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King Craig bbs eating , leave a msg if u need me: ?

Lord Raffles: Behold!

Messenger: Ah.

Raff: King Craig

KC: behold ?

Raff: you have commited Treason

Raff: and shall thereby be pwned until dead

Raff: understand?

M: Confess your sins.

KC: raffles who is messanger >

Raff: We KNOW you wet the bed

KC: lmao

Raff: and we KNOW the only reason you want us to attack some innocent guy is because his dick enters the vagina of one you love

KC: lmao

KC: and he told you that i can only asume

KC: you are gulible dear raffles

King Craig bbs eating , leave a msg if u need me has left the conversation.

KC: sory

KC: was cut of

KC: back now

KC: continue

KC: but first

KC: who is messanger raffles

Messenger: ROFL

Messenger: Dude, check this out

KC: what ?

KC: raffles tell me who he is

KC: or she

KC: well

Messenger: Interesting.

Messenger: This file on you.

KC: yes im rather interesting i agree

KC: altho why am i talking to u

KC: i do not no you

KC: get raffles or im going

Messenger: Raffles will be back in just a moment.

KC: ok

Messenger: This IS interesting.

Messenger: You wet the bed?

KC: no i do not

Messenger: Could you tell me your previous work on the Internet?

KC: what do you mean buy work ?

Messenger: Like your crap flooding of the Troll Playground earlier.

KC: why do you asume that was me ?

Messenger: Do you regret it?

KC: do i regret what ?

Messenger: the king craig reaches great hights of immortality as recent posts have led to the king craig name being used in other peoples threads this truely does show my glory and the need for more and more of king craig , my children im here for you speak of me

Messenger: These are your words. We have proof. I don't see why you want to deny it. There's nothing wrong with some flooding here and there.

KC: you are correct what you just pasted i did say indeed , however that was in 1 single post not a flood

Messenger: Cut the shit. I'm giving you an opportunity here.

KC: why is raffles not chatting

Messenger: He'll be back within 5 minutes.

KC: well may i ask how do you no him , also why do you wish to speak to me should i no you ?

Messenger: Someone who can help you actually realize your fake revolution. Raffles said you had potential. Was he mistaken?

KC: no he was not , but at the same time he has posted lies about me which i find to br wrong

Lord Raffles: I always have lies posted about me; what does it matter? All gossip is good gossip

KC: its not the lies i dont care if he posts lies about me wetting the bed it is the fact that he sided with someon who i quite frankly despise

Messenger: You're at a pivotal juncture here. We don't let just anyone join The Order.

Messenger: You've passed one test.

KC: and what was that test ?

Messenger: You didn't run off like a little girl crying. Not everyone is suited for what we do.

KC: well i look forward to the expression he shows as i extract my revenge , now if i ran i would not whittnes that would i

Messenger: Taking things personally will only set you back. Maybe I should elaborate on the organization itself.

KC: i think that would be best

KC: also

KC: i am not taking lord raffles actions personal

Lord Raffles: that is a good thing

Lord Raffles: embrace the new ideal that we have set ourselves... we shall wash away the veneer of old systems and errect an ideology that encapulates all our ideas

KC: such as

Messenger: Shock troops that come in as a first wave in board and website hijackings.

Messenger: You would also be protected by us. Should you choose to take advantage of this.

KC: tell me tho

KC: a website such as ukchatterbox

KC: how would you bring that down

KC: it has been hacked 3 times lately

KC: yet it still always gets fixed

KC: so how do you bring it down

KC: without giving it the option to be revived

Raffles: ...who do you think has been doing the hacking Craig?

Raffles: honestly

Raffles: my arrival does not bring with it certain events

Raffles: we are testing the waters

KC: i am sure i no who it is but will not say his name ;)

KC: but i wish to no why it keeps getting fixed

KC: why is it able to be repared

Raffles: because they have a team of people on there sorting it out

Messenger: We've had our eye on it for some time. We haven't wiped the database because it might be more useful as a place to recruit new members.

Raffles: exactly!

Raffles: Messenger as always points the way.

KC: ahhh i see so you are gathering the troll kingdom members ( futer hackers ) from ukchatterbox then hacking it lol quite amazing indeed that the hackers that hack ukcb are recruited from ukcb , has a sence of irony

Messenger: Troll Kingdom is a front for our operations.

KC: ok

KC: ok

Raffles: WE represent a new form of mobil tacts that will spread it's way through the depths of cyberspace

Raffles: starting with ukchatterbox

Raffles: Yes

KC: but i dont see a comunity all i see is you 2

KC: so were is this group of ppl we are using

Messenger: You aren't a full member and this isn't a biweekly meeting.BRB

Raffles: regan?

Raffles: what was the message?

KC: and raffles i got an interesting message from regan today i hope its not true

KC: he said that if i attempt to send him a virus agen my computer will get and i quote fucked

(Had to leave at the point)

All improvised in an unexpected chat, BTW.

Random banter:


1/8/2007 8:59:42 AM Lord Raffles Messenger how are you?
1/8/2007 8:59:45 AM Lord Raffles Messenger just pwning king craig
1/8/2007 8:59:49 AM Lord Raffles Messenger it was just a 2007 aim
1/8/2007 8:59:51 AM Lord Raffles Messenger to pwn him
1/8/2007 8:59:57 AM Lord Raffles Messenger because he was cheeky in ukchatterbox
1/8/2007 9:00:03 AM Lord Raffles Messenger i warned him two months ago i'd have him, lol


1/9/2007 3:32:27 AM Messenger Lord Raffles What a CLOWN. LOL
1/9/2007 3:32:37 AM Lord Raffles Messenger HAHAHAH
1/9/2007 3:32:44 AM Lord Raffles Messenger he is our first 'foot solider'
1/9/2007 3:32:53 AM Lord Raffles Messenger most 19 year olds are retarded today
1/9/2007 3:32:57 AM Lord Raffles Messenger most young people are retarded
1/9/2007 3:35:16 AM Lord Raffles Messenger act like the league of shadows from batman, lol
1/9/2007 3:35:42 AM Messenger Lord Raffles "Shock troops"

Tune in next episode! Will he join the mysterious group offering the chance of a lifetime?!?



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Definitely Luci junior.


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what an idiot.

Wet the bed? LOL

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I'm KC. Fuck "King Craig."

In the ass.

With the rusty implement of his choice.