Songs every stoner should listen to. (My top 10 list)

steve samurai jack

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And for fuck's sake, please be high as possible while listening to my playlist. You don't need your brains anyway. Allow me to blow them up.


steve samurai jack

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Puff, puff, pass :bigass:

The first puff is polite, the second shows you really enjoy the herb, but a third puff means you’re a glutton and don’t respect the cannabis.

It’s Patois: ‘pass the dutchie ’pon the left hand side.’. A "Dutchie" is a Jamaican cooking pot, and while there's not much reason to pass one around, it was an acceptable substitute for the original lyric: "Pass The Kutchie," Kutchie being Jamaican slang for a pot that holds marijuana.


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It's been funny watching Steve Jackson (aka Steve Samurai Jack) lurk frantically for the last few days. the IP's tell the tale.

It makes me :bigass: that's all he can do.