out how much he was worth and say.............."Jack is going to help me with a lucrative internet career after I get finished trolling you..."

You............meaning Me. JillianBacardi.

k.............are you guys following this?? Do you see how the game/troll works?? Cause this is an easy game.


Is MentalCase aka Mentalist really a guy from Greece or is "he" a girl?

Clue: No.

Why are so many Jews on the Board of Directors of Retail Clothing Stores but there ain't no stinkin' dumb Mexicans on them? Not even CEO, Prez......V.P.
Are they afraid they will come in to work drunk and have to blow into the cash register or safe before it opens??

OK................moving on.

Next question:

Who is David?? clue: he is Tommy's friend.

or employer............or maybe Tommy is David's employer.


Why would somebody's middle name be del?? Not like Dell compooters..........but "del"?? Is he a bazillionaire?? Does he like fat guys who supersize their McDonald's meals? do they like their women Mexican?? on drugs? fat? do they like women who drink early in the morning?? or who start drinking early in the evening and don't quit until late in the morning??

ok...................you guys have to play for this to be considered a game.

Tyrant is trying to be disruptive of my game.

miss manners...........will you kick him out of DayCare and lock him up on the rest of the board?? Please.

Why would church people be online helping the feds..........<cough> IRS with an online investigation?? Have they suddenly decided to become political?? Take a stand against corruption?? Or did something happen to THEM to make it this way??

Ok...............moving on:

Templars...............are they like Templates and if Simon says: You better not hack my template!! Do you obey him?


What do Apple, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lexmark, Microsoft and Symantec have in common?

hint: Asians doesn't count as an answer.

What is a Silicon Graphic? What does Ng mean?

Ok..............this isn't any fun if I am the only one playing.

*Jillian starts sobbing again*

I need to get my mind off feeling sorry for myself so if someone will come play with me it would make me feel a lot better. I am taking a break from packing.

If Creed, Tommy and Johnny are in a three-way........who is on bottom, in the middle and on top??

Does miss manners like Sudoku puzzles and what are they??

Is the Black Mafia Group on this board and did they try to kill me?

If the IP block of numbers 64.203.960 thru belong to the National Republican Committee, does that mean all the people who run the following websites are Republicans?? cause I wouldn't think they would want to be associated with Ainsley Harriet after he set it up to have some murdered. Same for Shatnar. Same for aquitas.........they sell Dorito's. SteakandCheese has porn.






www.mainparking.com 3 servers/Nassau, BH/created 10/06



IP# (Southlake, TX)

I mean...........I can understand trying to get the queer vote by hosting the queen.com site, but aren't they alienating the black voters with www.niggatolemy.com???

So they only give discounts to Republicans who register on hotels.com, travelocity.com and priceline.com and if so..........do you have to show your voter registration card?

Is Ft. Carson really in Colorado?? If so, is there an intelligence officer there with the last name Lewis??? or is he in AZ?? or TX?? or OK??

Oklahoma is OK.

Oklahoma City is even better.

I think I will go back to crying now. Maybe if I come back in a few hours you guys will have caught up.

REEEEEach back in your memories and try to think of what I might axe next.

I am like a THINK tank when I'm not crying, feeling sorry for myself, wondering if I will be sleeping in a van down by the river next week-end.

Is Jennifer in charge of ordering all the uniforms at Ft. Carson and if so does she give "orders" for them to actually wear them?? Cause Michelle Manchester obviously didn't get the memo.

I was JR Ewing in a previous life...........a female JR Ewing.

miss manners does suduko puzzles
my sister does word puzzles
I do troll puzzles

I know how to entertain myself too.


I think there could be some BAD soldiers on this board.

Running amok.................

Trying to be the boss of me!!! YOU GUYS AIN'T THE STINKIN' BOSS OF ME.

oH yeah.....................I've heard about you.

Who me??

What did I do?


Operation Ft.JillianBacardi

If I were you guys...................I would start drinking heavily.


I hear the Powers that Be have gotten wind of what has really bin going on.

The shenanigans................

the misconduct

illegal activity


sAVE it for the terrorists..............

the REAL ones..................

*Jillian runs off to look for the thread Mentalist started..............the one titled: I am going to kill Debbie

When did "He" start that thread??? Wasn't it right after I had a false criminal charge maliciously brought against me?? Then the other forged criminal BURGLARY record and previous ARREST was SQUASHED by someone???


Steve.................do you know who did that?? cause I think it could set a legal precedent for the books if I wanted to get really nasty about all of this.

*holds dictaphone out to Steve*

Is it ok if I record it?? your answer?? your rant? perhaps you should have one of your grunts write up some kind of report or something. Make it SKAN DOE LUS....................make it false, but don't make it two and a half pages cause people tend to ramble on at that point. They put themselves in the trick bag.

Let me Re-Phrase that.................YOU have a very big problem. A problem I have been stepping you through for the last three years. A problem that could have been easily solved a long time ago if competent, professional people had been used to negotiate this HOSTAGE situation called JillianBacardi aka AmyScotch aka FeFeRoissy aka LaFemmeNikita aka JaneBond aka Sasha aka ConniLingus aka BellaDonita.......wait, that was Gagh. I forgot, he did such a great impression I thought it was me posting.

Boys and Girls...............you don't pay attention. You are arrogant, you think you are superior, you have acted in a reckless manner.
You arrogance and cowardice are now going to be your undoing.

Hostility is easy to face when the alternative is shame.

The hostility I face here since day one has escalated to the point of CRIMINAL. There is nothing honorable about any of you. Well........maybe a couple of you.

I would rather fail by honor than succeed by FRAUD.

Soooo...................this is the way it is going to be Jack Burden?? You are going to let them pull you into it, you will be implicated. I thought you were a decent person, I actually liked you, had fun with you. It was Dawn I had the problem with..........her stupid, lame game. Then I realized you were probably behind all of it...........not that I am accusing you of anything since you didn't know about the forged/false criminal charges~~but you knew the game. You assholes scared the crap out of me when you pulled the last stunt. Have you ever thought about being decent?? honest??? just spitting it out, laying it on the line?? I would have been quite receptive if not for all the bullshit you two were trying to get away with. I knew you were up to something, I wasn't quite sure at the time.............but I figured it out shortly thereafter.

It didn't have to be this way.