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Maybe this is an example of my low intelligence but how can a short test like that generate so many different scores?

I would imagine it's somewhat random. It would be pretty difficult to judge IQ based on such a short quiz, especially with questions based mostly on sequences etc. It's a goofy little test to pass the time is all. I took a real test years ago that said I was pretty frigging smart but I can't remember the results. One man's suspicion of another man's worth.

I only really done this thread for fun, plus of course it's way off, thats why sitting a real one can cost a couple of hundred dollars.

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It just seemed a little odd that there could be both 131 and 132 totals, and if Donovan missed only one and got 131, how could someone get 148 (or whatever it was) with just one answer more?

I demand a recount!:rwmad:


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because maybe just maybe don didn't get all the ones he answered correct.


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Yeah I did. They were pretty easy for the most part. And the one I didn't know I got right by guessing. The only thing I did wrong was to keep leaving because I was multitasking at the time. Either way it was just for a laff. No big deal, I already know I'm a goddamn knowitall because that's what they keep calling me.


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Well in that case perhaps they do factor time taken into it on that website, If your score varied.


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either that or I broke the code on the image location

I actually got 119. I've gotten stupider. I guessed on a couple though. I'm at work.... No time for this shit.

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I was so-so with the puzzle boxes. But I aced the numerical pattern puzzles (tho not speedily) and anything to do with grammar/language (zing).


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long time no see yub how you been.


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What did I win, Alex?


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Alright, I'll give it a go ...


Does this mean I'm smart enough to start tweeting? #MYFIRSTHASHBROWN


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Guess that post didn't turn out as planned eh Chimpy? How ironic that it's in this thread.

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