Kissing You Softly-my first attempt at a happy poem


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Kissing You Softly

When I look into your eyes, I see reflections of your soul
it's empty and cold, wanting only to be made whole
As I slowly win your heart, I see it's full of sorrow and pain
from one too many love affairs that died in vain

Do you have a name for the heartache that haunts your dreams
and have you come to accept what true loneliness means?
Do you even realize just how happy I can make you feel
if only you would let me make your fondest desires real?

When you hold my hands do you see the joy I can bring to you
if you would let me love you the way you want me too?
As we hold each othe close and tight in the calm of night
do you ask yourself why it feels so damn right?

When I kiss you softly I can taste the pain that haunts your past
and I see you alone with hopes and dreams that didn't last
As I hold you in my arms I want to be the one who fixes the hole
and shows you love isn't an emotion you can control

I've touched you deeply and seen the pain behind your eyes
and I want to be the one to take you to a world without anger and lies
If you let me I promise to love you more every single day
and never let you go, no matter what comes our way

When I kiss you softly are you waiting for the happiness to end?

Well are you?


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Yeah..I wrote it for her before I proposed


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Not only am I fairly dangerous in a fight,lol but I have a sensitive side as well
It just doesn't see the light of day very often. I'm not big on letting others see my writing, so this is a huge step for me.


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