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Love Child

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I am crushing on Adam Sandler so bad right now, I don't know what is wrong with me. I mean I have always liked him as a comedian and I haven't enjoyed all of his roles in movies, but I want to watch this one and I don't even care that I think the plot is dumb. I just want to watch him.


Love Child

One Love
I am so glad the thread title doesn't say "New Movie Trailors"
Here is a movie trailor of something that has been out since 2014
Available on Amazon Prime
Has anyone watched it?
It looks entertaining!



I love you
I need to know the ending now.
I can't wait until February 28.
When it comes out I just want someone to tell me the ending. That is all. I mean what other ending could it be other than her killing him hopefully.


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I was a bit underwhelmed by the first No Time To Die trailer which sums up my feelings towards the franchise as a whole lately. Despite thinking Craig is a fine Bond his films have been a mixed bag. From Casino Royale which is just blatantly great to forgettable shit like Quantum of Solace to more middle of the road offerings, the hype has waned a bit.

This goes some way to remedy that for me. I'm actually excited to see it now. Much stronger trailer despite, again, seemingly showing a bit too much. That's just the way of it these days though.

Nice to see Ana de Armas reunited with Craig so soon after Knives Out and Lashana Lynch looks fucking cool as the new 00. Even more so because she's going to invariably cause so many dudebros to seethe uncontrollably. I'm in.



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Is there any chance de Armas is in it for more than like ten minutes though? Everything they show of her is always in that same dress.


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I feel like I've seen the whole film.
I did like what seemed to be a glimpse of an old school evil lair.