I still don't get Twitter


Can I have Ops?
Sorry, but I have recently started to be a twit and post the odd thing, follow a few people I like etc. Bizarrely people have started to follow me and I started to get an inane sense of excitement. I can see how it suddenly becomes attractive.

But the problem remains for me - and it is vividly shown in the recent UK advertising campaign for iPad. This shows how GREAT IT IS to be on twitter with your ipad.


If you can't see it the tweets are shown as:
The Suns out and it's raining, how is that even possible?
A moronic statement, that gives me a dilemma - do I try and physically harm this person - or just point out to them the basics of weather formation?
The next one
Just ate the best sandwich - ever
Now, I know some posters here do post the odd inane thing, but they are generally self aware, funny and quite happy to laugh at it. This statement, however, is beyond inane - it is, frankly evil.
Can't wait to see my sister tomorrow
Ran 10km this morning
Another "good for you" but you could add "do you want a fuckin medal?" to this statement.

I find Twitter a perfect vehicle for inane dribble, and in a world of too much information, I am looking for ways to filter - not add to the general dross.


Can I have Ops?
@ Gagh - If you were on Twitter, I would add that to my measurements and show how successful the new campaign was. WIERD BUT TRUE!


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I'm CRYING MY EYES OUT cuz headvoid didn't reveal his twitter address.


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I had to explain FYI to a friend the other day. It was used in a TV show, and he was like, WTF? And I explained and said that FWIW, using english abbreviations in spoken word sucks IMO. lol!
tbh, we were a bit confused after that.


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We all get randoms following us on Twitter, so they might not all be devoted admirers you're accruing. I have about 40 people following me, but aside from maybe 10 people I actually know, they could all be spambots for all I know.

As to the joy of Twitter, it's a bit like sifting for gold. For every 100 tweets there'll be a couple of truly interesting thoughts that make me go "hmm... interesting thought". Then there'll be millions of links to things I don't have time to investigate... which I then investigate, thereby wasting an hour. And all that's left over is someone talking about how awesome they feel after having their morning tall black mocha floppa pretenturama fuckface choco hold-the-actual-coffee coffee.


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Reading this thread causes me to obsessively check my timeline.


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I haven't joined twitter. Just not there yet. FB is enough for this ADHD gal.