Law & Order: Special Mine Field Unit

Dr Dave

*bum bum*

Detective Tomtrek and Detective Sgt Eggs Mayo arrive on scene

"What do we got" asked Detective Tomtrek

"Got a duck sir, looks like nobodies had sex with it" replied Forensic Technician Fuddlemiff

"Damn..." said Detective Tomtrek looking down.

"Sir, I got something here" said another techniction, holding up a catalog for doors.

"My god...he's back..." said Detective Sgt. Eggs

"Who?" asked Tomtrek

"Loktar!" said Detective Sgt. Eggs

"MAN!!!!!" Shouted Detective Tomtrek as he punched a hole in a wall.

"Tomtrek, don''s not worth it, he's pro geese and you cant get mad over that stuff, you just can't, or it will burn a hole in your soul, like a moonless night in the darkest dream you've ever had, worse then that time you watched The View and thought 'it's not so bad', but then you remembered it's a horrid show with a bunch of old hens" Said Detective Sgt. Eggs

"You're right, want to get freaky and play mario kart?" asked Detective Tomtrek

"Sure" replied Detective Sgt. Eggs adding..."I've heard that line before, it's on the hit new show Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23, Wednesday nights at 9:30 PST on ABC"

"Yeah...I hope Fuddlemiff has finally seen it...THE GOOSE!" replied Detective Tomtrek


Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts


I want to smell dark matter
I can't believe this wasn't picked up for a series.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
I can't wait for the scene where Loktar escapes my custody disguised as steam rising from a manhole.

Dr Dave

The FCC would get in a huff, and so would most of the viewers.

Do people want me to write more of this L&O stuff?

Dr Dave

Announcer: In The Internet Justice System the posters are glared at by two separate yet elitist groups, the police who investigate crimes, and district attorneys who prosecute the dacers, these are their stories...

*bum bum*

"Yeah, I just don't think THAT SHOW IS FUNNY!" said Lady 1

"You're MAD NUTS! IT WAS FUNNIER THEN 19 episodes of TWO AND A HALF DACERS!" said Lady 2

"OH MY GOD!" said Lady 1

Lady 2 looks to see what lady 1 looked at, a mans body is lieing in a pile of DVD's for the hit series Dollhouse.


"Yeah, we've got a bad one" said Police Officer Fuddlemiff

"What is that on his head...a duck?" asked Detective Tomtrek

"That's no duck, that's a goose!" said Detective Sgt. Eggs Mayo.

"MY god!" said Tomtrek

"God has nothing to do with this, this man was murdered" said Forensic Technician Fuddlemiff

"How was he killed?" asked Detective Tomtrek

"Somebody forced him to watch Dollhouse, then stuffed a goose over him, DUH!" said Medical Examiner FBI Part Due

"My god..." said Detective Tomtrek

"Yeah, this has to be the work of Loktar, he loves geese!" said Detective Sgt Eggs



Pinata Whacker
I don't love geese, I love penguins.

Why would I love geese? Whe I lived in Rochester briefly, I tried to pet some geese but was chased and attacked by them everytime I tried to get near.