MF: The Story Unfolds


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The top of your head is alive with my undying passion for hitler and rape. I find your killer bee collection stinging my dinkle. :(

I need relief from my life of laughter and squirrels and potatos, but mostly rape rapeity rape rape was all he wanted to give the dwarves. Transsexual midgets ate my paedophile. Now I'll reach around Jack's hairy butt cheek and resolve this with a wink, then I will fuck a goat. After that I received Dr. Dave who broke my only Boba Fett sexdoll because he crammed twinkie cream into its gas tank.

Then Dr Dave handed out pills, to all the starvin children who told him to suck it, then he smacked Worf's nuts. Oblivion


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Sadistic Bastard said:
Sadly Sarek, Messy has a point.

You DO tend to respond to his comments like the most fervent disciple following his master's words.
Oh for sure.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
Which one?