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I'm not sure what it is about this place that seems to disable everyone's common sense, but we really do need to go over what is and is NOT acceptable at trollkingdom.com (or .net). In the past we have established three things:

1. Keep it legal
2. No personal info
3. Freedom of speech is protected here, freedom of expression (images and graphics) is not.

For those who need a little bit more clarification...

1. This should be self explanitory... if it can get you in RL trouble, dont do it here. Don't try to sell drugs, child porn, children, women, guns, etc.....

added... as of June 10, 2006. Violation of this is reason for banning

2. Do not post another persons name (last or first and last), address, telephone number, social security number, credit card number. Do not post this information about another persons family members. Public figures and persons who have already spread their own personal info all over TK's forums are excluded.

3. Just because adult material is allowed at TK does not mean this is a porn site. If you can't LIVE without posting photos of someones boobies, then you need to start your own thread in either SF of one of the spam forums and put a warning in the title that it contains adult material. And yes you people from more enlightened countries, that includes only bare female breasts.

Dont stretch threads and freeze browsers with insanely huge images.

For those of you who seem to only communicate in single four-letter words, I'm going to break the above down even more so there will not be any misunderstandings.

1. Besides the obvious major crimes, this also includes threats against the president of the USA (and any other public person..... you people KNOW this site is being watched, don't be dumb. "They" dont need to ask me for IP/ISP info... they can just go get it), threats of damage (or really damaging) to this board or server (this includes anything that causes the board or server to be unusable for other members or other boards), threats of damage (or really damaging) to another persons computer, promoting harassment of another person or board, any Real Life threat *** against another person or their family members, and anything else found to be illegal.

*** This may need further clarification. In order for a threat to be Real Life, the person making the threat must actually be in the position to carry out the threat. Anyone threatening to kick RobL's butt (or something similar... for example) isn't likely to happen because no one knows who he is or where he lives and he has more weapons than most pawn shops. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to even hint at a threat to another person's family member.

2. This one is tricky and may need to be revised in the future. First names are fair game. To have RL information removed, you will need to PM the admins, we don't police the forums. Provide a link to the actual post or posts in the PM, not just the thread. If you have already told people your name or location in the TK forums then shame on you.

You need to be very careful here. Dont give too much information in the chatroom, PMs or emails. Don't post images you have hosted that can be linked back to you , your friends or family. Don't use ISP email addresses that contain your real name to communicate with others from this board.

Pay attention now, this next part is new

DO NOT bring any RL legal hassles, or RL harassment issues with any other people
onto this board. Do not claim someone here is phoning you. Dont threaten to sue them, don't threaten to call the police on them, don't claim to be phoning someone , don't claim someone is suing you, dont claim someone sent the police to your door.... IF it involves any kind of legal or harassment issue, do NOT bring it on this board. Settle it off the board any way you need to but quit dragging it here. If you threaten to shut down this board or cause me any legal problems or threaten to cause me legal problems, say goodbye.

3. There are free porn sites everywhere... you dont need to join TK just to see naked people.

What is allowed with no warning in the thread title:

Barely clothed males and females. Genetalia (and breasts for females) must be somewhat covered.

What is allowed with a warning in the thread title:

Full frontal nudity, male and female.

What you can link to with a warning:

Legal sexual activity between consenting adults. No kiddies or animals.

If you want to link to any of the shock images from Rotten.com or places like that, just put a warning in the thread title.

I'm going to remind you again there are people who monitor this board and not just authority types. Everyone needs to be careful about images and where they are hosted. And thats all I'll say about that.

If anything in this policy gets updated, I'll note the date and time it was updated and post it in a different color or something.

Thank you so much for your kind attention in this matter.



Something Wicked
And............. [well, I would have had things to say, but mm and Sardy already said it.]

My own personal rant, you are NOT going to find another site like TK. You can basically do anything you like within the *few* boundaries we have, so enjoy the site, have fun, meet new and interesting people to meet your need to be humiliated, but quit taking a crap all over the site.

Every child needs to finally be potty trained! Grow up and Deal!


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Yep, this board does not need threats and personal info being bandied about like it is a god given right. I think some people misconstrue "free speech" to mean: "I can do what ever the hell I feel like no matter what, legality be damned" this has never been the case and why should it be?
Personal infoand threats and taking feuds into real life is not something this board wants to be a part of. If you have a problem with someone and find it neccessary to take it further than the internet (why I can only imagine) then you can very well do it somwhere else other than our doorstep. We don't condone it and we don't want it and we will NOT put up with it. If you can't even reign youselves in so much as to obey the law then you are in the wrong place.

Good work MM.
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