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Lord Raffles said:
A real answer.
I think that possibly you are one of the brightest posters on the board. Like many bright minds, though, you've reached a level where you've stagnated. You could choose to be something more positive, philanthropic, contributory, enlightening, creative, but the ego rewards are quicker and easier on the downard spiral of negativity and you meet with little resistance or reason not to follow this path. It could get real deep here but I think you already know this. Basically, I think you beg for someone to stop you - i.e., take a baseball bat to you - so you won't wind up some 50 year old man sleeping on someone's couch or sitting in a mobile home with beer and gravy stains on your t-shirt watching the evening news and wondering what the hell happened to your life because you were such a fabulous troll.

Lord Raffles

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eloisel said:
It could get real deep here but I think you already know this.

No, go deeper please.


Forever Empress E
Of course you were, dear, you are a narcissist.

Curious - are you a right brain or left brain thinker?


Forever Empress E
That is good. Right brain thinkers are left handed, tend to be more artistic. Left brain thinkers are right handed, tend to be more scientific. Which do you think you lean more toward?